Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Evening all - well the weeks are just racing by now, work is back into full swing, which I don't mind but it means I'm wrecked when I get home, rebel against the idea of sitting in front of a VDU (because I've done that all day), then I miss my blog buddies grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH - the word vicious circle come to mind LOL!

Anyhow - enough moaning I'm here now with a picture from Darcy's 52 word book (yes I'm still on with it but determined to complete it - I am I really am!!!!!!)

However on the plus side - rebelling against the VDU has meant that I've been sat at my craft table more - not necessarily doing a lot (hubby keeps putting decent TV/DVD's on and I get easily distracted) I'm also managing to get to the gym so as a family we are proving a little more active than we were last year - hurray!!!!  However, tonight I was getting slower and slower and slower on the exercise bike - I'd kind of given up by then because I was absolutely shattered (been up since 6 today, travelled 160 miles, worked, caught up with work when I got home, collected son from school been to gym, showered, tea cooking at the mo) wow busy day wasn't it - how was yours?  Hopefully slightly less busy than mine because mine in hindsight was a bit well crazy!

I didn't know if the word Author that Darcy chose was going to cause me trouble, but in all honesty it didn't I really went for the journaling, writing and writing and writing some more, with different pens and different colours, adding stamping and colouring and really going for it using an image that I didn't think would be possible to use.  Simply magical
How's everyone's New Year Challenges coming along?  Are you enjoying them?  Bitten off more than you can chew?  Behind but enjoying regardless?  Hope they are proving fruitful on your creativity.


  1. Lovely pages Virginia.

    I've been back at work 3 days and am already wishing I was on holiday - anywhere but here.

    The old mojo is taking a while to 'kick-start' for 2012 but I'm sure I'll get there LOL

    Toni xx

  2. Oh well done you for your determination to finish :) So far I am on track for the postcards challenge and it was all quite splendid fun seeing what everyone did last week. I buggered up both ends of last night something went bump about 10:30 and then I couldn't get to sleep ended up getting up for half an hour and having a drink and some toast until 12:30am, then the toddler wakes me up at the other end (I think my 2 weeks of 8am starts has passed and we are heading back to 6am again sighhhhh)
    Hope you get some chill time sounds like a busy day. Mine are much quieter just a potty training toddler to do battle with......

  3. Oh my goodness, your life is sounding really rather too busy for me! Well done for sticking with the gym AND getting some crafting done as well.

    'Author' is really interesting, I like how you've gone for words, words, words and more words. It works well.

    I always knew I'd bitten off more than I could chew with my 2012 arting challenges, but I'm determined to give it my best shot! I'm up to date with a couple but haven't even started 2. Problem is, one of them means sitting watching videos on the computer for an hour at a time - that's a LONG time to sit watching a video when it's precious arting time. I get very twitchy!

    Make sure you take care of yourself, V.


  4. Fabulous use of the face on your page...a head full of words :D I'm enjoying smooshing paint....something I never got to grips with in my younger days,prepping my next art journal book. Even trying finger painting at moment(fun til the phone rings lol)
    Hope your wekks get less you are a little less tired :D XXX

  5. Wow, that image is amazing!

    Blimey Virginia how do you do it? I wake up exhausted and get progressively worse as he day goes on! Good for you with the gym - I always did hate the exercise bike - liked the cross-trainer strangely. How's the hypno-slim coming along?

  6. Love that page Virginia! Stunning image..:)
    I'm only doing two challenges so am actually up to date (and a little bit ahead on one of them!).
    Your life sounds hectic..but well done for getting to the gym.
    Hugs xx