Monday, 26 December 2011


As part of the festivities Carmen organised a Secret Santa swap between a few of us bloggers and like a good girl I saved mine for Christmas day, I was really giddy about opening this present because I had no idea of who it was from let alone what it was - well I wasn't disappointed it was utterly gorgeous, there was a note on the outside with little clues to the contents but I couldn't have guessed for what loveliness was inside
So the goodies looked a little like this once opened
How gorgeous is this lovely lot!

So we had truffles which were yum
 Then a gorgeous Celtic knotwork stamp - I love this!!!
 Then this gorgeous Jack Skellington keyring
 Some ink for my artwork and scrapping and stamping
 Then this little beauty - how utterly gorgeous is this, a handmade fabric covered box with lid with what looks like hand felted knotwork on the outside - completely gorgeous and so much work on the same and unlike some people who don't 'get' knotwork and the way it works every under and over is absolutely perfect so Secret Santa thank you!  But wait - I'm not finished nope look at this little beauty
 A mini book or more like a maxi book - I love maxi books they feel so substantial when you pick them up a Halloween inspired book, I loved the outside and initially didn't know how to get in but discovered the door was in situ over a strong magnet which opened the book up into this
Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow - utterly amazed I was utterly amazed, I admire things like this on blogs all the time but this is just out of this world!
 Each bat hanging upside down (as they should) inside the book, each one pulling out with unfolding wings - this us just amazing!
So a massive thank you to my Secret Santa for making me a very happy girl on Christmas day and thank you to Carmen for organising this and keeping us all in check - can't wait til the next one!


  1. Lucky lucky you, Virginia! Clever Secret Santa chose perfect gifts for you, love them all.

    I'll be posting my SS goodies later on........


  2. Wowwie!!! Have you worked out who it was from yet? That felted box is supremely amazing, your santa definitely knows you well :D XXX

  3. Fabulous Virginia!! Loving that bat book..:)
    I'll be showing my secret santa stuff soon - mine knew me soooo well!! lol!
    Hugs xx

  4. Wow what a fabulous gift :0) lucky you xx

  5. that bat book is brilliant!

    it seems that we all got wonderful gifts from our Santas, lucky us!

  6. gorgeous secret santa stash, and she stalked you so well, perfect gifts for you,


  7. Yes that book is wonderful as is the box, a great secret Santa !!! Have a fantastic New Year !

  8. Ooh I thought I commented on this. Will try again! Gorgeous pressies Virginia, isn't she a clever sort? Just love that Celtic knot and the bat box is just to gorgeous for words! I of curse take full credit for your pressie. You're welcome! LOL!