Monday, 12 December 2011


 Well as we fast approach the last week of school these are the teaching assistant gifts created this year - altered clipboards, I found loads of inspiration on the internet, found some 'blanks' at a large national stationery supplier and set too with papers selected by said 11 year old!

Forgot to photograph this one post ribbons but you get the idea, the letters at the bottom cut with my Big Shot, to try and make it more durable the bottom section of each clipboard has been mod podged
 I included a ribbon at the bottom of this one
 These papers were out of one of those massive stacks that have chunks of co-ordinating papers
 This one proved interesting to try and fit a rather long name on it!
I was pleased with these once done, they are all wrapped up upstairs ready for distribution next week!

Well here we are only days away from Christmas and I'm still not feeling particularly festive, we did however, manage a Panto on Sunday - oh yes we did!  Which was very good apart from the child behind kicking the chair constantly through the performance, strangely enough I would have stopped said 11 year old if it had been him when he was that age but the Mum seemed oblivious bless - the joys of being oblivious it must be nice!

The best part of the panto has to be the Dame - he is absolutely hysterical and one of the main sponsors of the panto this year were Sheffield's Supertram so the part when he came on stage dressed as the tram was pure comic genius so very funny!  But it still didn't manage to get me into the festive spirit - mmm how do you get into the Christmas mood?

Now the giggle tonight, well me and hubby trying to order Domino pizzas from Pizza hut - most confusing - we didn't realise until it was too late - but it did make us giggle (quite a lot).  I know pizza shouldn't be something you have for Sunday lunch, but in all honesty we couldn't be bothered with cooking once we got home, it was enough to sort showers out without the thought of cooking.

So your challenge today is to tell me what gets you into the right frame of mind for Christmas?  Is there a particular point where you are 'there' or perhaps an activity you do?  A bit of quiet reflection?  Anything you like?

Hope you have all had a good weekend.


  1. Will be interested in seeing your answers. This year has been a terrible struggle for me. We put the tree up yesterday and I actually uttered the words "Bah Humbug!" and I wasn't even kidding. Devon said she was going to get me one of those black Santa hats if I carried on. (Joke's on her - I'd actually quite like a black Santa hat!)

    I do feel guilty that I'm not more into the spirit this year but I really can't be harsed. I must try harder over the next couple of weeks!

    Your clipboards are gorgeous. Lucky teachers :)

    Oh and I'd have been telling my kids to stop kicking the back of a chair too. I think we are in the minority these days.

  2. I've been struggling to get in the festive mood myself this year. When I have the house to myself, I have loaded a playlist of all the christmas cds I could find in the house, and play it LOUD!!! while I'm busy doing stuff. Sort of christmas kareoke...all to myself :D XXX

  3. If you find the answer to you question please share...I'm totally not feeling in the Christmas spirit this year. :(
    Your panto sounds good and there's nothing wrong with Pizza for Sunday dinner!!

    Hugs xx
    p.s. funny how some mums have perfected the art of "being oblivious" isn't it? I, sadly, wasn't one of them.

  4. Forgot to the clipboards!!

  5. Wonderful clipboards, Virginia. You have some very lucky teaching staff!

    What gets me in the right frame of mind for Christmas? Putting up the decorations (which I haven't yet done) while listening to my Christmas hits cd and drinking a glass of wine. Those twinkly tree lights made all blurry with alcohol fill me with goodwill to all men........;o)

    Try it!