Friday, 16 December 2011


Crikey I hadn't clocked that it was Friday this morning - honestly - I've been really good recently and remembering to prepare my Rocking post in advance but not this morning it's going to be done on a wing and a prayer!  So here goes

First up has to be the KS2 presentation at school and church this week, said 11 year old played Moses (the story was the Jesse tree before you get confused) and we thoroughly enjoyed both evenings, he was a tad stressed about it despite it being a non speaking role but I know from when I was that age you get to a point where you don't want to be doing things like that any more and I think he's approaching that time now.

Then there is the Panto at Sheffield Lyceum Theatre on Sunday - the Dame stole the show as always he - sorry she - is amazing - thoroughly enjoyed it, laughed and giggled our way through the whole show, some of the innuendos by passing the kids whilst entertaining the adults!  It's always a fabulous show and I suppose it's becoming a part of our Christmas tradition.

Hubby preparing a gorgeous tea on Monday was lovely, particularly given that I'd had a difficult day at work, coming home to a home cooked tea is always lovely - so thank you sweetie it was gorgeous!

Wentworth's Christmas Craft Fayre and Farmers market last night was great, particularly the hot mulled cider and as I wasn't driving managed a nice cup full of that, said 11 year old managed a buffalo burger for his tea, we bought some tasty sausages and some baklava's, we looked at some gorgeous hand made quilts and bunting, admired the sweeties in the sweetie shop, wandered around the garden centre and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening despite how cold my feet were (why oh why didn't I wear my hiking boots - will I never learn).  We met up with some of my family whilst there and had a bit of a chat at the same time.

And finally hubby stopping in bed a bit longer this morning meant we had a little lie in beyond the usual 6am - which if I'm honest given how tired I am was much needed!

Today is said 11 year old's last day and thankfully we haven't woken to snow, it should also technically be my last day but if you believe that you'll believe anything - I am actually hoping to get enough done to be able to down tools and get into the Christmas spirit of things, I need to have a thorough clean and tidy this weekend and I can't remember the last time I did any crafting - so that's another plan for this weekend of what I want to do.  There is nothing on our Christmas calendar this weekend so we should be free to just get on with things!   I daren't even visit Toni's blog this morning because i'm fairly sure the countdown to Christmas has just reached single figures the word gulp comes to mind - anybody out there actually ready?

So there you are another Rocking post for another week completed.  What's been Rocking your world this week, it might only be one thing, one tiny comment, one phone call, one moment but if it made your heart lighter and made you smile then you have something to be grateful for!  Mr Linky at the bottom for anyone joining in to come along and point us in the direction of their post so we can come and visit but firstly a bit of crafting.

Now you'll have to forgive me because I've been releasing these pages one at a time and although the post above is positive my choice of picture for the word community completed in the summary isn't that positive - but I can't give you the posts in the wrong order must be the Virgoan in me - sorry!

Another post on Darcy's 52 words - you can see when this one was done - the word that week was Community and I found it was a time to reflect on the week as a whole, I painted in a make shift Union Jack and included the journaling along the red and white - as I've said before it reflects the time I was living in at that point!
It also allowed me to question what the word community actually means.

Mr Linky below for you


  1. FRIDAY!??! Grief, I guess I'm in the "Not Ready" camp haha!
    Sounds like you had a gorgeous week :D Chunky and Gramma are of to the lyceum tomorrow, and at 13 he gets the inuendo...he'll be watching it from behind embarrassed hands, bless!!!
    I totally get your page on Community, we watched those riots with horror in Sheffield...can you imagine how awful it would have been with the gang rivalry here?? They shoot each other for crossing postcodes, if a gang had arrived from another city.......
    Hope you have a peaceful and festive weekend(can you have both together?) :D XXX

  2. What a lovely week! Did you get any snow today? we got a lil bit :-)

    Hope you dont get called in to work this week

  3. Aaargh - I only just realised too. Now I know Craig's Mum reads I'm trying to make a concerted effort to post each week.

    Love these journal pages Virginia. These books must be so amazing to see in real life.

  4. Sounds like a fun week, Virginia, with panto's, craft fayres and said 11 year old's performances. Precious days and memories made.

    Brilliant Community pages - so topical and right to question what Community actually means nowadays.

    I'll be back tomorrow with my Rocking post.


  5. I'm back with my post, sorry it's late.


  6. I'm back!!!
    Have linked my post.
    Sounds like a good (if tiring) week Virginia.
    Totally relate to your Community pages - we watched in appalled horror too.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  7. Lovely to hear that you got a bit of a lay-in.

    Hope you were able to get the stuff done that you wanted to.

    Toni xx