Friday, 30 December 2011


Good morning my amazing blog friends how do I find you this morning?  How's the weather - stop pulling faces ours is just as bad!!!
Yes it's time to reflect, give thanks, raise our heart a little and find the silver linings in our week!  It's time to find out what has been Rocking My World this week

Despite the strangeness in the run up to Christmas, Christmas day proved to be just lovely, we weren't up too early (although said 11 year old was up from 4.30am onwards), we finally dragged ourselves out of bed about half seven.

We enjoyed a slow opening of presents, with many exclamations of happiness from said 11 year - the biggest of which was for his electric guitar and amp - I kid you not!!!!  We've had many new renditions of his new 'songs' since - don't know what the neighbours with their new born baby are going to be saying in the new year.

The usual hustle and bustle sorting out food on Christmas day but we were cooking for 10 and I always get to a point where things are just that bit mad - I usually start looking slightly frazzled by this point.

This year, present opening was after main course because when it's before main course it causes chaos with the timings (they were mildly better this year).  We had lots of talking, chats and giggles and everyone left thoroughly full and laden down with the exchanged presents that had been opened. So my first biggest grateful is that despite the strangest build up to Christmas, Christmas day itself was about as 'normal' as we could get which was blissful!

Boxing day at my Mum's with home made food - my Mum is such a great cook!  My hubby started to wind her up mid evening - trying to get her to dial a taxi with a wine bottle opener, then a mobile phone which she didn't want and finally with a hot dog sausage - much giggling as you can imagine.

27th of December was a blissful day when we all showered and then chilled and relaxed for the day, I scrapbooked, the boys played on the Wii, watched TV, played with new toys etc.  Absolutely fantastic fun and a thoroughly enjoyable day.

I also loved my Winter Walk this year which was just around the nearby Mill dam, with my sister, my hubby and said 11 year old, it was blowing a gale but we enjoyed the fresh air and blowing the cobwebs off!

Thursday has brought our first session at the gym - yes this is on my list of gratefuls - I didn't think it would actually happen if I'm honest - it didn't quite go according to plan, but we've taken the first step!!!  I'll keep you updated on how this proceeds!

My other grateful has to be finding the The Happiness Project - click the link find out more!  - I found this via a link on UK Scrappers and it was a gift from the universe to me at a time when I was looking for just this sort of website.  You see 2012 to me is a crucial year, I need and want and will be making changes, I've pretty much ignored the help my body needs and have treated it to over sized portions, wine drinking in recent months and lack of exercise.  But rather than making the usual resolution of "I must lose weight" I've come to realise in recent months that it's more than that, I have seen so many people join a slimming club and achieve great success to only then see them revert back to 'old ways' and put the weight and a bit more back on - it's a pattern I've followed for most of my adult life, so I don't want the approach to be just eating healthy and exercising - it's no good looking after just the body if the mind and soul need to be dealt with and looked after too!  So on Wednesday when I was trying to find ways to adjust and help my mind and soul I found the Happiness Project - someone who has a good life, with a good family but wanted to be happier and wanted to know how to become happier - this notion, this idea is right up my street - I have a good life, I adore my hubby and our 11 year old son, we aren't overly wealthy but neither are we on the bread line, I have a busy hectic crazy job - which I love - my life is good and I know it - I have a good family and although I don't have many friends the ones I have are amazing - in fact most that I have are my blogging friends - many of whom I've never met in person - doesn't mean that I don't know them!!!  But I want more I want to be happier - so the Happiness Project is going to help me to achieve this!!!!  So finding this little gem is one of my gratefuls!

Finding out my Secret Santa which was fabulous because I got to thank her properly!!!

So there we have it my list of gratefuls this week - joining in - link with Mr Linky at the bottom - no blog?  no problem - just leave a comment including your gratefuls and I'll post to my blog!!!

Now as always some crafting!

Yes sometimes images just speak to me and this was one of them.  This page documents how much I still adore and love my hubby after 21 years together our desire for one another has never diminished and I feel it's part of the foundation stone of our relationship, now don't ask me why I saw fit to use the colour pink on this one, I've no idea but I did lots and lots of pink finger painting LOL, added the journaling with little stamps and also some gorgeous Art from the Heart stamps that I've had forever and still love like a new stamp, they always lift a page completely but then Dyan has such an eye for gorgeous detail it doesn't surprise me that I drag out her stamps over and over again!
So there we go the last Rocking post of 2011 - 2012 looks set to be a brand new year that we can make our own if we so choose!!!  May you have a beautiful and blessed New Year and I'll see you for my first post in 2012! 


  1. Christmas with Virginia & Co sounds like lots of fun! A lovely mix of busy stuff, family get togethers, walking and crafting. The gym, eh? Good luck with that one. Well done for taking the first step, it's the hardest one to take. I'll check out the Happiness Project, I haven't heard of that one. Secret Santa was the best fun, wasn't it? Gifts for like minded people - easy or what?!

    "Desire" - brilliant (and hey, we all look like that first thing in the morning don't we?!). That hot pink works really well - there's nothing Hello Kitty/Barbie about that girl!

    Thank you for continuing to be our Rocking Queen - your example of focusing on the positive has had such a positive effect on my life. I will NOT dwell on the crap that happens in life, that just drags you down.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy 2012.


  2. This is such a fabulous post Virginia :) I'm with you on the Mind, body and soul thing.

    Your Christmasses sound so much fun. 10 people? I was panicking just cooking for 7!

    The pink fits the desire theme very well. I reckon we need some Virginia blending photos to backgrounds classes in 2012 y'know ;)

    It's a privilege knowing you Virginia and having you as a friend.

    Big new Year hugs x x x

    p.s I'll be checking out the Happiness Project too.

  3. Sounds like a lovely Christmas.

    I love seeing what you come up with for your journal pages as I am just not that creative.

    I hope that 2012 heads in the direction that you want and that you and your family enjoy health and happiness.

    Toni xx

  4. Yep Im back this week! Love your list virginia and i must check out that link as I know exactly where you are coming from on the happiness front. 2012 is my momentous year of me and i know to make it happen i must have some changes to my own attitudes and habits xx thanks for being an inspiration as always. hope 2012 brings joy and laughter to your days xxx

  5. haha! I was just exclaiming" cooking for ten!!" when hubby and Shorty both said..."so did you..shame there was only 4 of us to eat it" :D haha!
    Guess that's my not so subtle hint from the universe to start cutting down too :D
    Love your Desire page...a reclining figure is quite unusual for a journal page...must try it :D XXX

  6. Wonderful happy post Virginia and I love the sound of your Christmas..the right blend of activities and chilling time.
    See nothing wrong with pink for desire either..:)
    Thank you for being our rocking inspiration to us all.
    Happy New Year hugs to you.
    p.s. I will be posting....promise!

  7. My post is up!!

  8. Hello - I made it :) Didn't know if I would this week we have had an open house today it was planned for 2 - 9 but ended up being 12 - 7 (which means we got our evening!). ooooooh happiness I like being happy and I can't see a thing wrong with being happier. I look forward to becoming another of your blogging friends over 2012 :)

  9. Really happy to be a part of your "rocking" community. I will need to be better about documenting my week as it goes. I realize I don't have many visuals to go along with my week!

    Off to check out everyone else's week now. Cheers!