Saturday, 10 December 2011


Well this is my next entry into this circle journal, now this one proved challenging because my printer decided to die just when I needed it, now I've resurrected it for now but it seems to be still be acting about (much to my disgust but that's another story), not wanting to let anyone down, including myself (I'm a stickler for deadlines) so I pressed ahead, well I say I it is actually 'we' because for this one I needed some expect cutting from dear hubby, I knew what I wanted but with the deadline fast approaching it was a tall order - "why" you may ask - well because my inspiration for this layout came from the Nine Lives album, and this is what we created
Close up the background page was stamped and painted, then the letters cut out and applied and yes there are blue letters behind the black letters
Saying Live For Ten
Behind the right hand page I've created a pocket and used a photo that was thankfully included in the book in case of printer errors!
 And on the back some interesting facts to add to the album
 then the lanyard at the back
 And the back of the lanyard
 I actually thoroughly enjoyed creating this even though it was hard without the use of a critical item, what it shows is that we can be versatile even when faced with non working printers.  The next circle journal arrived yesterday but with a posting date of the 1 February 2012 I have plenty of time to resolve the printer issues before then!


  1. Fantastic page Virginia!!! I love panic art hee hee! It makes our minds fizz :D
    As for the printer issue...have you posted your letter to Santa yet? You never know! :D XXX

  2. Brilliant page Virginia :D I always love seeing your pages up close they are so tactile!

  3. You are so imaginative, Virginia! Well done for overcoming the printer issues - it always happens when there's something important to be done right NOW!


  4. love the way you have overlaid one set of words with another at right angles like that, leaving both legible, clever clever clever!