Sunday, 18 December 2011


Another page in Darcy's words this one was hard to pull together but persevering with paint and merging the images in meant I was eventually happy with the finished page
Today has been a strange one up to now, stopping in bed til gone nine then a mad dash to the shops to sort MIL a pre-lit Christmas tree out because hers is from the 1960s and DH is worrying it won't be flame retardant, then Morrisons to buy icing sugar and marzipan for the cakes, back home and a quick breakfast and now plans for the rest of the day, we've been playing with the Christmas food list, which is always interesting because we spend so long sorting that out and spending on that that we have no money left to buy food for the rest of Christmas - crazy stuff.  

Still umming and ahhing over the gingerbread challenge grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr another painful task if I'm honest which I swore we wouldn't do again but I keep thinking maybe we will?

Finally said 11 year old and his funny comments 

The first this morning when he got in the car

"Dad have you used that stuff that kills ice?" 

also known as de-icer to you and I

and on leaving our estate and following a tractor pulling a trailer full of hay which kept falling on the car DH said "It's snowing" to which said 11 year old said 

"No Dad it's haying" 

Bless I love these funnies much fun!

Hope your weekend is fun too


  1. Another gorgeous page - you are the Queen of blending Virginia!

    You know you'll do the gingerbread challenge! :P

  2. That page is awesome Virginia!! And I totally agree with the festive food thing. I always end up cooking to much on the day and eating leftovers for a week!! This can't be right can it? Will probably still do it again though ha!:D XXX

  3. ROFL....I much prefer "that stuff that kills ice" so much more interesting than plain old de-icer!!
    Sounds like you'll have had a busy day by now...take some time to chill!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I'd be concerned about MIL's tree too....eek!

  4. I think you should market said 11 year old's idea - "Ice Slayer - kills ice, dead!", or "Ice Murderer - the serial killer of little ice crystals" would sit very nicely on the shelves next to the supermarket sponges and car air fresheners.

    LOVELY Wilderness pages - as Carmen says, you are the Queen of blending.