Tuesday, 27 December 2011

DARCY'S 52 WORDS - UNIQUE and boxing day

Well this was a great word for me to work on in my journal, the world Unique, I had a great image that I'd struggled to use previously but then this word comes along and before I know it I've got the journaling done, in amongst the tribal like verging on tattoo like paint on the individual!  It was a dark layout to do but I like the texture and feel of the image once I'd finished it!
Yesterday was boxing day which means it was my Mum's turn to do the cooking and my Mum is a great cook, not great just amazing, she just doesn't get the time like she used to.  She served up homemade quiches, homemade coleslaw, and real homemade chips which said 11 year old demolished and then she made him some more, I've always sworn that I will never ever ever own a chip pan or fryer because I'm big enough without adding to my hefty bulk believe you and me, but I can appreciate good food and mighty fine company!  

My sister, my brother, his girlfriend, my Mum, me, hubby and said 11 year old all clustered around in my Mum's kitchen chatting and laughing and giggling and well it was just blissful - so Mummy thank you for an amazing Boxing Day where I didn't have to cook.  

Today well - today I will be mainly doing whatever I want to do, posting on my blog, making scrapbook layouts, trying to finish my 52 word challenge before Darcy's new challenge.  Catching up on Christmas TV I've missed, eating chocolates and planning - ooooh yes time to start the New Year plan - it's formulating in my brain as we speak - I don't know what it's formulating but it's definitely formulating.

Now final question - which challenges are you doing next year?  I fancy some challenges as come the 6th January 'd' day arrives - that's right focus the moment I have to padlock the fridge and starting to lose some of this mahoosiveness - I know I know - you'll be saying - why bother - but honestly 2012 has to be the year of getting fitter because - gulp 2012 will be my 40th year - gulp gulp (did I say that out loud?) so I'm looking for things that can mentally keep me busy, I've spotted the stashbusting in 2012 thread on UK Scrappers which I think I'm up for and I've got my eyes on Darcy's new postcard challenge, I'm considering whether I could possibly manage the 365 day diary - but in the past two years I've started it twice and not managed to complete it - not sure if it's because it's not arty enough for me?  Not sure?

So what other things, challenges, classes are you doing that I could join in with? 

Hope you're having a great day.


  1. Love that body painting page Virginia...and I too need to loose some weight and get fitter :(
    I am definitely getting stuck into Darcy's project...could you make the 365 day challenge MORE arty?? Don't know that challenge..might check it out later.
    Today I am doing art....think I'll work in the board book Amy was showing us.
    Glad you had a lovely christmas :D XXX

  2. Sounds like a perfect Boxing Day - great food and lovely family.

    Your 'Unique' pages are brilliant. I really like the tattooing on your person.

    For 2012 I'm taking part in Bad Penny's monthly ATC challenge (doing an ATC with that month as the prompt), and also a tag challenge. It's once a week (Tuesday) and the themes are preset so if you're on a creating roll you can make a few. I'll email you with the details of Carolyn who's running it. You can contact her if you're interested and she'll send you an invite to join the group.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Virginia - 2012 is my year too - I need to do some serious dieting and redesigning my habits to fit in with much healthier ones so all tips greatly appreciated. i like the thought of starting on 6th January as it makes it more achievable so I will Join you then too x Happy new year xx

  4. Sounds like a perfect Boxing Day and I'm loving the image for "Unique".
    I'm doing Bad Penny's ATC challenge and thinking about the tag challenge that Jo mentioned.
    Hugs xx