Monday, 19 December 2011


Another page from Darcy's 52 words - this was a hard one because life was complex at that point in time so I wrote about where I was at, I loved extending the image and tattooing the lady, I'm not good at heritage scrapbook layouts and often blame the muted tones and colours, but I love the sepia tones of this double page!
My book has lots of depth to it and documents moments in time for me so I'll always remember where I'm at, it's one of my favourite reasons to art journal because I can deal with the tough stuff, scrapbooking is always about happy occasions for me, very rarely will I document tough stuff, occasionally in the past when I've lost a loved one I do a reflective page but predominantly is documenting happy times in this household, my art journal is good for whatever emotion I'm going through but it comes into it's own when I'm worried, or stressed, when things seem to be getting to me and I'm struggling, sometimes I use the page as a way to rant with no intention of ever re-reading what I've put so I don't put it in order (it would seem like utter drivel if you read it 'normally') but sometimes I just jot notes down on my page to remind me of the time and the emotion I was feeling.  

I haven't really touched my art journaling for a while, there are loads of examples in magazines of art journaling these days but the trend is more often than not very brightly coloured using lots of spray inks which I always find utterly messy, my favourite medium for my pages is good old fashioned acrylic paints and more often than not I use my fingers to paint with - not brushes.  My art journaling has become more of a picture based diary and I have utterly loved the words that Darcy has provided, she's also given a heads up as to what to write about but I've simply used the word as a prompt.  It's probably the first long term commitment that I've made on my art journaling side, I've started the 365 day diary twice and lost it - maybe because I don't really 'get it' I started Shimelle's document a day per month a couple of years ago but the last couple of entries are far from enthusiastic, but this one has stuck with me, I've got behind, I've caught up, I've got behind again, there's been no pressure to do the pages by a certain date or point and that is what I've loved about it.  So a big thank you to Darcy for providing such a great challenge that I've thoroughly enjoyed and now as we look towards 2012 she's doing a postcard challenge, now this one should be interesting - dare I join in again?  

So here we are at Monday morning DH toddled off to work, so I got up for a shower then faced a rather untidy house again, we'd managed to use every piece of crockery in the drawer, dishwasher full of pots, tumbler going full blast and a basket full of ironing not exactly the happiest start to a Monday morning.  But I'm going to get it all sorted so the rest of the day is mine (just having a little blogger break - as you do). 

Said 11 year old has discovered the joys of Wii fit again so has just jogged through the dining room in his pyjamas of course!  Rest of the day?  Well not sure yet, got some more wrapping to do and may pop to my sisters.  What's your Monday looking like? 


  1. Hahaha! Don't like spray mist cos it's too messy, but paint with fingers???
    I love your definition of the difference between scrapbooking and art journalling. I was a profuse scrapbooker up til last summer(when dad got really ill), now I know why the art journalling has worked so much better for me, and I am so doing Darcy's postcard challenge too. You don't even have to do it every week if you don't want/have time, how cool/chilled out a challenge is that?
    And my washer just beeped so got to go now :D XXX

  2. That page is stunning.

    My Monday is freezing cold, wet and being spent stuck at work.

    Toni xx

  3. I must look into Darcy's postcard sounds so relaxed and pressure free. I shall of course be journalling as someone provided me with a journal and!!
    I've just reached the end of my year long collage course...well, I say reached the end, I've now got all the units and pictures safely stored on my laptop......for future reference..
    Hugs xx

  4. What a fantastic image you found for 'Smile'. I love what you've done here. It was interesting to read how you feel about art journalling, and how it can help you through a difficult period in your life. I too giggled at how sprays are messy but you paint with your fingers!!!

    Monday was really lovely for me - coffee in Costas with Grant (while we read the paper together), then a quick charity shop trawl - BARGAINS to be featured in a later post, few household jobs then the rest of the afternoon in the conservatory working on my Brooklyn Sketchbook Project (it's got to be off by the end of the month, yikes!!). Cooked dinner (sausages, mash, baked beans and fried onions, house now stinks), an then back into the conservatory while Grant and Luke watched football on tv (thank goodness Crystal Palace won).

    Today, Tuesday, is busier - Ken my ovenu man is here, I've done lots of housework jobs, and I've soon got to take Hope to the orthodontist, come home, cook Grant lunch before he goes off to work (late turn), wait for a vacuum cleaner to be delivered, cook tea for me and kids, out to zumba, it's Christmas zumba tonight (?), home, shower, glass of restorative wine, bed.

    I hope you have some fun today - Wii fit in pj's sounds perfect!!