Thursday, 15 December 2011


Here we go with another art journal page with Darcy's 52 words, this is one of my favourites from the whole book if I'm honest - one of my tattooed ladies haven't done one for an absolute age, I had to extend the image considerably and I used the mirror to include my journaling!
So what weather have you woken up to this morning?  DH set off mighty early to get to work and returned just after six having lost the back end of the car on a roundabout, thankfully he recovered the car but felt it was better to come home and see what it does rather than attempt to carry on.  It appears to be going now as we haven't woken to a wintry wonderland (too much) this morning, but the weather for tomorrow looks decidedly different - we'll have to see what that brings.

Last night was part two of the Jesse tree story, this time held in church and it was brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed the story despite a few technical difficulties and this time we had a few song sheets so could join in if we wanted.  Another late night for said 11 year old but with only two days to go hopefully it won't make too much of a difference, plus lets be honest they aren't exactly doing a lot at school at the moment. 

Hope you are all having a beautiful and blessed day and hoping that you are starting to feel a little more festive, apparently my lack of festiveness is not an isolated case, quite a few of us are feeling it at the moment and finding the season rather stressful and fraught.  So how do we regain the spirit of the season?  


  1. Same thing happened to my hubby this morning. Got a call at 7pm to say he was calling in at his mums while roads cleared, A57 closed at Todwick due to an accident.....why do people in this country struggle with a bit of snow now??? I blame the infrastructure.
    Any hoo...your page is just AWESOME!!! I want to be tattoed all over like that :D Do you think the staff at Chnky's school would take me more seriously?? Haha!
    That sprinkling of snow(didn't even get any on the front garden???) has definitely lifted my festive spirit :D XXX

  2. We regain the spirit by spiriting ourselves away to somewhere warm and sunny, where we're waited on hand and foot...well. I can dream can't I??

    Gorgeous tattooed lady and the story in Church sounds lovely.

    Hope you too are having a good day.
    Hugs xx

  3. Well it is cold....and I haven't got my decs up! I do feel fairly festive tho and we have our 1st Christmas this weekend so it will be nice to see family. I love your page, it is beautiful - I can see why you like the tattoed ladies.

  4. She is soooooooooooooo pretty - its my fav page I think

  5. Ooh, nearly missed this one. I LOVE your tattooed ladies, and this one is superb! I like how you've highlighted her hair too. Great pages.

    Bad news about the car, but so glad that hubby is ok. I always have 'what if' moments when I see/hear of car prangs. Something so small can cause long term problems.

    Well done to said 11 year old for doing the 2nd night show - he'll be glad that's over.