Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Darcy's 52 words challenged us to the word discover and this is my layout, I love the image and had fun using spray inks - yes this one was done in summer outside, now the other day I commented that I struggle with spray inks because they are messy and then proceeded to say I paint with my fingers, to which much confusion has since reigned - spray inks are awesome because they are quick - I grant you that, but they also like to spray everything around them, even with paper and card around the outside of said item I've found that not only the page gets treated to an ink job but also the paper and card surrounding it and then my laminate floor!  So this is why I claim they are a bit on the messy side, I love them but I love my flooring too - so when I use spray ink it's usually outside on the grass which doesn't mind when it's turned blue and red and yellow and orange and purple because I can simply mow it the following week and it disappears the same cannot be said for laminate floors LOL!  I use my fingers to paint because I get to blend the paints on the page much easier and I like the overall effect, now yes this is a messy method, but the only mess is on my fingers which with a quick blast of water and some soap are magically back to their original state (unless I use prussian blue in which case they are dyed forever).  As well as the spray inks I stamped butterflies and wrote scrawly journaling pages to bring it all together
Hope you don't mind the image too much but it totally spoke to me - she looks completely liberated covered in black paint don't you think?

Yesterday saw us venturing out for a wander around the retail park, I got pumps for said 11 year old and was told by the retail assistant that they don't go above the size of foot that he has now (5 and a half) so basically if he needs pumps for indoor PE (which I'm now reliably told he does despite being told at the beginning of the school year that they didn't need pumps this year) that his feet aren't allowed to grow between now and July - what are the chances of that?  Also managed to bag him a pair of Clark's shoes for the bargain price of £9 which given the last time I bought the same pair for him in a smaller size they were £30. 

Wandered around a few other shops, said 11 year old drove himself slightly nuts in Game which resulted in the purchase of yet another Wii game, I wandered around the magazine section of WHSmiths and was disappointed at the selection of magazines.  Wandered into Morrisons for some ready roll icing and some caster sugar as said 11 year old had decided he wanted to bake - well actually he'd decided he wanted to ice which meant baking grrrrrr.  

We thoroughly enjoyed our couple of hours out that weren't too fraught or stressful and headed home late morning to enjoy the rest of our day.  This meant baking, I thought (in my infinite wisdom) that biscuits were the way to go before said 11 year old informed me he doesn't like rubbing in the butter because it's messy, so before we knew it I was making the biscuits this is despite the fact I'm having a baking ban following the successful conclusion on not making gingerbread this year!  So shortbread biscuits were made and then liberally covered (in some instances entirely covered) in ready roll icing!  

Then the final hurdle we braved the supermarket for our Christmas shop, now I'm technically a Christmas person but I'll be honest the words Bah and Humbug very almost escaped my mouth last night, I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not in the mood for buying loads and loads and loads of food for a single day but that's what we did, we were then 'helped' by a local scout who was helping pack on the tills who then managed to give a running commentary on our purchases, he was the only highlight of the shopping expedition, I'm getting to the point where maybe in future years we won't want to be going to these extremes but not sure when that will be.  Oh so if you've seen my Christmas spirit can you send it this way because it's been missing for the duration of December and I really could do with it back before the big day! 


  1. Sorry can't help with the christmas spirit...I already drank it all haha! I am already NOT buying loads..the shops are only closed for 2 days, and I throw so much away cos people open every packet and then leave the rest to rot. So I am doing big dinner...and rest will be snacks!(and leftovers)
    My fav as a child was boxing day lunch, cold turkey, homemade chips and salad cream mmmmmmm.....
    Wishing you a good one :DXXX

  2. I'm lovin' your Discover pages - the woman is fab!

    I now understand the messy spray comment - and totally agree. My crafting table and the surrounding area have been sprayed all sorts of colours recently, whatever I try and cover it with! I've also been using re-positional adhesive spray, so the whole surface area is a horrible sticky spray painted mess. I must give it a good scrub soon (but not just yet, I'm too busy!!).

    Ugh, Christmas food shopping :o( I'm having mine delivered tomorrow morning by my lovely Abel and Cole man. Not many (or any, actually) naughty treats in there, I have to admit, but I'm keeping an eye on Grant and my waistlines and we really don't need (or want) to be eating to excess. I hope I don't sound too Scrooge-like, we'll still be having a big Christmas lunch etc, but I've found in the past that all the expensive extras usually end up rotting in the fridge because everyone is too stuffed to eat them.

    Your baking with said 11 year old sounds fun!

    Don't worry about your so far yet-to-be-seen Christmas spirit. Maybe it'll arrive on Christmas Eve, when all the hustle, bustle and fuss has died down. That's what's happened with me in previous years.

    re the plimsolls - Hope has rather large (size 8) very narrow feet, and we had to get lace up plimsolls for her off ebay once we could no longer get them in the shoe shops. Ridiculous or what? So many kids have bigger feet these days, you'd think the shoe companies would be prepared for them. x

  3. Ha! Well. I do believe my earlier comment re: Indian takeaway applies here too. I used to be SUCH a Christmas person. Bah Humbug has escaped my lips many a time this year. If I have my way, a takeaway it will be indeed next year.

    ADORE that image.