Tuesday, 20 December 2011

DARCY'S 52 WORDS - COMPROMISE and breaking a tradition

Another page with reference to Darcy's 52 words - the word Compromise - not something I'm actually very good at - I don't like to compromise as I feel it 'waters down' the real thing so that's what I documented about, another extended image with paint - much fun, and tattooing ladies again - I love images like this that actually talk to me!  The image speaks the "I don't care - this is who I am" attitude which I love
Not that I'd be brave or daft enough to do what the delightful lady is doing - yes smoking is bad for your health LOL! 

I'm in one of those moods today - you know the daft, silly stupid moods - well that seems to be where I'm at!  I had a chat with my sister yesterday who braved Meadowhall with my Mum and wondered why it was so busy LMAO! 

I however am going to brave the nearby retail park today - better get myself in gear otherwise it will be heaving before we get anywhere close. 

Felt a bit low yesterday - no one specific thing just an accumulation - this Christmas has been a hard one on so many levels, so I spent the day catching up with my Journal Your Christmas - yes 19 posts in one day I did in my book - which now resembles a book rather than a load of cut paper!  Maybe getting back into that will mean I get back into the 'spirit' of things. 

DH last full day at work today, tomorrow he's got his Christmas do! 

And finally we've decided to break with tradition and it feels quite 'freeing' - that's not the word I'm after but you get my drift - in the last few years we've done a gingerbread challenge for Christmas day and created a huge gingerbread centre piece for everyone to admire, it takes a huge amount of money to make (all butter gingerbread ain't cheap), a day of cooking, a half day of putting together and that's without the sweets to decorate and after lots of deliberating we decided that - well we decided we weren't going to do it - we'll find some other fun activity for the break between main course and dessert and say sod it!  So that's where we are at, I don't have a full day of baking to look forward to - result!  Means I can actually breath and enjoy the day with my hubby and son! 

Right off shopping - no idea what for just want to get out of the four walls LOL! 


  1. LOL!:D Wild horses couldn't drag me to Meadowhall this week...your sister is either very brave or....well she's very brave :D Enjoy your holiday week, and wishing you much joy in 2012 :D XXX

  2. Your non-compromising girl has a distinct look of Amy Winehouse about her - someone else who didn't compromise. Great pages.

    Well done for breaking with the gingerbread tradition, which although fun for everyone, it sounds like it meant a hideous amount of work for you. Christmas should be about relaxing and enjoying, not slaving!

    Good luck with your shopping trip, ugh!


  3. ohh I love these last two with tattoos, fabulous. you make this pages all gel together so well.

  4. Another fabulous page Virginia.

    Good for you giving up the massive baking/decorating task - hope this enables you to enjoy the festivities a bit more.

    Toni xx