Thursday, 22 December 2011


Darcy's words - the word Bargain, not one of my favourite - but done whilst we were on holiday and the essence of the word - the calligraphy set we bought whilst away which I used to complete the entire page, quoting chunks of Shakespeare which is what the whole week was about
This is not one of my favourite pages if I'm honest, but with limited supplies and documenting a moment in time it is part of my year this year!  

Yesterday was a strange one, went to my sisters for a cuppa and stayed to help her clean, we managed a couple of rooms by the time I came away at midday.  Took hubby to his Christmas do, then sorted a few calendar pages at home ready for the new year (not very exciting but essential method of keeping track of what everyone is doing throughout the year).

Then picked hubby up from his 'do' and played Harry Potter Lego on the Wii with said 11 year old - honestly I'm utterly useless I spent half the time asking which character I was, said 11 year old kept screaming the button letters that I needed to press which made no sense and because he was faster he was managing to get through the game without my intervention if I'm honest, so I passed the controllers to hubby and headed for a shower!  Made a nice tea (which surprised me given I wasn't in a cooking mood) and then chilled in front of the TV (again) with a glass of wine (again) and fell asleep (again) - this is becoming a habit! 

Today?  Well who knows although we are considering Chatsworth for the day - maybe that's where my Christmas festive spirit is hiding I'll let you know tomorrow if it is LOL! 


  1. Haha! Now have image of you "sweating profusely" trying to play wii :D
    I bought them Kinnect sport...they won't even notice I'm not there haha! :D XXX

  2. Still no Christmas spirit here either...:(
    I'm also useless on the Wii....tried Zumba but skipped the intro...big mistake as you learn the steps during the intro...must learn some patience!!lol
    Hugs xx

  3. After just getting back from tesco's with yet more food Craig and I are 'almost' at the point of agreeing to scrap the whole roast dinner next year and find an Indian Takeaway that's open on the day. Neither of us particularly is fond of a roast unless it's a carvery, in a pub, cooked by someone else. We both love indian food and when we worked out how much has been spent this year - a takeaway, even with a percentage on top being that it would be Christmas day, would be a helluva lot more enjoyable and a lot cheaper. Thing is, having my Dad and Craig's Mum over, I wonder if they'd fancy it. Both curry lovers too - but on Christmas?

    I reckon my Christmas spirit has legged it with yours!

  4. I'm rubbish on all Xbox/Wii/PS3 type machines. It caused hysteria in the house when I thought I'd won a race because I'd gone over the finishing line only to find out I'd been going backwards the whole time. I seem to remember having a little bit of a hissy-fit and throwing down the steering wheel in disgust. Hmmmmm, they don't bring out the best in me!

    I have a sneaking suspicion you may well find a teeny tiny pocket of Christmas spirit at Chatsworth - let it find you though. Sometimes if you try too hard to find something it hides itself away.