Friday, 18 November 2011


Morning all I'm preparing this on thursday evening as hubby sits here trying to get some items for me for Christmas by click clicking his way through the world LOL

So what's been Rocking Your World this week?

Firstly mine has become more level - hurray!  I'm loving the world the right way up so that's top of the list, although I'm not fully back to 'normal' (whatever that is), being able to get in the car without being a danger to the world at large (well no more than usual) has been lovely.

Next up is hubby and son for putting up with me over the last few weeks, I'm getting more bolshy so must be getting better!   Also for both of them tackling the TV room this last week without much input from me, they've both been fabulous and just got on with the task in hand, the room is almost done just a few things to resolve but it's feeling more homely at the moment which is great. 

Then there is my sister for the phone calls and the chats and the visits, they've all been awesome and I feel very privileged to have had some quality time with her recently.

Then there's Royal Mail for delivering my click click shopping that I've been doing recently, it's been nice to receive some of the items that have been coming through the post and feel like I can tick the items off my lists.

I know my list is short this week, but in all honesty being cooped up in four walls hasn't meant much 'difference' when its come to my week, just a slow time back to normal - however, I am grateful for all of the above and for all of the lovely wishes I've received from you recently - you are all amazing and remind me that I am truly blessed.

A little crafting for you lovely people this layout documents us finally finding the skyspace at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, there are only a few dotted around the world, you go inside and sit on the concrete seats and look up, there is a closed in roof with just a square section that is open to the elements and through this square then you can see the sky which on a whispy white partially cloudy day gave us an ever changing skyscape that we loved!  I added little tag punches for the title and hand sewing to create some dimension, simply magical

Up close you can see the title and the handstitching, I used a running stitch and then threaded a co-ordinating fabric through at the same time.
So there you go another post completed, I hope you all have a truly blessed weekend.

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  1. Hey Virginia, long time no visit but here I am to say Hi and send hugs...obviously missed that you've been under the weather but glad to read that you're pulling through :D I had to smile at your layout with the stitching - like the twist, threading another colour through the running stitch :) Keep well x x x

  2. Glad your feeling so much better, and I totally understand your brief list. I've been in with sick folk all week so barely a moment to reflect, but will sort a post later :D XXX

  3. So glad to heat that you are gradually feeling better.
    I remember my Physics teacher at school telling us he had to wear a pair of glasses which turned everything upside down for a week. His brain retrained his eyes during the week. When he took the glasses off....all was upside down again ! Luckily for him - all went back to normal after a few days !
    That seating sculpture sounds amazing ! Glad to hear you have been able to get ahead with The Christmas shopping !

  4. Pleased that you're feeling better..:)
    Don't you just love internet shopping? :)
    Well done to your men....
    Great LO and I find the idea of the skyspace intriguing.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  5. My post is up:

  6. Hi hun, just wanted to reiterate how glad I am your on the mend! Loved catching up with you, when you've felt well enough to cope with me lol. As usual beautiful LO and on a personal note you know about the little DIY job at home I am on with just wanted to say thanks for your words of wisdom and for being a constant source of inspiration! lots of love x

  7. So good to hear you're on the mend at last, Virginia. Lovely list today, and I too like the sound of the skyscape.

    I don't really feel up to joining in with you Rocking gals this week, but have posted a reason why.

    Have a lovely week,


  8. Lovely list Virginia - glad you are level again. Been thinking of you.

    Think I will be back next week - after the weekend I just had I damn need some positive thinking.

    Plus I miss you all - my Rocking buddies.

    Love the page and the stitching :D

  9. Sounds like you are perking up...sorry if my visits are a bit like buses - nothing then 3 all at once, but I'm still having major problems with the PC.

    Great LO Virginia.

    Toni xx