Friday, 4 November 2011


Well this is nice, sitting finally to type up a blog post, because I've been poorly, not a little bit poorly but really quite poorly.  Had a lovely week away last week but came down with labyrinthitus which has little to do with David Bowie and a lot more to do with balance and room spin, full 360 degree spin, and throwing up - not grand, so you might think I'll be postponing my post this week - how wrong can you get

Because it is
So what can I drag out of the deep recesses of my week

Well there have been positive comments from lots of lovely people in blog land - so thank you to all of you on that front.

I'm grateful for the NHS - although there was little that they could do I did see a Doctor who gave me some anti-vertigo tablets which have helped, so I'm extremely grateful for having a health service available, there are so many in the world that don't have this.

I'm utterly utterly grateful for my amazing hubby, he's gone in late to work, left early to drop off and collect said 11 year old, took Monday off because he was worried about me.  He's shopped and cooked and just got on with day to day things without me, he's made me tea, he's been there when I've been really sick (one of my ultimate pet hates I absolutely detest throwing up and he knows this), he's got me cold flannels for my head, he's left me to sleep, he's ironed, he's got presents for children's parties and taken said 11 year old to said party and collected him after without a murmur of a whinge.  He even put up with my moans on Wednesday when I indicated that the house was 'messy' and let me give orders whilst he and said 11 year old scurried around tidying around to make the house a tidier place to be (I didn't make them do a major clean but in all honesty I was getting a better but feeling low with the state of things, so I staggered around and asked for their help for half and hour and it was soon done).

He's made me laugh this week (which at times I didn't think possible), he's offered me hugs (when I could manage them) and provided ample tissues when I was feeling very sorry for myself - quite literally nothing has been too much trouble - he is quite honestly amazing and yes I am ultimately grateful for him!

Said 11 year old also gets a mention, he doesn't like to see Mum ill but he did make me giggle when his only line this week seemed to be "Are you OK Mum?" "Yes" "Have you been sick?" - literally the only two questions I got asked on a regular basis all week.

My sister for catching up with me and making me feel human this week, it was so lovely to have a natter even though I was still suffering room spin at the time.

Virgin Media - yes can you believe they are on my list of gratefuls, I'm not a TV person (enjoy my crafting too much but it's been none existent this week as you can imagine) I discovered TV on demand - not something that I'd looked at in quite some time and found Terry Pratchett's Going Postal, one of my all time favourite authors whose books sit pride of place in our library, I struggled with A Colour Of Magic (not sure if I was paying enough attention LOL) but Going Postal was brilliant, an absolute joy to watch.

Jamie Oliver and his Great British meals even though he seemed to think that Yorkshire consisted of Leeds and Leeds alone made me giggle at the end with the preview of next weeks show when he gets so excited about a dish he's making he manages to split his trousers - made me giggle with hubby on Tuesday night - a much needed laugh.

Oooh here was me being smart - finding that I was feeling better Wednesday only to be struck down thursday again, so the post never got finished, not feeling too great today so you'll have to put up with Wednesday's info above for this week - sorry Rockettes I'll try and be back on form for next week.

In the meantime Mr Linky because we missed him


  1. Wow! Lovely gratefuls even though you've had a horrible week. Do hope you're feeling better - more (((hugs))) and ***sparkles*** for you.
    Your hubby is fab-u-lous and deserves a hug all of his own, so please pass one on from me.
    We too struggled with "The Colour of Magic" but loved (and kept on Sky+) "Going Postal".
    Big hugs,
    Sue xx
    p.s. thank you so much for my gorgeous b'day card...a lovely surprise on the day :)
    p.p.s. said 11 year old reminds me so much of the boy...I used to get the same two questions!!

  2. Oh my goodness poor you ! That sounds awful.
    ( Liked the David Bowie link ! ) Hubby sounds like he's a star ! Well done him and 11 year old.
    I too am grateful for the NHS. In Spain we had to pay for private medical insurance and it didn't cover everything - when Jess was born we were always doling out more Pecetas ! ( she was worth it ! ) When I had Joe here in the UK I couldn't believe the difference & how wonderful the Midwives were.

    Wish I'd seen Jamie Oliver split his trousers - what a giggle !

    Hope you continue to get better & stronger & have a great weekend & week ahead xx

  3. I'm going to do a rocking your world friday, my first one... I've read a few now and love the idea, not sure if I'm doing it right.. so will just waffle!

  4. Hey Virginia you poor thing! That sounds horrid. Glad you've mobilised the troops to assist in the tidy tho not sure how you even managed to notice it needed doing through the vertigo. I do hope you feeling better and recovered soon and that next week is a whole heap more fun for you. pen x

  5. Oh poor you, Virginia. That's not fair is it, you've been under the weather for TOO LONG now.

    Of course your lovely husband has been brilliant - he's a Top Man. It made me smile how when you were feeling a touch better you grumbled about the house being messy, and supervised while the boys scuttled about tidying up. I can see me doing that too!

    Terry Pratchett's stuff is SO weird, but based on your recommendation (and Susie J's) I might have to give this Going Postal a go.

    Oh I missed Jamie's trouser split - I'll have to look on tv catch-up, I bet it was a funny moment. I love our Jamie!

    I do hope the Get Well Fairy comes a-knocking soon.

    Take care of yourself,

    Jo xxxx

    ps my link is here

  6. Feel better soon....come get you some puddin n pie!

  7. Oh Virginia you poor thing!! That "itis" doesn't sound very nice at all!!!
    Way to go you for being so positive :D XXX

  8. Oh that sounds awful, I feel slightly queasy just at the thought. You got a good 'un there missus, mind you - so has he ;)

    Have never read or seen any Terry Pratchett. Keep meaniing to but never got round to it - however I have played the PC game and enjoyed that a lot!

    Hope you feel better soon Virginia, not fun. Not a Rocking post without some of your craftiness at the end either. Big hugs.

  9. My link is up:

  10. Oh no hunny, hope your feeling more yourself now (((gentle hugs)))
    Well done to your fab family for helping out & just generally being there for you.

  11. thanks for following! come get you some puddin n pie