Friday, 25 November 2011

ROCKING MY WORLD FRIDAY - it's been a strange one

Yes officially it's Friday what is going on - where are these works going too?  It's all a little crazy today is pay date and this means the last pay day before Christmas ARGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

Anyway I digress (as usual) this is
the place where we put a list of gratefuls, where we look back over the last 7 days and note the moments that lifted our spirits and raised ourselves up amongst the norm.  This week has been a hard one to put together and I'm actually quite low, but these are the times when digging deep really does help and puts things into more perspective.

So first up has to be the moment over the weekend (last weekend obviously) when we were out in the car and I felt like someone had painted me a picture to really appreciate.  The colours in the trees and the depth of the landscape in front of me, together with a fine mist led to a beautiful painted picture of the countryside around me, it almost made me feel like I could paint it - dull grey sky, pale trees on the horizon, then some darker trees in the middle, then the darkest almost silhouetted trees before a blaze of autumnal colours, it's a sight that gave me thanks for being out and about that day and for witnessing the beauty of nature.

Family Funny
Then there is hubby for having a great sense of humour when making Christmas cakes last weekend, I shouldn't tell you really I shouldn't but we did giggle, making two was maybe a bad idea, the first one looks great - only problem is he forgot the glace cherries, half the almonds and half the flour - but apart from that it's fine - decided he's going to drown it in alcohol!  He almost considered adding the missing ingredients whilst it was in the oven - honestly - he did make me smile - this is a rocking moment, when hubby is fighting with a Nigella recipe and telling me what's missing - laughed til we cried.

Argos for having a sensibly priced desk, we tried a heritage place - £345 for a nest of tables - I think not!  Argos bargain desk for £90 and hubby put it together in just over an hour, now in situ so I'm back in the TV room, still little crafting going on but hey you can't have everything!

Said 11 year old (almost put little man but at 11 that seems a little unfair) bringing home buns from school which were lovely, this is the day after his first attempt at a CBBC recipe making cookies - now he made these on his own whilst I was supervising desk assembly and hubby was doing desk assembly and he did them to the letter, the only issue - they made more than 50 biscuits what kind of recipe is that?  Honestly 50 biscuits between three of us, with one of us not being a sweet fan and we wonder why I have weight issues!

Ant and Dec on I'm a Celebrity - the only reason we watch this program is for those two they are just so funny!

Said 11 year old for keeping his bedroom tidy so that the pre-Christmas clean up didn't take us more than an hour which is awesome stuff.

Our charity shop at work providing sensibly priced frames, my sister Melanie has been meaning to sort some frames all year and managed one up to now so I'm attempting to sort the remaining ones that are in the bag, so she can put them up on her stairs.  She's always fancied a black and white staircase and finally she's getting around to it.

So there we have it, that took some digging deep but there you go this weeks list of gratefuls.  If you fancy joining in - put your link on Mr Linky at the bottom so we can come and visit.

Right crafting a layout from our break in York at Easter and yes that is a swimming pool, it was probably the only positive about the place, that and it's close proximity to York
 Sometimes it's the tiny embellishments that make a layout, this was some peel offs - now stop don't run away I know I'm not a fan either but occasionally you can make them look ok on a layout
Right here is Mr Linky hope you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend.


  1. I'm sure those Christmas cakes will still be delicious - I can just imagine the giggles when the omissions were realised!! I quite often to put in an ingredient and I too consider trying to add it once they're in the oven. Tried it too - but never with flour!!

    Aha, a desk! When you feel up to crafting again you'll have your own area that doesn't need tidying up each time the table is needed. Brilliant! (Good ol' Argos, we've got lots of stuff from them over the years. One of the best things was Luke's cabin bed - you needed a degree in quantum physics to put it together, but once it was up it was as solid as a rock - and half the price of other 'budget' stores. Shame Luke's legs grew and we had to take the darned thing down again!)

    50 biscuits??!! Problem is, if you don't eat them said 11 year old will be sad, so you have to wade your way through them and just wince when you get on the scales.

    Those tiny peel-offs look great on the LO - happy memories.

    Have a lovely weekend,


  2. Hiya, loved your christmas cake story, I wish I had a boyfriend who would make xmas cake.. oh i love xmas cake.. well fruit cake in general really! Not so keen on the icing, I pick that off!

  3. Thanks for cheering me up...I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one to miss out ingredients. Alcohol should do the trick! :)
    Great LO too.
    I have a confession...I used two peel offs on a card last night....sometimes they are useful.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. 50 biscuits??? What was the recipe? They sound yummy though.

  4. Haha! Thanks for cheering my day Virginia :D I am so impressed that you let your men folk loose in the kitchen...I can't even begin to imagine how long it would take me too clean up after if my lot decided to bake ??!!! I can bearly keep up with them getting a sandwich :S They still manage to use every plate/utensil in there!!!
    Kudos to your hubby for adding the alcohol to hide mistakes :D XXX

  5. Oh Virginia, if this is a down week in your house, I wanna come live with you! I lol'd at your hubby's cake moments. Does he do Nigella impersonations while he's at it? Was your little fella over or underwhelmed at the amount of biscuits? Oh to have a boy who still wanted to bake. Mine is now 15 with a fringe that reaches below his chin and a very limited vocabulary - I need to learn teenspeak before it's too late. Love your LO. Peel offs grew on me eventually. Take care, may your world remain untilted. pen xxx

  6. My post is finally up:
    Hugs xx

  7. LOL - sounds like baking Phoebe's birthday cake this week! Flour bubbles kept rising to the top of the mixture just as I was putting it in the oven. Cue much mashing and stirring and hoping for the best!

    Have played along this week - sorry it's a shortie :)