Saturday, 19 November 2011


Morning all, as some of you might be aware I'm involved in the second rock in peace CJ which is known as Rock In Peace Resurrected, it started last month and I was the first to receive Sian's beautiful circle journal.  Her theme was lyrics so I trawled through lots of music to find some of my favourites to include.  Now one of my 'issues' with mini books is that I like maxi books not mini - I love lots of space to create and Sian's journal was quite small so this proved quite a challenge, however I came up with a way of creating more space.

My first page documents lyrics from a Staind album, the page ended up quite 'art journally' but that doesn't surprise me given the type of work I've been creating recently
 Close up you can see the font, paint and clear embossing that I've done.
 The opposite page is words from Stone Sour's Through Glass with an acetate sheet in between to create a 'class effect' I've used a crackled glass edge to the acetate as well. 
 Up close
Then I've created a 'hidden' page behind the Stone Sour page 

I've included the lyrics from a Metallica track, explanations included in the book - I won't spoil the reason as you should all see the book before it's returned to Sian!

And finally, a Linkin Park page, using a Chester stencil that I've used on my own but this one has been made smaller and then using two different types of Linkin Park type fonts that I found.

I was actually really pleased with my entries into the book once I'd finished and that usually takes some doing!


  1. Beautiful pages, & you've got fab taste in bands :-)

  2. Ooow you little head banger you!! Fab lyrics, fab pages :D XXX

  3. Super pages, love the embossing and how do you do the crackle on the acetate? It's gorgeous :)

  4. WTG fellow head banger!!
    Love your choices and your pages.
    Hugs xx

  5. Looks fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it close up. And its put me in the mood to listen to stone sour :) particularly love the clear embossed stars.

  6. Beautiful pages and powerful song lyrics Virginia. This is such a great way to collect the words that matter to you. Clever to expand the space you have to work too! I'd like one of these myself. pen xxx

  7. Absolutely fabulous Virginia and I love the lyrics you've chosen.

  8. Wonderful ! If yu could cope with working even smaller... I'm starting an ATC once a month challenge over here !