Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Well I'm still here, payroll was awful - 8 hours fighting with 70 employees to get it to work properly - not firing on all cylinders proved taxing as you can imagine, but I beat it into submission.  Yesterday I collapsed into a heap again, the day before proving a little too much and I had one of those restless days - you know the ones that you could get loads done if only you engaged your brain but brain was fighting any type of engagement so I went with the flow and accepted that that was how it was going to be, felt a bit low by time hubby came home mind and fell asleep on the sofa early on - but I was wrecked Monday wreaked absolutely havoc on me.  But I am still upright and nearly almost level for that we'll do a happy dance - well actually you can do the happy dance for me because if I did it I might fall over. 

Today I'm going to head in for a couple of hours and make sure everyone has lots and lots to do and then come home - the plan is 11 o'clock leaving time - this was the same on Friday when I left at 12.45pm - so any guesses as to what time it will be today?  I promise I'm going to aim towards 11 o'clock - honestly!

Anyway we are hurtling towards Christmas I keep going on Toni's blog and she's got a Christmas countdown at the top which makes me gulp every time I see it.  I'm in mental "must sort house" mode we've done a few rooms (this will be the royal we as to be honest most of it has been done with me saying what to move and where and DH obliging bless him - he really is a star and knows how bad I am at this time of year).  What I'm actually attempting to do is to give me a clear December - no stop laughing that's my aim, if I do loads now then December should be fine and dandy shouldn't it?  Shouldn't it?  Problem is I started out with a 141 point to do list which still stands at 70+ so still loads to do, think I might have set the bar too high?

Anyway how's your Christmas planning coming along?  Any Secret Santa's out there in mental melt down - I e-mailed Carmen yesterday with the crazy question when is enough enough?  When will I know it's right - bless her she came back telling me to calm down and everything would be OK - struggling to agree with her mind - but I'm now gathering a little pile of goodies on the spare bed upstairs.

OK so enough of my waffling - here is some crafting to show you what I've been doing - I don't think I can call it recent, with being poorly crafting really has been the very last thing on my mind (literally the last thing).

Here is a layout of DH and said 11 year old making pizza during the summer, said 11 year old was doing a cookery course at school and came home talking dough and DH went into mini strop because he's never made bread and before you know it there on with home made pizzas - there was flour everywhere!  I went for blank space on this one for a change and I'm really pleased with it - however said 11 year old kept saying it needed something at the top - bless! 

 Close up I attached the buttons with embroidery thread and you can just see the little bit of stitching on the left hand side.
Have a beautiful day every one - hugs


  1. Got to come back later to read your post properly...but on the way to school ....saw the picture of the page and it is gorgeous :) so just wanted to pop by and say that :)

  2. Loving the LO - your men look so happy making that pizza dough :)

    Calm down woman!! You're way ahead of me with regard to Christmas - it will all work out!!

    More (((hugs))) and sparkles for you.
    Hope you managed to keep to your 11 o'clock deadline.
    Just relax.
    Hugs xx

  3. Oh dear, you’ve worried me now about Secret Santa :| I’ve not got piles and piles of stuff for my swappee :| I’ve stuck to the spend recommendation (well, I’ve gone £2 over but that’s all), and have got 4 things that I think the person will like, 3 bought, one made (well half bought half made). But I haven’t gone crazy. Is my pressie going to look naff compared to everyone else’s?? Are most people spending lots more?? Eeep.

    As for Christmas prep, I have done none, and am trying to kid myself that I don’t need to until maybe Christmas Eve :) We don’t do Christmas in a big way though, it’ll be a fairly normal roast dinner on the big day (with the addition of crackers), and I have no intention of doing a big clean, life’s too short :D (and by the time I get home from work of an evening I don’t have the energy)

  4. Love your pizza layout Virginia. Very glad to hear you are upright and getting leveller. Stressing about Xmas is not on my list of things to do this year. I'm reassuring myself that every year I flap, and yet every year it all just comes together, even though it is a bit last minute. I'm just giving myself a break. Your hubby sounds like a very capable sort ... phaps you should just hand him the list! take care, be well, be happy. pen x

    or I have booked Christmas dinner out on the 21st.
    Haven't....bought pressies, made cards,made decorations etc.
    :D XXX

  6. OMG I've created a monster with this Secret Santa haven't I? Am imagining a bunch of frazzled crafters with lopsided Santa hats and steam coming from your ears! LOL!

    141 point list? Jayzus woman!

    We are meandering along and will probably reach panic stations Christmas Eve when we realise nothing has been posted, turkey has not been bought and shops have sold out and... er... yeah, same every year! ;)

  7. Ditto to Gina's comment!

    Secret Santa - only one small thing bought, and a big idea crystallizing in my head for which I've been gathering 'stuff' but not yet started. Could all go horribly wrong....... In which case I'll be hitting Amazon asap!

    Pizza LO great - how funny DH having a strop that he'd never made bread, I can't quite imagine my DH doing the same!

    Take care and for goodness sake, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK, WOMAN!