Saturday, 12 November 2011

A craft post - because I can

Yes I know don't faint, this is a mid-week blog post (well it's not a Friday post), this be a Saturday post and it's craft related, what more could you ask for.

I find myself up and about early, DH has gone into work boo hoo - hiss, but said 11 year old is here to keep me company, not quite as whoozy as I've been so hoping to do some things today, I'm in the middle of finishing off a mini book at the moment, which I've had great fun making.  Despite the house been upside down (because we're decorating - that'll be the royal "we" because I can't really do much other than tea mash, but hubby knows I've set my heart of getting it sorted before December hits and he's not going off plan - love you Sweetie.  I've also had my sister volunteer to help, how lovely is that, so I'm feeling upbeat and positive at the moment.  So thought I'd share this positive feeling with you with a craft post.

This is a mini book I recently made, it started out as a child's board book, I think it was a 'princess' type book, I took the book apart initially, got hubby to sand it for me (can't stand sand paper honestly - run away run away), then set too with the paint, I love the painted surface, just a mix of gorgeous paint colours and these colours are very me, I'm not technically a 'blue' person on a grand scale, wouldn't paint a room blue for instance, but this vivid blue colour is very 'jewel' like so it speaks volumes to me.

The original book had little cut out windows and so I've tried to place the photos carefully so I can see glimpses of what is to come.

I added a strip of art paper that I'd used paint, punchinella and spray inks on which I then ripped into strips, to bring the page together I used a selection of star stamps (which are my favourite, not regimental stamps, the quirky ones that have some depth to them) and colours some of them in, fastened with the bind it all and a selection of ribbons this is what the book looks like! 
 Inside the book more pictures from a day out at YSP
So it goes to show, that with a few paints, a cheap charity shop buy and some stamps, you can create a unique little mini book that provides a lasting memory of a family day out!


  1. This is so gorgeous, Virginia. The blue is beautiful and perfect as a background for the photographs. The star stamps are great, I love how you've showered them round the edges.

    I'm so glad to hear you're not feeling as whoozy as you have been. Let's hope you've seen this monster off, finally.

    ps I HATE sanding stuff down too and get Grant to do it. It just sets my teeth on edge.

  2. Fanbloodytastic! You know what, I never in a million years would have chosen that blue and white background. But it is perfect for these photos. I guess because all the sculptures are outdoors and it looks like the sky? Wonderful.

  3. Love the book, great the way you can see a peak of the other photos through the cutout windows. x

  4. Lovely, lovely book Virginia. Gorgeous colour (I am a blue person and have the rooms to prove it! lol), happy memories and a little sparkle...perfect.
    Pleased you're feeling a little better.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. totally with you on the sandpaper too.

  5. This is beautiful Virginia! I went to YSP after seeing an earlier post of yours, and can't wait to go back again :D XXX

  6. Beautiful little blue book Virginia - love what you've done with it and the memories you keep within. Hope you on the mend. pen x

  7. What a fabulous book Virginia - I love the colour scheme.

    Toni xx