Friday, 7 October 2011


Yes it's here officially Friday again - what is happening to these weeks!
So without further ado gratefuls for this week

A day off today (don't tell anyone otherwise they might try and steal it!)

The weather finally cooling down, I don't like hot weather unless I've got a glass of G&T in one hand and a swimming pool beside me then I'll tolerate it!  But that hot in September/October it just felt wrong if I'm honest, so I for one am glad it's cooled down and now we get autumn temperatures to match the colours in the garden and on the trees!

Chatsworth's Beyond Limits exhibition - love it - completely - this year there was a mix of old favourites (where we've seen the sculptors work before), new artists that we've not seen before and new ones that were just plain weird if I'm honest!

Don't believe me?  Now hubby wasn't sure - but I liked this - it made me smile!

but we weren't so keen on this - it reminded me of someone who hadn't quite grasped the concept of painting by numbers?
 then there was this which was OK - personally wouldn't buy it myself
then this wasn't part of the exhibition but is some work that has been carried out by an artist who has woven willow - I loved it - all the leaves were falling into it and becoming part of the sculpture!
then this was in the sensory garden - isn't she gorgeous!
then there is this - not a favourite at all - just a bit strange!
then there was one of hubbies favourites, he liked the precision and the different materials - particularly the granite that had been polished!
then we had this - can you guess what it is - go on guess now - you know you want to!
Well done yes it is a frog with a fly - so glad you got that - what do you mean you didn't?  Neither did we!!!

A couple of Damien Hirst pieces for good measure, Legend and Myth (unicorn and Pegasus) - liked the white side - personally not fussed about the other side of them!

We like these pieces - this one is "Raging Desire" however I prefer the 'white' versions of this that we saw last year and the year before!

And finally one of our favourites on the day the giant feet!!!!!
and the way to use up old tyres - I kid you not!
It's hard to think that this is technically an auction?  Obviously some people have too much money and potentially too big a garden!!!!

Right next up has to be the start of my new circle journal which has apparently landed safely which makes me happy!  It was mighty stressful reaching the deadline (left everything far too late) but it went in the post safely on time on Monday!  Our CJ message board is mighty lively and we are all getting to know each other a bit better which is brilliant! 

Next up is the Secret Santa swap courtesy of our hostess Carmen - press button on the right to find out more if you are a current friend and follower of Carmen!  It should be a good giggle! 

Rugby on catch up on demand - always good fun and means scrapping time for yours truly! 

Making a start on Christmas crafting - I'm liking this - suits me down to the ground as it were!  I'll start to share where I can!

My houseplant is still living and flowering so that's pretty awesome!

Barbecue at my Mums on Saturday evening twas lovely too!!!

Fi getting a job - she did she did she did - big woop woop woop out to her - so pleased!  Currently a 6 month contract fingers and toes crossed that they keep her on permanently!!!!

My hubby and son for just being themselves and for enjoying a great board game night with me on Wednesday evening much fun was had by all!

Right I think that's a fairly good Rocking list this week (despite the fact I've still got this ridiculous cough!)

Crafting well a couple of what feel like 'old layouts' now I've had them in my blog folder forever (that I'm hoping I've not shared with you previously!)  This one from a few years ago when we last went abroad!
with close up of miniature stamping, ribbons and torn paper

Then this one from a typical Menorcan village (I liked the drainage system on the side of the building)

close up showing off the 'altered title' - the card said something like Special day originally and the glossy accents!

and finally
the close ups of the title, layered onto cardstock and treated as a tag with onto foam pads with a bit of ribbon through for good measure!
If you've got here - well done pat on the back etc I love receiving comments - it stops me feeling lonely so say hello if you've got a mo!  If my beautiful Rockettes are joining in add your linky and a comment so we can come and visit!

I hope you've all had a beautiful and blessed week and that the weekend is full of joy and laughter!


  1. Wow Virginia, that's some rockin week you've had. I love the photos of the sculptures.... I think I've got a desire to sculpt but it must be latent ... I seem to love all sculpture, however ridiculous. I really want the whole used tyre arrangement for myself despite lack of space and funds. A girl can dream eh? Your pages are lovely - loving all the details. I'm totally with you regarding the weather ... I just flake in the heat - not a pretty sight. I like the crunch and fall of autumn better. Pen x

  2. Wow, to the sculptures! ROFL and slapping my wrist @ what "Raging Desires" made me think of. :)
    Sounds like a good week to me (apart from the cough!) and I love your LOs.
    Congrats, and much jumping up and down with glee, to Fi on getting a job...Yay!!
    Off to do my post now.
    Hugs xx

  3. I've just done mine. Here's the link:

  4. Virginia the sculptures are amazing, enjoyed looking at these pics! LO's beautiful as usual but what I really wanted to say is more to others. That you truly are amazing! You have done so many hours this week (work wise) and have had such an awful cough for so many weeks now, that I think you are a superstar for fitting everything in. Not only that but being able to find the rocking parts of the week with such ease, which I am sure is due to how much effort you put in to ensure your family life is as good as you can possibly make it! You truly are an inspiration. Going to take a leaf out of your book this week! An will rock about it Friday I promise XXXXX

  5. Hi V! The exhibition at Chatsworth looks absolutely wonderful, right up by street. I am very jealous and will have to go one year. I am LOVING the lion made out of old tyres, it's brilliant! Sorry to hear you've still got the silly cough, it can be quite draining, I know. I hope you shift it soon. Great news about Fi, I hope she settles in quickly.

    I'm in Carmen's Secret Santa too (I see Susie J is too), I wonder who we'll be 'given'.........?

    Lovely LO's, as always. That is a brilliant, if not very practical, drainage system on the side of the house!

    Wishing you a super weekend,


  6. Oh, forgot to give you my link (although it is up with Mr Linky);


  7. Love the tire sculpture, though my garden would probably fit in it, lol
    So thats meant to be a frog, oh dear I must have a crude mind coz it looks like someones scrotum to me, or at least part of it does

  8. What fab photos! That first piece looks like something out of Pop & Piz on the Baby Channel (this is the kind of TV I end up watching with a 2 year old and a 9 month old! :lol:).

    Loving the rubber tyre sculpture too? Is it a dragon? Or a lion?

    Nice LOs too. :)


  9. Wow what Fab pics! great list as always virginia - hope you havent fallen over because i managed to play along....

  10. Oops - It still says bedbugs next to my name. I don't have them - it's from linking to a review I did! Ahahaha!

    Oh I absolutely love your comment from Melanie :)

    As for the sculptures - it was the froggy one I thought you were going to say was a bit rude! Ooer! Love that tyre one and the feet! Aren't we lucky when we have these places to visit?

    Thank you for the shout out :D Am so excited!