Friday, 28 October 2011


So here we are at the end of yet another week and this one sees October drawing to a close, where has the month gone, come to that where has the year gone, another month and we'll be dragging out the Christmas decs!  Oohhh yes we will... but before then we've got Rocking Your World Friday

Now this is a post that is being done in advance - sooooo let's see how close I get to reality shall we (Actually I'm reading this on Thursday via a Wifi connection - shall I re-do or just edit the bits that appear to have missed the mark slightly - me thinks a slightly edited version will do you for now).

Well it's been beautiful autumnal weather all week hasn't it, blue skies, crisp mornings, beautiful colours on the trees we couldn't have asked for better...  (Actually it's not been bad, bit breezy on a couple of days out, bit wet occasionally, a massive lightening storm on Tuesday evening, but all in all we've managed to dodge the raindrops not such a bad week at all).

We've enjoyed family time away to relax and take stock, to brush off the cobwebs and be ready for the rest of the year, we've had some fabulous days outs venturing to Richmond (actually we've not done this one yet, it is scheduled for Friday but we'll see - we were going on Wednesday until we found out the castle was shut - what wrong with places do they not know it's half term?) and to the Forbidden Corner (well that's a story all on it's own, the one where the child triggered the water and Mummy was stood on the stone that had the water jets on - yes you can stop laughing - did I get wet?  Nope I got absolutely totally and utterly drenched and had to walk around for hours more in extremely wet cold trousers - I can laugh about it now but at the time it wasn't the most pleasant of feelings).

We've enjoyed the woodburning fire and toasting marshmallows.  (Again a bit of a lie to be honest, the only marshmallows toasted dripped all over my magazine, then my hand, then the floor - it wasn't a pretty sight I can tell you - since then the boys have been merely making the worlds biggest fire and we've abandoned the marshmallows).    

We've enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the area we are in, we've enjoyed a time to be with each other.  Actually this one is spot on although the word tranquility with the number of crows outside the window in a morning and the owls at 4am - probably doesn't quite fit!  However, we have enjoyed having time together as a family. 

We've had quiet evenings and lazy mornings, we haven't run around everything in the hope we can get it all covered, but spent time just enjoying time with each other and the world around us. What planet was I on, not run around doing everything - that would mean spending time just chilling with hyperactive hubby and an 11 year old on my hands that hasn't happened, we've done Cold Stones Cut, Fountains Abbey (twice), the Forbidden Corner, Middleham Castle (because it was there as and we were sailing past), we've done Jervaux Abbey, Brimham Rocks, The Chocolate Factory, The Tea Pottery, The Arts Festival, Theakston's Brewery, and it's only Thursday morning!

We've done a bit of art of an evening (no we haven't we've done a glass of wine, a coughing fit and sleep) and played board games (actually card games but it's close enough).  The boys took the nerf guns so there have been a few fun evenings where they've been playing with that. Twaddle 11 year old and hubby have been building fires or 11 year old has been hanging teddies over the top bannister - it looks quite gruesome really - however, this morning he's trying to make them harnesses with an egg box and some string.    Overall it's been a calm week, where we've been able to recharge our batteries.  Twaddle I'm knackered looking forward to going home for a rest. 

And now as we head into November, we've got a house to get sorted (I kid you not), that TV room has to be done and fairly pronto when we get back, so it'll be all hands on deck to see what we can achieve!  Any volunteers?  It's a big room and there is a lot to do!

A bit of crafting

 and close up - me finally finding a way to use those Twiddley Bits!

I hope your week has been just as 'Rocking' as ours, if you are joining in leave a comment with your link to your blog so we can come and visit (no Mr Linky this week at the mo)


  1. Hahaha! Love the optimism in the original post, and the reality in the edits :D Sounds fun if not restful :D XXX

  2. Ha ! I actually started my post on Friday & kept updating it !

    How busy you've been. Richmond park sounds glorious at this time of the year. Getting soaked to walk around sounds very chilly !

    My brother used to hang his Panda & Action Men over the banisters too ... Action Men were de-limbed & painted red for blood !

    Have a good week ahead as we move into November. September & October are my favourite months & nearly gone :(

    Here's what's happened in my week !

  3. Had to giggle at some of the edits...still sounds like you had an interesting week.

    Love the LO and those 'twiddly' bits fit perfectly.

    Toni xx

  4. Ooh sounds knackering but so much fun, lots of arty places you went to.

    Blimey - glad you got a sense of humour about being drenched - the girls would've known to start running if they did that to me :D Who am I kidding? They wpould've been taking pictures!

    Here I am! On time! Hurrah!

    Oh - and Devvie has started blogging again and is writing her Rocking Friday post as I type ;)

  5. Sounds like you had a great holiday this week.
    Your page looks really good and I like you blog background.

    I have set up a new blog my first post is joining in with you on this week.

    Devvie x

  6. Love the "twaddle" comments :-D

    Heres mine..

  7. Sounds like a great time is being had by all. I don't know where you find the energy but I guess you have to to keep up! I love your son's macabre fascination with hanging teddies - bet there's never a dull moment round yours at Halloween. pen x

  8. Blimey woman!! A quiet, restful week?? You've done so all sounds like fun too....apart from the getting wet....
    Boys do have their gruesome side...we had the dismembered Action Men to prove it!
    Hugs xx

  9. My post is up:

  10. My post is finally up

    I'll be back tomorrow to read yours and visit all the other Rockettes. But now I must go to bed, soooo t-i-r-e-d !!!


  11. Ha ha, loved this post! I really liked the anticipated week and the reality of your week - which sounds absolutely brilliant but absolutely exhausting! Your 'boys' keep you on your toes, don't they? And wet toes too, ugh!

    Re your tv room and request for volunteers? Do it yourself, I'm too busy clearing mine of many years worth of detritus! Good luck though, I think you'll probably need it!