Friday, 21 October 2011

ROCKING MY WORLD FRIDAY (best grab a cuppa this is a long one)

Good morning fellow bloggers, how are you this fair morning and how fair my Rockettes?

It's a cold and chilly morning and today brings the need to stay in for a delivery grrrrr, packing grrrrrrrrrrrr but this leads to time away from tomorrow hurray!!!!!!!

So what kind of week have you had because it's
This week has been a strange mixed one?  Work - well enough said about that.  Cough stilll here - apparently according to the Doctor, it's no better but no worse - so antibiotics again for yours truly me thinks!  I am grateful for the Doctor seeing me though, and making sure things weren't taking a turn for the worse - so that's a grateful even if a weird one.

Evening craft sessions, I'm on with a few things this week, managed a few 12 x 12 layouts, managed to finish a mini book, managed the start of the altered clipboards.  Clipboards purchased from Staples at a cost of £2.99 each, they are 'normal' sized and are just a hard board backing.  Up to now I've covered them in paper and inked or painted the edges.  Said 11 year old has selected which one for which teacher, now I need to tart them up a bit with ribbon and names on them, think I'm going to go for die-cut name on these, although did give said 11 year old the opportunity of a stamped name.  Might do a couple of post it note holders to add to the 'gift' to finish it off - but not sure yet and haven't ever made those so they should prove interesting!  I'll take photos once completed.  I'm using up paper from the many many paper stacks I have lurking around, using papers that I couldn't quite honestly ever see me using!

I know I mentioned an age ago - my niece making myself and said 11 year old some awesome birthday cards, but then I forgot to share them - so here they are.

Said 11 year olds
Mine - aren't they gorgeous! 
Games night at home, we managed a second one of these on Wednesday evening and despite a few tears (said 11 year old isn't a great loser he sooooooooooooooooo reminds me of someone I knew when I was little LOL).  He dragged down the giant Monopoly board and we set a time limit of an hour, I managed to wipe the board with both him and my hubby and said 11 year old got more and more frustrated until we explained that the game was really 'won' by the dice because it all depended on where everyone landed, what they bought and what number they threw that gave the game to the eventual winner - not sure he's convinced but I don't want to abandon games night.  It might be difficult for him to get but I'm all for children (and adults sometimes) learning to 'lose' at things like games, it brings out the competitive edge and as most of life turns into some sort of competitiveness at some point I don't think there is any harm in learning the jubilation of a 'win' or the disappointment of a 'lose'.  So we'll keep going and see if he starts to enjoy the games night irrelevant of the 'win' or 'lose' scenario!

Next up is Carmen's Secret Santa, now I'm giggling because I have a feeling that by the time we are done, it might not be as 'secret' as we hoped, the reason behind this, well quite a few of us that have signed up have well known 'styles' so I'm wondering how many of us are going to work out who has 'sent' to us!  LOL but if it gets me in the Christmas spirit during November and provides a gift for an amazing person then that can only be a good thing!

Right me thinks that might have to do you this week but I'm liking that as a list overall aren't you?

Crafting wise, well I've still not got around to photographing anything recently so still dragging things out of the blog folder that have been there 'forever' a photo from our foreign holiday about three years ago!
 Close ups - the title, was using a small tag punch, inked at the edges, stamped in the middle, eyelet at the centre, raised on form dots with some ribbons through.
 and of course the hand stitching, one of my all time favourites, as most of you know!
So there you go and the question What's Rocking Your World this week?

Mr Linky below, I'll prepare a post in advance for next week but there will be no linky on that one, so don't forget to leave your comments and I'll try and publish them as I go next week!


  1. A lovely list indeed Virginia!
    Love the LO - a fab photo of the pair of you.
    We used to have games nights too and I so agree about the need to learn to lose (gracefully if possible - lol!)
    I did altered clipboards last year and glued on a peg (painted to match the papers) to hold a pen or pencil. They were very well received as presents. Can't tell you what I'm "altering" this year..because of Secret Santa!! lol
    Have a great week away.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. my rocking post will be normal(ish) this week.

  2. Hello Virginia, happy Friday to you. Sorry to hear you've STILL got that cough. Lovely cards, that's a great idea putting the lettering over the pretty stamped background, well done to your niece! You are SO organised with your Christmas present makes, sounds like a great idea for the teacher and will definitely be very well received. DD Hope LOVES board games and we don't play enough of them with her, so you've inspired me to play some with her this holiday.

    LOVELY colours on that LO.

    Have a great weekend,

    Jo xx
    ps have linked mine with Mr Linky but here it is again,

  3. I totally agree with your decision to "carry on regardless" with game nights. Children are not taught to cope with the "sometimes you win, sometimes you lose" side of life, or LIFE as we call it :D
    Haven't thought about my list yet, guess thats my inspiration for today :D XXX

  4. It's Friday? Oh sheesh! Better start my post...

    Love your description of games night. It sounds oh so like ours usually with Phoebe ending up in frustrated tears. Such a bad loser... funnily enough she will be 11 next month too. I still wipe the board with them all at Monopoly. Evil Mummy!

    So glad you are enjoying the Secret Santa :D

    Have a great week, I hope the cough clears up for you soon!

  5. Love the cards, brilliant idea that I shall have to nab for the kiddies to do another time :-)
    Very true on the winning/losing vs participation thing. So far 4yr old throws a strop if he loses & 12yr old is so competetive he wont "throw" the odd game to keep 4yr old wanting more ... something we'll keep working at though :-)

  6. My post is up:

  7. Back again with my linky :)

  8. Hello ! I thought I'd join you this week as I know Jo & Susie & love their Friday posts.
    You made me laugh at the Secret Santa swap... somehow they never seem to stay so secret !

  9. PC still not playing nice at home so this is from work LOL

    I love your idea of a games night - we used to sit down with Mum & Dad after bath time on a Sunday and play board games.

    The LO is fab.

    Have a great weekend.

    Toni xx