Friday, 14 October 2011

ROCKING MY WORLD FRIDAY (best grab a cuppa this is a long one)

Good Morning Rockers and Rockettes - how fair thee this morn?  For tis Friday which means...

Well I'm sat here on Thursday night and well I'm still not well, the cough has now gone into a full blown head cold with ruttly chesty cough to boot, so now I'm fully poorly rather than just ridiculous cough, problem is with one day of antibiotics to go this doesn't bode well for being clear of all the grim crap now does it - but I'm also sat with a glass of wine - nope I'll rephrase that - with an empty glass - hold up...

glug glug glug

Yeah full again!!!!

So this week, well I could be miserable and tell you how I've coughed and sneezed my way from beginning to end, how I should be a stockmarket holder of shares in Halls Mentholyptus but that's not what Rocking Your World posts are all about - so you get this version...

You may recall said gift for an old school friend to celebrate her daughter's 1st birthday - basically I got to play with pink paper, well I know when I shared it that it had been received and that she liked it which made me smile, last Friday afternoon, I headed back from picking up said 11 year old to find our next door neighbour wandering down our drive with a big bunch of flowers... "they're pretty" my brain said to me... why is she walking towards me with them... I'm so confused...

"I took these in for you..." she declares

I was utterly utterly bewildered - who on earth had sent me a bunch of beautiful Interflora flowers? 

Yes you guessed it Karen had sent me a bunch of the most exquisite flowers, I was gobsmacked I'd sent her a birthday gift for her daughter and she sends me a bunch of flowers to say thank you - I was utterly completely and utterly overwhelmed and I've told her that she has to promise not to do anything as mad, crazy and utterly unexpected again because - well - because I loved making a gift for her to document her daughter's birthday and I loved that she liked it even more... but I have to say that the flowers were utterly utterly beautiful so here they are (forgive the things in the background - focus on the flowers!!!!)

So a big ... no ...a huge thank you to Karen for managing to render me speechless last week!

Saturday brought a day trip to Magna and an RSC production of Hamlet, neither my brother, my sister or my brother's girlfriend Fi had ever been to Magna so they took great delight in wandering about, I must admit it is a fairly awesome place to go to when you've not been before, just the enormity of the steel works is something to stop you in your tracks!  We had great fun venturing into the air, water, fire and earth section.  Fi and John particularly enjoyed trying out the JCB's in 'Earth' - something apparently my brother has been wanting to do since he was little and given his ability if he ever decides to venture in that direction he's got the knack when it comes to managing the trials and tribulations of a JCB bucket which I have to say when I tried it proved very blinking difficult!!!!

The play - well what can we say - it was quite simply fantastic, the cast were great, keen to wander around the audience, even if just to scare the crowd which the guy who played Hamlet did.  However, the star of the show, the complete and utter star was the lady who played Ophelia, her ability to portray the madness that set in following her Father's murder was truly amazing!  We all enjoyed it and with a running time of just over an hour we weren't all suffering with bad backs at the end (which is a good job because the seating wasn't great).

Wednesday evening brought another show for us - this time Othello at the Crucible, the Crucible theatre (the one where they do World Snooker) is fabulous because of the view you get no matter where you are is pretty awesome and it is practically in the round.  The show was fabulous, I didn't know the story and I was completely enthralled from beginning to end, the actors and actresses were amazing but the two key female parts being Desdemona and Amelia were completely and utterly amazing and there was a part in the play when I almost broke down in tears because of the amazing acting, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.  Add to that Iago who was fabulous with a broad Yorkshire accent we really did have an amazing night out.

So the big shout out this week in amongst the pile of tissues, the antibiotics and the Halls mentholyptus has to be the live theatre that we get to enjoy in this country, we really do have an amazingly broad spectrum of plays that we can gain access too and it is an utter joy to attend such amazing theatre, so that is my biggest grateful.

Although I have others -
  • my mojo has returned when it comes to my Darcy's 52 words (which is a good job because I got stuck on tribal).
  • my crafting has meant a couple of completed mini books
  • a beautiful chatty thread with my new circle journal - really getting to know the other participants
  • Charlotte at the hairdressers - not only for performing her usual magic but also for pushing me with regards to my make up back in the summer when I was losing the will to live with the state of my skin - she (like my Doctor) had said I should give Bare Minerals a try and eventually I did, it cost (don't get me wrong it cost) but I have felt more confident with my appearance since I started using them and my skin seems to be accepting the change and is happier for it (if one can have happier skin then mine's it).
  • my blog friends for just being amazing, I'm still amazed at Carmen and her middle name (I told my brother this morning and he thought it was awesome!!!!) Jo and Susie for being their usual selves, Michelle for her beautiful journal journeys - I will be joining you hun, keep going because it's a blessing to read your posts, Janet for her gorgeous creations and joining in when she can, Toni for her gorgeous cards - I still sit in awe when I see them, for the gorgeous poetry I get to read, the comments I get to enjoy, for friends I haven't seen in an age, for inspiration and for mostly being just you - and you know who you are - a big thank you!!!!
So there you go it's probably turned into an epic post but in the blink of an eye I've typed it - almost finished the small glass of wine - how's the tree coming Susie and Carmen?

I always share a bit of crafting so here is this weeks photo a general layout from York, using photos of the Minster, from the Top of Cliffords tower, from our general exploring and the Hand of God picture, as well as the cast cats on patios and up the side of buildings!
I promise to get some more crafting done soon, just going to collapse in a heap first.  Added to which I've had dear hubby at home poorly this week and my niece off poorly it seems we are all struggling a little bit at the moment, but let's be happy for the fact we are surrounded by people we love, don't wait to tell them how much we love them tell them right now - go on tell them right now, it'll give you a positive feeling and maybe lift your spirits and when all is said and done, having loved ones around us always makes life so much better.

Mr Linky for those links, but don't forget to leave a comment because these disappear after a week because I'm tight LMAO!!!

PPS Michelle - I hope the breakfast was beautiful - sometimes to abandon the modern technology and look at which is right in front of you, puts your feet back on the ground and makes you appreciate every single moment you have with people you love - keep it going girl - it's worth it and you know it is - and yes this is a late add on, but your thoughts around your 'breakfast' have kept my subconscious mind occupied all day!!!


  1. Thank you for cheering me up. :)
    What a lovely, Shakespeare, family and friends - awesome week...apart from the cough.
    Sending (((hugs))) and sparkles to you and hubby.
    Sorry my post is a bit of a shocker..
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I have two towards the tree. :)

  2. Sorry to here your no better Virginia, you do know that some antibiotics don't work if you add alcohol? Personally I just prefer the alcohol :)
    Last winter(when we all had that NOT Bird flu)I found good oldfashioned Buttercup syrup shifted it in no time(def no booze with this one though)
    Your post has left me totally craving culture...I def need to get out more :D XXX

  3. Lovely post Virginia - your week sounds amazing. It really is lovely that your friend responded to your gift with flowers ... fab when someone blows you away. Your description of the theatre have inspired me to go get some in asap! hope your cold and hubby on the mend. pen x

  4. Fabulous flowers Virginia.

    I love your LO - anything to do with York is always a hit with me and I love your colour choice.

    Thank you for the mention...this week seems to have slipped away from me and I'm trying very hard to play catch-up with both commenting and my card making.

    Have a super weekend.
    Toni xx

  5. What a fabulous generoud post as always Virginia. Your flowers are so beautiful. I love live theatre but don't get there nearly often enough these days.

    Hope you shed your dreaded lurgy soon.


  6. BAD cough, GORGEOUS flowers (so GREAT friend), BRILLIANT Shakespeare (I haven't seen Othello either), FAB crafting, and CLEVER Charlotte!

    You're going to have to get yourself back down to the dr's, aren't you?! Don't wait for too long, that nasty old Chestykov (007 baddie) has got far too (un)comfortable :o(

    Have a great weekend, Virginia. Thank you for being our Rocking Queen!


    ps my link is

  7. Hooray for meds, theatre & good friends ..... I'll drink to that.

  8. Aaaarr, so glad I made it to your blog love, the flowers look as lovely as I wanted them to look! I just wanted to make your day as you have made mine twice already when I receive your lovely gifts, and how much they are appreciated. You have an amazing talent and you are so imaginative! Looks like you've got the Shakespeare bug now, glad you enjoyed it! I use that Bare Minerals makeup too, I had quite major surgery a few years ago which left a big scar and was recommended this by a friend, it's amazing stuff! It doesn't clog pores and covers up things really well without making you feel like its two inches thick. Did you get it from debenhams? They have sets in there with a dvd to tell you how to put it on! Us ladies (in our twenties!) Need instructions for make-up as we only had candy floss lipstick and blue eyeliner when we were younger! Hope you feel better soon me lovely, and have a great weekend. Big hugs xxxxx

  9. Aaargh! Just did a big long comment and blogger ate it!

    Let me see - hope cough gets better, love the sound of the theatre, love that my name makes you laugh and bottle tree would be non-existent with me as not drinking at the mo. To tired already and am a lightweight these days. That was the gist :P

    Hugs all round x x x

  10. I am with Gina, just have the alcohol lol Those flowers are stunning, what a wonderful friendship you have there.

    Glad your mojo has returned, mine went walkabout with author and made me get 4 weeks behind lol