Sunday, 9 October 2011


Good Morning Fellow Bloggers

How are you this morning?  I hope I find you well and settled for a nice chat, grab a chair and virtual cuppa tea or coffee whichevers your preference, we've got hot chocolate if you're finding it a bit on the chilly side!

Anyway I had so many lovely comments on my blog for the pink baby book I made using Voodoo Vixen's (Annette) I thought I'll go and see if I can hunt them down - thankfully Annette has been amazingly helpful and put all her mini book tutorial links on the right hand side of her blog - how cool is that - so I found it straight away!

So this is the link to Annette's book for all of you who want to have a go at this amazing book!

Now just to show you how versatile this book is - this link takes you all the posts I've done on this book!

The Pink Baby Version Shown RecentlyThe Voodoo Vixen Minibooks I've Made Using these Same instructions!

Now a couple of you will remember a few weeks ago that I decided that the 'two boxes' of alterables was a little extreme so I've set myself the dual challenge of whittling it down to one box and to creating Christmas gifts with it along the way.

The first item has now been completed, some time ago hubby made me a 'book box' which I painted up in red ready for the gorgeous book I was making to go inside and then I saw fit, to make the book too deep so he had to make me another one which means the original has been languishing in the bottom of my alterables box ever since.  Perhaps because it was already painted it made it an ideal starting point. 

Then I found out a lovely pack of 'free papers' I got with a magazine recently - that were Christmas themed, added a few sheets or bargain papers from my recent purchases.  I then grabbed some cardstock out from my stack of green cardstock, I actually picked the card that I thought I would find hardest to use in a layout, because I knew it would be covered in papers so the background card wasn't such a major issue provided it co-ordinated with the papers and away I went.  Then set too creating a mini book and box to give to said 11 year old's male teacher this Christmas because I know it will be his child's first Christmas and I thought it would be nice for this young family to document this down, I'll pop in some double sided tape for them to use in the book and hope they manage to fill it with some great photographic memories of the day!

So without further ado - the outer box

the inside
The book
the inside of the book (quite a few pages so I'll put these together)
The back of the book
Back in it's box
And finally a matching card and envelope
I'll be sharing more of these that I can (can't share the 'family' ones (if they get made LOL) on here until after the event - but teacher gifts are not a problem) I've already completed an altered picture - so I'll come along and share this soon!


  1. Virginia, that is fabulous. What a super gift.

    I love the colours and images you have used as they are just perfect for the purpose.

    Toni xx

  2. Great present Viginia, the gingerbread colours and images will work great for a new babies Christmas. :-) xx

  3. This is beautiful Virginia and so thoughtful too. I bet it goes down really well!

  4. Not often you can use the words Christmas and Voodoo in the same sentence :D, but what a glorious gift you've made by taking the risk haha! :D XXX

  5. I love this!What a great gift.

  6. What a fantastic gift Virginia and fab."altering".
    Great minds must think alike..I've just done my first alterable for Christmas!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. will put it on my blog later this week. :)

  7. That looks fantastic Virginia and thanks for all the links to the book....well done wittling down your alterables - think I should do that too :)

  8. What a lovely gift, Virginia, and a wonderful way for the recipient to remember his baby's first Christmas.


  9. cute! i have those same papers and just love them!