Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Good morning fellow bloggers, how are you this Wednesday morning?  Me you ask,  I'm full of cold with a chest infection so I'm doing great - day off???? No don't be silly too much work to do.  Rest of family you ask??? Hubby fast on in bed poorly - we're having a great week not!!!!!  Actually we are OK overall just suffering a bit, we'll be OK in a couple of days, just needing a bit of time to get us sorted. 

Anyway, thought I'd stop by and do a quick post because I can show off another of my alterables - now technically speaking I should put what it looked like first on my blog - but that will be the link picture on blogger dashboard and it might frighten you away - so I've put the finished results first!!!  Two of them so hopefully you can see the dimension 

This was a charity shop buy, a small extremely well made shadow box frame - quick scroll down to see what it looked like originally.  Originally yellow pine with a silk gerbera inside - honestly not the most inspiring of looks, so I dismantled it and sanded the frame (well DH sanded the frame because I don't do sandpaper), then I painted it with black acrylic paints, stamped some paper artsy houses onto cream cardstock and pink cardstock, did a bit of paper piecing stamped the words home is where the heart is on the same cream cardstock, roughly cut out and penned around (twice for good measure), used some black soot ink through some heart punchinella.  Then I used some pink paper at the back onto the original mount, layered up the houses with some foam squares, stuck down the saying and reassembled and I have to say I am rather pleased with it! 

I have another one exactly the same that I'm working on at the moment, but I fancy doing something different with that, just not sure what (yet?).  Thank you for popping by and hope you are having a grand day! 


  1. Fabulous upcycling Virginia. I'm a bit partial to a charity shop find myself. Yours is such a great improvement on the gerbera. Love what you've done with it. Hope you are all feeling bonny again soon. pen x

  2. It's gorgeous! I'm not surprised you are pleased with it! Lucky recipient is all I can say :)

  3. Love the frame and well done for getting through your alterables :) Beautiful painted background and the stamps are great - it's great.

  4. A gorgeous piece of art Virginia, can't wait to see what you do with the other frame. :-) xx

  5. Wow! That is a real transformation. I much prefer your version :D XXX

  6. Love it! So much better than the gerbera. Hope you all feel much better soon - your chesty cough (I always think of the ad, 007 style, "Ah, there you are Chestykov!") has hung around for FAR TOO LONG. Time for it to get its marching orders!