Saturday, 17 September 2011


Good morning to you all and how do I find you this morning?  Saturday already and we've had to drop one of the cars off for MOT this morning so an early start for us, DH got Rugby on and said 11 year old is playing Harry Potter on the Wii we've got a hundred and one things that we need to do and haven't got off the starting blocks yet.  Hey ho, anyway last night was spent making my first Zombie Feltie from  my new book.

Now the book is fabulous, the instructions clear but the Felties are supposed to be tiny and I mean tiny and well I don't do small I like to supersize everything - can't help it, plus struggling with my shoulder, elbow and hands at the minute so needed something a bit bigger to work on that I wouldn't get irritated at when making.  

So what do you think?  He was great fun to make, the original version of this requires bugle beads and other beading and although it's created a 3 dimension to the Zombie I'm not sure if I couldn't have achieved a similar look with embroidery thread?  Still think he should be bigger - might make a supersized Zombie! 

Now question is what name to give him?  Any ideas anyone?


  1. He's gorgeous Virginia...can a Zombie be gorgeous???lol
    As for names.....Zadok the Zombie...
    Hugs xx

  2. Kevin. I have my reasons.......;D


  3. Snot! :D

    Supersize vs Supermini zombies? I love it! You've so got to make a huuuuge zombie Virginia.

  4. Haha! Nice one Carmen...I with you "Snot" the zombie....sounds like an instruction haha! But seriously...he is wrapped in tissue :D I love him Virginia XXX

  5. He is fab - I just think he looks like a 'Bert'...don't even have a reason :) We are going to have a couple of others join us in the chat on urban faeries - not sure what is best to do, but I will try and pop in and chat each day and speak to you :)

  6. you totally put me to shame - I bought that book about 8 months ago, and guess how many zombies I've made so far? well, let's just say, it's less than you!

  7. Wow Virginia, this is fantastic, I love him, I think the colours are perfect, I want one, lol xx