Thursday, 22 September 2011


Got this from Carmen and Susie

A. - Age 39 and not looking forward to 40

B - Bed Size - Double Gothic bed - wedding present from the manufacturer

C - Chore that you hate - Ironing this has to be ironing (I don't like getting the washing dried in the winter months either)

D - Animals - None at the moment had far too many when I was little

E - Essential Start to Day - Has to be tea - at least two cups before I can function

F - Favourite Colour - black, black and a bit more black

G - Gold or Silver - I wear both but probably more gold than silver

H - Height - 5 foot 6 inches - reached the dizzying heights of 5 foot 7 inches when I was younger apparently

I - Instruments - none did attempt to learn the Melodica when I was younger

J - Job Title - Finance Manager, Mum, Wife, Homemaker, Taxi driver, Cook, and names my hubby calls me that I can't repeat on here LMAO!

K - Kids - 1 boy aged 11 and going to see his potential secondary school this evening gulp!

L - Live - Born and bred Yorkshire lass

M - Must Haves - Kisses and hugs, stash, music and time to spend with my family

N - Nicknames - my Dad hated my name being shortened but after he passed away some people called me Ginnie which is sometimes shortened again to Gin, other half called me Gina when we first started going out but I grew tired of that.  I used to decide on whether new work colleagues would know me as Ginnie or Virginia on the first day of work depending on my mood, I now go by my official title because it can't get misunderstood on the phone whereas Ginnie is often mistaken for Jenny!

O - Overnight stays in hospital - to have said 11 year old and to stay with said 11 year old when he was less than a year old due to a severe asthma attack which meant he needed an overnight nebulizer

P - Pet Peeves - Inconsiderate drivers who think I'm psychic pretentious children whose parents think they are angelic but when left to their own devices are merely materialistic bullies!

Q - Quote from a Move - Eat your cereal with a fork do your homework in the dark - Pump up the Volume

R - Rhubarb or custsard - both preferably separated by a crumble topping!

S - Save or spend - it should be save save, save but it's usually spend spend spend

T - Tea or coffee - depends on the time of day

U - Under - yes I remembered to put some on what a strange questions

V - Vegetables you hate - parsnips disguised as roast potatoes, carrots unless they are in a cake format, brussel sprouts unless they are the lesser vegetable in bubble and squeak

W - What makes you run late - I don't try to run late because some in the family do as a matter of course which drives me insane!

X - X Rays you've had - loads and loads, used to dislocate my shoulder frequently in PE and presume when I fell off the washing machine at less than 2 and cracked my head open that they potentially did one then!

Y - Yummy Food you Make - Low Fat Christmas pudding fed with lashings of alcohol before Christmas

Z - Zoo animal - not a lover of zoos generally but appreciate the need for them, provided they are light and airy I can just about cope so my preference is meerkats like Susie!

Ooh that was fun!


  1. Great to see you do this Virginia is fun isn't it?
    Loving your list.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. is there anyone who doesn't like Meerkats??

  2. Age is a number hun, its only your body & mind that can tell you exactly how old you are sooo I'm probably 50 with a 5 year olds mind :-)

    So which nickname do you actually prefer?

  3. Great A-Z, Virginia! And I remember melodicas! What strange instruments they were!

    I might have to play along with this - maybe in tomorrow's Rocking list (I'm a bit low on bright moments from this week).