Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Yes I know I've been back since Friday and yes I know it's Tuesday (already which 'groan' means work tomorrow) and I know I should have posted earlier but I've struggled to get back on the treadmill of life if I'm honest.  Friday was spent travelling, sorting and washing, Saturday was spent washing, ironing and shopping, Sunday - no idea where Sunday went but it disappeared, Monday was spent shoe shopping for school for said 10 year old, a bit of retail therapy and catching up with my sister and niece.  So now it's Tuesday and you get glimpses of my Rocking week last week.

Well this was home for the week, Graces Barn at Wilmcote and yes that is me sat at the table reading!  Said 10 year old's photo and rather good it is too, this tiny barn was a beautiful home for a week, 4 miles outside of Stratford and within walking distance of Mary Arden's farm it was a great base for us!

We managed lots of proper family time, no computers, mobiles only used for navigation (if they worked at all) and a little TV (said 10 year old started to suffer withdrawal symptoms).  We managed all 5 Shakespeare houses costing £50 and giving us 12 months entry to the same, this is Anne Hathaways Cottage, you wouldn't know that five minutes earlier the heavens had opened and we'd got drenched would you?  Only bit of rain all week mind!

Then the walk around the garden found us in amongst sculptures - I love this!
and a shot of me and hubby - definitely a couple of 'fat' shots this week of me (not this one thankfully)  that I totally hated which has meant a restart of my other blog relating to weight loss! 
There were also a few Shakespeare inspired sculptures some I 'got' and some I didn't the one of the woman almost riding the Donkey/Ass was mighty strange, I'm not surprised they planted it out with wildflowers all around it - it might have frightened the kids - honestly you wouldn't believe me if I showed you - there was also the alien-esk one but was pretty cool!

Then we found these 11 baby ducklings with Mummy - how cute are these!
then one of the highlights of the week has to be the day out to Warwick Castle, so completely different to any other Castle probably because the owners also own things like Madam Tussaud's and Alton Towers, what they've managed to do is bring the Castle to life, we had an amazing day and will most definitely be returning!   Here is said 10 year old trying to prove that it was simply a button that pulled the Sword out of the stone - needless to say he didn't manage it!

the birds of prey were absolutely amazing and how this guy didn't flinch with that bird coming towards him I'll never know, they fly the birds around the castle and so it's lovely to see them out of the normal fenced off arena which is what you normally get with bird of prey shows.  Photo courtesy of said 10 year old.  We also did the walk around the Ramparts which is one way - 594 steps if I remember correctly - don't ask how much my legs hurt the following day!

then the day after we hit Kenilworth Castle which following the highly entertaining day at Warwick I wondered if it might be something of a come down to visit, but far from it, an amazing Castle with so much history it made me want to do a bit of historical research!

blessings of amazing sunsets out of the kitchen window
and sunrises completed the week

and a brief scene out of Romeo and Julietto my hubby stood below I started with the words

"Womeo Womeo where far out though Womeo"
I won't tell you what his reply was but it had us giggling
and before you ask that owl you can see in the shot is actually plastic, reading the visitors book it was an addition to put off the noisy crows and seems to have done the trick very well!
We had such complete and utter fun, were blessed with dry days and such a lot to go at in the surrounding area, from the Shakespearean houses to Warwick Castle, we also visited Blenheim Palace and had a trip on the River Avon on a boat cruise which given the scorching day we were having was fabulous but the absolute cherry on the top, the thing that had me giggling like a school girl and so very very giddy - a trip to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to see my very very favourite of Shakespearean plays Macbeth, booked on a wing and a prayer some 4 hours before the show, we couldn't believe we got tickets, the play was amazing and breathtaking and has definitely made me want to return to this beautiful little barn for further escapades to the theatre!

I got my addiction to Shakespeare at School when our English teacher managed to take us on several jaunts to either Stratford or the Barbican in London to see the RSC, we studied The Merchant of Venice in depth at school but my favourite play has always been Macbeth.  We also bought some great items from the Theatre shop including two badges for dear hubby "Something Wicked this way Comes" and "Prone to Mischief" and a couple of 'retelling' books for said 10 year old but the ultimate read has to be the Manga Shakespeare - I kid you not - the Shakespearean stories with original Shakespearean language in Manga books - how awesome, before hitting the theatre on the last day dear hubby grabbed the Manga Macbeth book and read it in less than an hour to refamiliarise himself with the story! So if you know any teenages struggling to get to grips with the bard then I can highly recommend Manga Shakespeare for a read.

So there you are my week in a nutshell, not sure what I'll be using for my Rocking post this week because it's been mighty quiet since my return on Friday, got my birthday and said 10 year old's birthday coming up next week so keep being pressed on "what do you want" - why oh why do people find it so difficult I love crafts all things painty and papery - so anything along those lines would be awesome, at the end of the day I don't 'need' anything just seeing family would be awesome and I might ask for the day off.

Anyway I'm now officially waffling so I'm going to disappear for now and see if there are any more blogposts to enjoy, I've been on mass catch up since returning and still haven't got round them all!


  1. Such a fabulous holiday!!! I can't for the life of me understand why people feel the need to sit in an airport for 4 hours to feel like they are on holiday. We have so many beautiful places to visit here in good old blighty(and ireland/wales/scotland etc) and most of them close enough for day tripping :D XXX

  2. Wow what a wonderful time you had! who needs foreign holidays huh? Lovely list as always Virginia - fabby pics too xx

  3. Don't you love teachers that manage to instill a life long passion in their pupils? I have to admit to having never read Shakespeare. never. I do love the film adaptations though and must admit to being a little surprised at how gory (and yet funny) the one with Anthony Hopkins in was. I don't know how true to the stories they are... Manga Shakespeare sounds fantastic I have to say!

    I know what you mean about birthdays. I always get told I'm hard to buy for!! What? How? How, if you know me, can it possibly be hard? I also know what you mean by you have everything you want. Craig and I are not doing Christmas pressies for each other this year - instead we are treating ourselves to a box of hotel chocolat liqueurs, a cheese platter and having a little picnic when the kids collapse and have gone to bed Christmas evening *g*

  4. Lovely photos and weren't you lucky with the weather - it has been pretty grotty here.

    Toni xx