Friday, 30 September 2011


Good Morning to my beautiful Rockettes and Rockers, how fair thee this fine morn'?

Tis Friday which means

Yes it's here again - I cannot believe how quickly these weeks are flying by, blink and you miss them and then it's time for the list of gratefuls once more.  I enjoy Rocking Your World posts because they make me stop and think and I know for some of us (me included) some weeks are much harder to find those emotionally charged positives that make us smile and we all have to dig deep to find them.  Now for some it's easy they simply write them down as they go, or even prepare a post as the week unfolds, unfortunately I'm not one of them, so mine come from the old grey matter chugging along!

First up on my list this week is the fun birthday party said 11 year old had last weekend, a party at Lock N Load - a laser quest place with a difference, they all thoroughly enjoyed the party as did the adults who joined in my hubby Craig thoroughly enjoyed being on said 11 year olds team and being quite stealth at the game, my brother John, my sister Melanie, my niece Nirvana and my brother's girlfriend Fi together with all said 11 year olds friends from school.  I got stopped by one of the lads at school yesterday who told me I really should have joined in - maybe I should?

Anyway it went down a storm and I think they are all now totally addicted to this!  So much so we've had nerf wars in the house all week and with my brother John providing a pressie to said 11 year old that consists of a nerf water pistol I can see where the Christmas list will be going!

Sorry sorry - I know some of you are hiding from that C word but it is less than a hundred days people - come on get with the programme!

Rugby - if only that it's providing some crafting evenings (although not many as I'm still suffering with this stupid hacking cough which is driving me insane).  Rugby on catch up is apparently even better as he managed 3 matches in one evening using the 3 button to skip forward ten minutes to see if the score had changed on matches he wanted to watch but didn't need to see beginning to end!

A day off, sshhhh yes I'm having a day off don't tell anyone or they might try and steal it off me, I'm planning on trying to get into the Doctors this morning to cough at him til he helps - now theres exciting - bet your days off aren't as exciting as mine!

Celebrating with little bro last night his birfenday - we took gifts over to him - Manga Shakespeare book - Hamlet and tickets to see Hamlet at Magna with a day pass for Magna thrown in for good measure (this is on top of his main present when I provided much needed cash for Sonisphere earlier in the year).  It's always fabulous to catch up but birthdays are extra special - I have to say that his main gift from Fi was out of this world - honestly totally and utterly gorgeous, I'll have to see if I can get a photo, John's favourite film is the Fountain and Fi created a tree of life in a bowl, all lit up - honestly blew us all away - she is one talented lady who has a second interview today for a job - can you keep your fingers and toes crossed because she really really wants and deserves this!

My house plant - yes my house plant is Rocking my World - why - well because I normally kill them - not intentionally I might add it just happens gradually over time and then they have to go in the green wheelie bin that takes them to plant heaven or a compost heap whichever is the closer, anyway my Mum for Mother's Day bought me (yes I know that's the wrong way round but she can't buy for her Mum any more so she wanted to celebrate motherhood generally) a potted plant with flowers - I think it's an Azalea - anyway the flowers came and went and I kept doing what that little label thing said which was soak in a load of water every few days - well guess what it's flowering again - I mean I've followed these sort of instructions before but they've never led to a total revival of the plant back into a flowering state - I'm so chuffed and when I got up this morning the flowers had started to open - it's so sweet - so I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing in the hope that it will keep going a little longer!

Making a start on my 'alterables' box, I'm sure I'm not the only one that ventures in second hand charity shops and declares - I could use that to make something to only proceed home and put it in a box somewhere with every intention of doing something with it, only to find two years later it's still sat there.  Well last Saturday I decided that this had to stop and the two boxes of alterables had to become one box, so I set too with great enthusiam changing a red painted 'book box' that my hubby had made ages ago and then I'd promptly made a book to go inside it that was way too big!  I've started doing something with a board book I'd started painting - although this one is stop starting more often than I'd care to mention and the third item is a shadow box which has gone from a rather unpleasant yellowy pine to a black frame - problem is I've still no idea what to do with it - but the old grey matter is working on this at the moment!

Now I know I should be grateful for the weather but it is a little too balmy for me - don't get me wrong I'm loving the blue sky days where I get to appreciate and enjoy the autumn colour I'm just none too certain about the 26 degree bit!

Right peeps I think that's my list exhausted, so now it's your turn to think about those moments this week that made you happy and smile, go on share them with us - you know you want to!   I'll put Mr Linky at the bottom of the post I'll chuck a bit of crafting first, this first one is a photo of Cliffords Tower in York that we visited, so strange to find this in the middle of York if I'm honest, but we enjoyed the look around and the views from the top even though they made my legs wobble - I just don't do heights!

And this one from the Science Show at York Railway Museum, in which said 11 year old took part in the experiments hence the title and the main demonstrator saw fit to fire a barbie doll out of an air cannon - now if you ask me this is all barbie is good for!  This actually turned out to be a strange layout because I could get it to pull together despite the fact it all 'matched and toned with ease - then I did the hand stitching aroudn the whole lot and I was happy - Crazy isn't it that the simplest of things can create such a difference!
Now here's Mr Linky for you don't forget to leave a comment too it's always lovely to see whose been by even if you don't join in - plus it stops me getting lonely - I kid you not!


  1. What a fabulous b'day for said 11 year old..and yes, you should have joined in..I loved Laser Quest when the boy was younger...I got very competitive!!lol
    Sparkles and hugs for the cough and I do hope you get in to see a doctor.
    John's present from Fi sounds awesome and my fingers are crossed for the job.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. great LO's again too. :)

  2. Now this is just getting creepy...Chunky monkeys 13th birthday is next week, and my baby bro's was yesterday, and we've already determined we have very similar likes and dislikes...are you sure we're not related? Or maybe we have been caught up in one of those Dr Who type time vortex thingies, and are blogging from alternate universes haha!
    I promise I'll be back Rocking friday's soon, thought it would be easier when they all went back to their various lives(after school hols):D XXX

  3. Oh I so need to see the tree in a bowl! It sounds gorgeous.

    Birthday sounds so much fun :D

    I hate this weather, hate it, hate it, hate it! I want to be snuggled up in warm cardi's and enjoying the leaves changing colour. Not being confuddled by the fact that I'm melting... and yet the leaves are changing colour! I got sunburnt today for goodness sake!

    *ahem* Positives to come - I promise!

  4. Back with my linky: :)

  5. Here's my link:

  6. I'm late but finally I'm here!

    DS Luke did a laser quest party thing for his 11th birthday too - I sat it out too and let Grant be laser king while I arranged the party food for when the starving lads arrived back again. I think you made the right decision, considering your back.

    I hope you enjoyed your day off - did you get more done with the contents of your alterables boxes (yes, I also have many things waiting transformation).

    Wtg with your blooming houseplant, I share your ability to kill anything green and have finally resorted to filling the house with IKEA artificial plants - they're brilliant and on a dark day no one knows the difference!

    I'm all ready for Autumn, having packed away summer clothes and shoes (the only time in my life when I have been so organised) - Hope and I went out today and I COOKED in my jeans. It wasn't funny, I can tell you.

    I love the photo of Cliffords Tower - great view.

    My link is here

    Pop by later and we'll enjoy a cuppa of virtual tea!