Friday, 9 September 2011


Good morning Rockers and Rockettes and how are you this fine morning?

Friday already, end of the first week back at school - won't even mention the Christmas countdown that's started clicking in my head or the fact I'm back at work grrr because it's
First up - the weather being kind over the weekend and allowing me to wash and dry clothes in a timely fashion, getting them all ironed and back in the wardrobes and cupboards before Saturday was out!

People at work for leaving me alone on Wednesday - they don't read my blog, but first days back in are never fun and they pretty much left me to my own devices which on their part was smart and on mine meant I eased myself back in.

Weight Watchers - not that I've rejoined or anything, just that I'm back on plan, after the excesses last week I just had to do something sensible and it's been a joy being back on plan, I haven't felt bloated once this week or that I've overeaten, fingers crossed for a positive weekend and a healthy weight loss come Monday,  I have another blog documenting this part of my life so won't go on too much - just grateful for being back on plan.

The Royal Shakespeare Company for giving us a flavour of Shakespeare again, we've booked tickets to see Othello at the Crucible in October and I'm all giddy - must read my Manga Othello before we go because it's a story I don't know well!

Dear Hubby for making awesome soup at the weekend, homemade minestrone - honestly it was divine and has kept me on track at lunch pretty much all week - thank you hun - can we have some leek and potato now?

You Tube and Bloggy people - Kathy Rogers is someone I met at craft class an age ago and stumbled across her on the net as well as being an awesome scrapbooker she is always so happy to share a sketch or a video when she comes across them, she must have been mindreading this week because in all honesty I really really really wanted to make a minibook but got slightly frustrated with what I had found on You Tube and then she comes along shows this gorgeous book and shares the link!  Thank you Kathy it made for a fun Wednesday evening!

A couple of days off with said ten year old at the beginning of the week (due to school inset days) brought a smile to my face because in all honesty it was lovely, we shopped for school shoes, bought school trousers, had a wander around the shops and played on the Wii together - something very rare because that's usually Craig's job and he rediscovered that spending a bit more time on games unlocks all sorts of treats, he gets bored (or stuck) with games and then goes off them and only later do you find it's because he's got stuck, needless to say we've had a couple of funfilled evenings since he rediscovered the joys of Harry Potter Lego Year 1-4 on the Wii.

Other grateful is the local market, headed into town, every now and again I get cross at supermarket prices and go in search of the odd bargain in town, we came back laden down with fruit and vegetables and fresh chicken which didn't cost the earth - the nectarines and plums I bought have been particularly tasty, tonight I've done an Asda shop - let's see if they are as tasty this week shall we?

Anyway on to a bit of crafting, so this one using some hippy chick papers from DCWV documents the day out at the National Railway Museum

up close I've used the shapes on the paper as an ideal place for the journaling - much fun!
Right that's your lot this week, it's been a little quiet as we are still recovering from our days out last week - I did say we were over doing it - only this week have we been able to confirm that we were - whoops!

If you're joining in put your link here with Mr Linky and don't forget to leave a comment, hope your week has been as Rocking.


  1. Glad the return to work wasn't too daunting.

    Beautiful LO - great way to do the journalling...makes it seem more like part of the page.

    Toni xx

  2. Looks like a good week (apart from the return to work obviously). Soup sounds delicious (WTG Grant!) and time spent with said ten year old =bliss in my book.
    Loving the LO - great papers and photos and cool idea for the journalling.
    Here''s my link:
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I still wat to borrow your hubby. lol

  3. Wheres the sewing on the layout!!!! This is beginning to become a little bit of a habit Virginia, lol.

    I know what you mean about the mental Christmas Countdown .... shall be back this evening with my post, as long as I avoid the topic of money I am know I can find a few positives.

  4. Well done for hopping back on the WW mindset - it's not easy is it? Craig's soup sounds yumster, clever boy. Good that you were able to spend the last couple of the days with your boy, they sound fun and I'm sure he enjoyed you joining in with his wii world for a while - I'm rubbish at wii and usually end up feeling a bit travel sick, but when I do go on with the 'kids' they love it because I'm so rubbish!

    Love the grrovy LO, superb colours and doodling.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,


  5. I'm back with my Rocking post


  6. Sorry haven't posted this week. School run up + boiler replacement meant I was unable to do much craft wise. Will catch up sunday :D XXX

  7. Sorry for the delay in linking and then actually posting! Dogsbody duties interfered ;)

    I know that feeling with the supermarkets. We are heading out to the local farm shop this week as we are cracking through the fruit and veg at an alarming rate and the last two bags of apples from tescos have been tasteless as water. The farm shop stuff has to be eaten quick (not a problem there) as it goes over ripe fast but it's like a third of the price and so tasty!

    Love that scrapbook page - it's got a real Beatles feel to it, you know when they did that cartoon film?

    Shush about Christmas! Shush I say!