Friday, 23 September 2011


Well good morning Rockettes (and Rockers) how do I find you this fair morning?  Have you a long list of amazing things you've done this week or are you rummaging through your brain to find some true positives?  Well let's see how my week has rolled

Saturday was fun (well 99% fun) because we went for a wander around the cow's Christmas dinner (also known as the Maize Maze), we were fearful that we wouldn't get the opportunity to go this year as they only have torchlit evenings in September on Saturday nights and we were running out of Saturdays, we've been previously in the summer but always find lots of wasps and on hot days it really does get extremely warm in the Maize, anyway last weekend we ventured and had great fun wandering around this years maize which was a windmill.  The only downside to the evening was that I got stung by a wasp - yes I know we went at night to ensure we didn't meet these little critters, I can't remember being stung although apparently I was as a child, it wasn't a pleasant experience and thankfully my sister had some long nails and was able to remove the sting, the wasp didn't survive the experience and I didn't have a major reaction just a nagging ache in my back for a couple of hours, it hasn't created a phobia (I don't think) and can honestly say although unpleasant the pain wasn't excessive just uncomfortable.

Anyway after that we continued around the maze and then wandered out for a warm drink and a burger sat on some bales of hay whilst the kids careered around a circuit on pedal powered go karts in the pitch black!  Due to the sting we gathered a bottle (or two) of wine on the way back purely for medicinal purposes obviously!

Another grateful has to be Takeshi's Castle (bit like a Japanese version of It's a Knockout for those of you are uninitiated), we caught an episode the other night where the contestants were all dressed up in some crazy outfits, from giant lobsters to totem poles - now this is not my usual type of humour but said 11 year old was quite positively squirming with laughter on the sofa whilst watching it, you know the one where you are laughing so much you have no alternative but to move around and eventually know you are going to get stitch, well his laughter had me grinning from ear to ear throughout the programme - it makes my heart sing!

Dear Hubby for going and getting me cough medicine at some unearthly hour (actually it was about 8pm but it meant he had to head to the health centre rather than a local pharmacy) the other night and brought me back something which seemed to contain a lot of alcohol and tasted nice, didn't particularly stop the cough LOL - thank you sweetie, still coughing an awful lot this morning, I've found that have a constant sweet like lockets in my mouth prevents me coughing but doesn't do an awful lot for my weight watching!

Last nights visit to the potential secondary school for said 11 year old was good as well, the school has and hasn't changed since I was there, it's relatively small for a secondary (much to the annoyance of the local council) because it's a Catholic school with just under 700 pupils but in all honesty I think that's just the right size, the school specialises in arts now and you can tell because the visual displays around school are simply breathtaking!

And my final Rocking moment has to be picking up a parcel from Royal Mail yesterday and finding this little beauty inside!  Carmen it's absolutely gorgeous thank you so much!

You really can't appreciate how rich the colours are (my photo doesn't do it justice) and the textures, I took another photo at an angle so you can see some of the rich metallics

It is simply stunning and will take pride on my craft shelves when I tidy them this weekend!

So there you go, my list for this week, how was yours - if it doesn't feel 'that great' have another think, maybe a phone call or online message made you smile, perhaps you've seen someone this week that's made you happy, maybe a small gesture?  Have a good think and rummage around and I'm sure you'll find something, then you can join in and let us know so we can come and visit and annoy you I'll put Mr Linky at the bottom of the post but don't forget to comment as well so I can find you in the future should I need to.

Little bit of crafting for you lovely people, a layout from our day out at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, walking amongst the Sculptures, simply amazing!  I quite liked the subtle look of this layout and you'll notice strangely enough no stitching (not sure how this one fell through the gap on that front). 

Right Mr Linky for you now hope you have a beautiful day and an amazing and blessed weekend


  1. A lovely list and a great week Virginia - apart from the wasp of course but I'm sure the medicinal wine helped with that. :)
    Love your pressie from Carmen - stunning!
    And the sculpture LO...awesome. We have a sculpture trail in a wood near here (nice place to walk Max) but last time we visited they'd removed all the sculptures? Why??
    Agree with you re- the school as both a mother and a teacher. 700 is about right. We only have one secondary school - nearly 2000 pupils (and split site) - waaaay too big.
    Big (((hugs))). xx
    p.s. try a hot toddy for your cough..I find rum works makes the germs dizzy!

  2. Bad wasp, naughty wasp, dead wasp! It's amazing how such a small creature can cause so much pain - thank goodness post incident wine was available!
    I'm so pleased to hear the secondary school visit went well, I know you were a bit anxious about that. And it specializes in the arts - perfect!
    Carmen's canvas is BRILLIANT - the background, the wording (how clever is that?!), it's absolutely perfect for you. Clever girl Carmen, lucky girl Virginia!
    And one day I'm going to get to that Yorkshire Sculpture Park, it looks amazing.

    Have a lovely weekend, Virginia - a bit more of the 'something alcoholic that tastes nice' should do the trick!

    ps my post is with Mr Linky and here -

  3. ooh that is a gorgeous canvas


  4. Oh my goodness - you are so lucky to have a school that small. Don't even get me started on this new acadamy system. Am just grateful I can fling paint to take out my GRRRRRRRRRR!

    You are very welcome Virginia - I really enjoyed doing the canvas, the saying was inspired by a T-shirt on Pinterest :P