Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Wow Wednesday already and its 8.25am which means this is going to be the fastest blog post in history.  Just wanted to say hello and say I'm still here (wherever that is) still rambling on my weight loss blog (about the lack of weight loss LMAO) and not getting a lot of crafting done at the mo, some laid out on my table, just not managing it quite as much as I'd like.  Thoroughly enjoyed making the Zombie, just not had chance to supersize him or make another one yet - but I will - picked some more felt up so will be planning on my Zombie Feltie delights when I get chance, on with a book for a friend but haven't got far enough with that, still working on it!

Anyway just thought I'd stop and say hi - how are you - big waves to Susie - I know Wednesdays are a hard day for you - so just to let you know thinking of you hope today is OK. 

Waves to Carmen wherever she is at the moment (think today is BT day - I would not like to be that engineer I tell you)

Waves to Joanna - how was the weekend - did you have fun?

Waves to Toni and her beautiful card making

Waves to Kat - for her gorgeous layouts

Waves to Anne - thank you for your gorgeous comments on my Zombie he was much fun to make


Waves to Dyan - because your awesome - made hubby watch the 10pm showing on QVC for the hour - it was my birthday treat - he thought I was mad, Melanie watched some of it but had to turn over because she kept thinking she really needed to buy it - all of it LOL!

Waves to Melanie - now she's a fresher - how's the weight watching going?

Waves to Fi - because I can!

Waves to Gill from the Craft Box - miss you - hope all is well!

Waves to Leslie and Anne-Marie - miss you two - did you have a good time with the caravans this year!

Waves to Jude - miss you muchly missus get that blog updated!

Waves to anyone else who happens along here - just for the fun of it!

Now crafting this is a double page layout I did documenting the gorgeous West Door (think it was West) of York Minster, with the gorgeous carvings depicting biblical scenes - totally awesome, my favourite (the largest on the page) is the hand of God - simply beautiful.  Used papers from the brilliant paper packs bought recently apologies for the peripherals around the edge of the layout didn't get chance to photo shop!

If you happen by don't forget to say hi - hope Wednesday is happy and positive and utterly gorgeous for you all!


  1. Hiya Ginnie - I miss you too! I keep popping by to see what you're up to, love your little zombie fella from the last post :D Also popped by Mel's blog and cheered her on....wonderful news and great life changes for her eh? Scary, but good scary! Keep well and keep posting! x

  2. Waves to Virginia.....not feeling great but have things to do to take my mind off it.
    Love the LO - York Minster is one of my favourite places. :)
    Same here on crafting front..the LO on my worktable has been there for two weeks....still unfinished, sigh.
    p.s. thanks for thinking of me..Carmen was on last night as she had a temp. line. :)
    Re the toys..Carmen presumed I wasn't talking about Transformers and Barbies....she was right! lol

  3. Wonderful LO Virginia and i love to read your refreshing posts :0)

  4. **waves** back - what a fab LO Virginia. I love York and the Minster is fab (was up visiting family at the time they had the big fire and was so worried everything would be lost). Those photos are beautiful.

    Hope you had a great wednesday.
    Toni xx

  5. ROFL @ Susie's comment! I so HOPED that was the case, sorry Susie, just the thought of that phone conversation though! Bwahahaha!

    Am here, fingers crossed with my crumbling phone lines. Yep - literally. BT man was so, so lovely and had patched us up best he can till the other engineers come in to rip up the front yard and lay new lines. *sigh* Needless to say much muttering about the move from certain areas of the house. Am just ignoring!

    I love your peripherwotsits - lets me be even nosier than usual ;)

  6. You must have waved your arms off! I'm waving right back at you, just a day later! We had to take a rain check on our day out, I had the end of a cold and Hope had the start of one - neither of us were in great shape for dragging round an exhibition :O( Hope now tells me she wants to go to a wildlife photography exhibition at the Natural History museum (which is next door to the V&A) at the end of October, so I think we'll probably do them both then.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog!


  7. Waves back to you too, miss you too, and Sandra (& her classes) It's spooky as Chris was asking me about you today, which made me think - not looked at your blog for a bit, so I do and there you are waving to me Lol! (also not been on Anne's so off there next).
    Im having good times at van, got a good stash of paints n stuff to play with in van, which keep me entertained. I'll pass your wave onto Lesley, will see her on Tuesday, love your pages you're posting & belated happy birthday xxxxxxx