Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I don't usually celebrate it in big style, I don't shout about it, I don't natter on, it comes and then it goes and then we celebrate said 10 year olds tomorrow making him said 11 year old, but this year I'm doing things different so here is me - yay yay yayying that it's my birthday, I'm not at work, I've had loads and loads of pressies from dear hubby and said 10 year old, I've had flowers arrive from my Mum (whose seen fit to leave the country for my birthday - what is she like).  I've had scrapbook goodies and boots, a watch that's a bracelet that's a piece of jewellery that's a - you get my drift, I've had Zombie Felties and a Sherrilyn Kenyon book, goodies galore - and it's only quarter to ten.  So what am I doing now?  What I always do - go out looking for more gifts for said 10 year old because dear hubby has overwhelmed me with gifts this morning that's what! 

No crafting to share - just a big smiley me to contend with, off to enjoy the rest of my day - will photograph pressies and come back later!


  1. Woohooooooo! Sounds like a fabulous birthday.
    And a quick rendition of "Happy birthday to you..." in a croaky voice. :)
    Hugs xx

  2. Happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear Virgin-i-aaaaaaaaaaa
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY tooooooooooo YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!
    :D XXX

    My blog buddy Amy is having a Zombie v Unicorn linky thing for her Bday on the 18th, I'm in the zombie camp and you are welcome to join us if you like :D

  3. Happy Birthday dear Virginia, Happy Birthday to you :D Hope you have a lovely family time celebrating the 2 birthdays! x

  4. Happy Birthday Virginia. Hope you have a great time! pen x

  5. YAY!! What a lovely morning, you even get to go shopping for "toys" ;-)
    & your Mom may be out of the country but the flowers show that not only did she remember, she also had the foresight to have something delivered.

    Happy Birthday Virginia, may the day get even better as it goes along.

  6. Many Happy Returns Virginia - enjoy your day.

    Toni xx

  7. Happy Birthday - sounds like a great day...and hope your 10 nearly 11 year old has a lovely day tomorrow :)

  8. Happy Birthday Virginia - it sounds like it's a good one and I hope the day continues with as much happiness and enjoyment.
    Best wishes

  9. Happy birthday sweet girl and how wonderful of your family to spoil you xx have a great day x janet

  10. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Princess! Sounds like you've had a lovely day, and i hope you have eaten lots of CAKE!


  11. Sounds amazing Virginia - this post put a HUGE smile on my face. One more pressie will be winging it's way to you tomorrow. I hope you like it :)

  12. p.s can't wait to see some zombie felties on your blog ;)