Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Well first day back at school for said 10 year old and final 'first day' in primary school - gulp - don't get me started no idea how I'm going to cope in 12 months time!  He looks all sparkly and clean, new shoes all shiny and the obligatory first day at school picture currently out of reach because it's raining - boo hoo sob - I'll try later on when we get back, it must be the first day of school that he's returned that it is actually raining - perhaps Toni's post about the weather the other day is spot on and I've just not noticed???

Anyway, I had grand plans for the school holidays (because I work less hours or I was supposed to) I was going to art journal and scrapbook my way through them but it didn't really happen, so strangely enough as I go back into working longer hours I may get more scrapping time?  How does that work then?

Think I'm almost caught up on blogs, I've visited Toni's gorgeous cards (and mini book that got me all giddy last night because I needed to see a mini book to get me started on mine), I've visited Carmen and her reviews and her crafting posts and her "getting slimmer every day" post, I've caught up with Susie and her life and enjoyed her recent dabbling in the scrapbook arena, I've visited Joanne and her mail art that always makes me feel envious, the list goes on and on but I think I'm back in the zone (give me 24 hours and I'll be back out again).

Anyway enough of my inane ramblings or is that insane ramblings let's get some crafting on here ARGGHHHH!!!!!

This was made following the purchase of certain bargain bags from my local store, using a mix of black market society papers (I think that's what they are called - they feel funny - thin and textured???) and some blue papers to go with the photo of my sister and my niece on a jaunt to Scarborough earlier in the year.

And breath ... I feel so much better now for putting that on I almost feel as if I'd forgotten my crafting.

I am now on with a mini book which I started last night - I picked the world's worst shape (it's like a four sided bracket) to ease me in, so I've been sanding it to soften the edges and realised how rubbish my cutting was, but I don't care I'm persevering whether the mini book likes it or not and the reason for the mini book?  No idea just wanted to do one that was all and it's been fun up to now.  I'll share when it looks more like a completed mini book whether that be with or without photos!

How's your crafting today and are your kids back at school mine keeps saying he's looking forward to it - most strange for him, mind you it's running up to his birthday on the 14th so I can only expect it's pre-birthday euphoria!

Right need to find some boots, can't brave the world with sandals in that weather now can I?  Ooh and dinner money - now I've not missed that!


  1. Yeaaah to being back in the zone. I am too. Been working on a couple or three canvases and have started my first ever art doll, kind of inspired by a Stampotique stamp and a daydream I had that was all sort of in Tim Burton-esque scope. Ooer. I'll either love it or it'll be a complete disaster ;)

    Now you have to give me one of your famous talks, Am so behind on stuff it's unreal. Should I pull out of the RIP Resurrected? I really love the idea of my book but it's not even started yet...aargh. Don't want to go letting people down! Advice?

  2. p.s I of course adore your page. Even if there is no visible stitching! Love that strip of diamond paper going across it!

  3. Fab LO Virginia and I'm sure your mini book will be super when you let us see it.

    Thank you so much for your very kind comments.

    Toni xx