Thursday, 8 September 2011

CARMEN DON'T YOU DARE (and a bit of crafting)

Yes you Carmen I'm talking to you don't even think about jacking this one in - I know where you are at, you're doing the 'what kind of book can I make' - it's the second time with this group "so they are expecting an elaborate, magnificent amazingly technical book" "everyone elses will be fabulous" stage and how do I know that - because I'm there with you, I know exactly what you mean, now you've already got your idea in place so all you need to do is a book and at the end of the day it's everyone else that is going to make it amazing - aren't they!

So the first question is shape of book

You could try circular or triangular but only if you want locking up

Go on pick one - OK decided on shape

Fine that's good

Now size?



anything smaller is probably too small, anything bigger is probably too big.

Pages - are you doing flat pages or pages with flaps on or envelopes?  Quick choose which one - put them in a hat and jumble them up and pull them out of the bag if you have to - right got that.

Then fastening - are you sending out separate pages to bind when they arrive back or are you going for book rings which are always a good favourite so people can remove pages?

Right now so you've got the shape, the size, the style of pages and the fastenings - go cut it out - go on right now, cut it out all you need is a bit of card stock - that's not difficult - people want blank pages to play with so go and cut them out for them then cut a couple of covers and you're set.

Now get that beautiful imagination running for your pages and I expect an update as to where you are at later.  OK OK, so it's only fair that I join you on this one.

So I'll pick (because I haven't started mine at all yet and haven't made any firm decisions so here goes!)

Shape - Rectangular
Size - approximately 6" x 7"
Found a flappy page thingy on You Tube last night so I'm going to make 11 of those
Pages are going to be loose with instructions on them of where I will bind them when they return
Covers will be chipboard not sure if I'll send them with the pages - they will only weigh it down
Topic - favourite band - I want a whole book done on the time, the works, the lives, the tracks of Linkin Park

there decided - that was easy - all I need to do is make it now -  I will give you an update on where I'm at tomorrow!

Now I'm sure all of you people out there who don't answer to the name of Carmen are thinking I lost the plot, but Carmen is doing exactly what I was doing which was procrastinating about a circle journal we've signed up to - so I'm keeping her on the straight and narrow (fingers crossed I am anyway)

So for the rest of you - some crafting, this photo taken at Bolsover next to the kitchen area and dear hubby had said 10 year old convinced that the ovens were for the different sized pizzas - laughed til we cried!

PS there is stitching on it - can you see it?  Yes the arrows of course! It really is my signature style, if I look at a layout and think "not quite there yet" it tends to be the needle and thread that I opt for to see if that makes it "just right"
Right work time again (already I know what's happening to the world) - speaking of which Rocking Your World posts tomorrow, start thinking about your week up to now - how's it been, who made you smile, what made you laugh?  Dig deep if you have to until tomorrow...


  1. "GO Carmen! Go Carmen! Go Carmen!" YAY!! (see me jumping up and down, cheering you on :D) XXX

  2. oh Carmen pleeeeease don't back out - because that would make me very saaaaaad, and it might even make me cry. sob sob. you wouldn't want that on your conscience, now, would you?

    *makes puppy dog eyes*

    I've been doing CJs for years and years and can honestly say that the book itself is pretty much irrelevant - it's what goes inside it that makes it great - and as Virginia said, that's everyone else's job not yours :)

    As for triangular pages getting you locked up - I can't help but think that would be pretty good, you could string them together to make a rockin' set of bunting!

  3. PS please do send your covers round with your book, Virginia, they'll probably make at most about 50p difference to the posting cost, and I know for one I'd happily pay that rather than not see them

  4. Fun photo Virginia - great LO

    Hope you both get away from the starting blocks on the CJ - sounds like you have a plan so go for it.

    Toni xx

  5. Hi Virginia, your words of wisdom for Carmen made me laugh aloud. We could all do with a prompt from someone like you now and again. I so sympathise with the whole procrastination thing ... i've been so uninspired of late but the season's changing and my mind is returning to my artful attempts again. Love your page and you are right about the stitching which brings everything together so beautifully. Thanks for your recent visits. pen x

  6. Love, love your stitching!! Great LO and fabulous story - well, it made me laugh!
    WTG on prompting Carmen. Hope the pair of you enjoy the CJ.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. next week could you direct your motivational kick my way...I need to start my Christmas cards. lol

  7. Have I told you lately how much I love you Virginia? i do!

    You should do those inspirational seminar things!

    Dammit, you're even getting me inspired for scrapbooking again!

    OK, I'll spend today pondering my book!

    Also - I am actually almost on time with a pressie for your birthday but what I thought would be so cool and quick to make you I have somehow made very, very, very fiddly so it may be a day or two late. At least it wont be a YEAR late :D :D