Saturday, 6 August 2011


Morning all thought I'd do a quick blog post showing the teacher gifts I made for end of term - quite literally the night before they were due to go out - nothing like leaving things to the last minute.  The instructions came from the "Making Gifts" magazine which I only managed to get a couple of copies of before it seemed to disappear out of circulation.  Shame really because unlike lots of the magazines I buy where I admire but never 'do' these did actually result in some creativity!

Anyway I made a notelet box well three in total, two teachers and a teaching assistant
which when opened looked like this, made from A4 card and scrapbook papers, I was sceptical that they would be really difficult or really flimsy and they weren't either!
I just used some basic letter paper inside stamped up and a few small 'cards' converted into notelets to match!

Then add the cellophane

Earlier in the week the breakfast club staff got 'altered' chocolate bars (I know only me) but they looked OK when they were done!
Now what on earth am I going to do for Christmas - added to which said 10 year old's teacher this next year is male.


  1. Wonderful gifts Virginia!
    Will put my thinking cap on for a male teacher gift. You'll probably need to find out his "likes"
    Hugs xx

  2. Super gifts Virginia.

    I think the Making gifts mag became an on-line only one (I might be wrong) which is a shame as I had difficulty getting hold of the 'real' mag. If mags aren't easily available they aren't going to sell but the publishers seem to ignore this fact.
    Toni xx

  3. We did homemade jams tied up in celophane and ribbon and they looked quite posh like jam too. You writting boxes are amazing.

  4. These are wonderful teacher gifts, I'm so pleased for you that they turned out so well - it would have been a bit of a problem to sort something else out if they'd been a disaster! Haven't heard of the Making Gifts mag - seems a shame it's disappeared as quickly as it arrived.