Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Well you might be wondering how on earth I'm managing a post on a Tuesday because it's a work day right?  Yes it is and I'm usually run off my feet?  Yes I am - yesterdays day went something like this - woke, took child to my Mum's arrived at work 8.40am - left and travelled to Sheffield via car and tram, had a meeting - left at 2.30ish, arrived back at work 3ish having collected child (don't ask)  - finished work at 5.15pm - travelled home, started work again at 5.45pm finished work at 10.15pm - climbed on sofa, climbed back off sofa at 10.30pm - asleep by 11pm - awake at 5.20am - GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I don't do mornings - ever!  Got up at 6am because really really couldn't get back to sleep, read blogs, checked face book, updated UK Scrapper CJ board, - time now 7.30am - porridge in microwave, child eating in other room - blog post me thinks - hold on need to stir porridge ...

I'm back did you miss me?

Anyway crafting been thin on the ground, our Alice in Wonderland book is not taking as much shape as I would like - need some more inspiration - grrrrrrr - despite watching the Tim Burton version of the film last week - still struggling, need some more 'props' me thinks!  anyway hoping to make progress on that tomorrow - after I've slept!

Right best leave you with some crafting, here is my Rosette Stone layout, we found this copy of the Rosetta Stone at the Science Museum in Glasgow.  My son thought it was amazing because he'd been doing about hieroglyphics just before he broke up from school because his friend in Stafford sent him in a letter in them!  As a result said 10 year old delivered a 'lesson' at school on hieroglyphics when given the opportunity, so to see a copy of the stone that had resulted in the translations was pretty awesome stuff.

close ups showing how I highlighted the page design with glossy accents - I'm thinking this is actually quite a boring close up so to take two pictures of it seems a bit mental?

And a journal page of a Mill we found just by accident and didn't have any 'cash' to walk around the museum bit and they didn't take cards, we had to scrimp and scrape bits of change together in the car - but it was worth it!  I started out doing the page brown and hated it, kept adding layer upon layer - eventually it turned quite red and then I could just about cope with it

then another journal page that I simply am not happy with but hey I shall just have to deal with it, I enjoyed extending the picture - just didn't get the journaling right, might just keep adding to it - just in case!
So I've shared with you an OK layout and two rough journal pages - on second thoughts maybe this post wasn't such a great idea and the reason why I'm sharing - because I'm going out of my head at the moment and I need sane crafting creative people to talk to me and tell me that I'm not losing the plot and that life is just sometimes a bit weird - so here is your bit!  Tell me that everything is going to calm down - pretty please!


  1. Deep breath Virgina - things will calm down but not sure just when...

    Big hugs

    Toni xx

  2. In my bestest soothing voice.... "Everythings' gonna be alright"..... It will Virginia, just hang in there :D On the crafting front, your pages look great - I like the way you wrote along the sea shore. I miss you :(

  3. ROFL -you're asking the wrong one here Virginia! Me, sane???
    I can but try...life will calm down, you'll get through the week ..and all will be well.
    Did that work?
    Thought not. :)
    Love the LO and what how cool is writing letters in hieroglyphics?
    Hugs xx
    p.s. saw John and Fiona in the magazine - truly awesome!!

  4. Ahh Virginia - firstly loving your LO and your pages. I think we all find it far too easy to be critical of our own work. Wow Monday was busy I am amazed you woke so early and hope today has been calmer so you are able to rest tonight. Life can be weird sometimes so its not just you hun and it will calm again if only for a short while x Sending hugs xx J x

  5. I love that Journey page ...journalling and all ...I get a great sense of atmosphere when I look at it.

  6. love that journal page, gorgeous colours and you extended it brilliantly, what a fab idea. I like the journalling. It was what you felt worked at the time and sometimes we just have to go with first instinct, it works.