Friday, 5 August 2011


Woohoo made it - it's Friday it isn't it - wow didn't know if I'd get here this week - it's been a strange one!

Honestly life doesn't half throw some crazy things at us sometimes!  But we're not here to dwell on the negative but to celebrate the absolutely positives that we get to enjoy.

First up on my list this week is my 10 year old son - he is utterly amazing and has made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion!

The first occasion on Thursday morning was when he set to with the Morph set that I got bought as a present to make this 
 - and the question was "what is that coming out of the hat?" His answer - "Morph's legs" honestly!  He makes me laugh out load so much!  The reason - well when you make Morph with a body that heavy and you give him legs that little man falls over - so what better than a magical hat to have his legs coming out of - complete genius, he's also done some stills that if you run through them quickly makes it 'animated' think Nick Parkes and Wallace and Gromit, need to see if I can find me a bit of stop start animation program to stitch it together because it is quite seriously genius!

The second occasion was when we went passed an empty office complex on our way back from shopping yesterday

"Mum that office over there says - high quality office space available £5 per square foot - how big is that?"

So I'm trying to show him with my hand roughly the size of it with the statement  "it's bigger than 3" x 3" and smaller than 4" x 4""

"Wow Mum that is a seriously small office"

Laugh til I cried

and the third one

In M&S looking at desserts and he spies the Banoffee Pie - which has the curly writing on it - "Mum what's banobbee Pie"  Laugh out loud constantly - love it!

So he's first on the list, second has to be hubby, it was our 21st anniversary of meeting this week and it was lovely to celebrate last night (even if I do feel a little slow this morning).  Susie on the halo tarnished side of things my 'teetotal' halo hasn't just slipped it's fallen off my head, but we're not back to where we were and it was a special occasion last night, not sure what the excuse was for last weekend mind!

Fun 'days out', we always try and do things in the six week holidays that isn't just 'work' so last weekend after an amazingly busy day on Saturday we decided to have a 'day off' on Sunday and headed to the Fire Station museum in Sheffield followed by a wander up to the Botanical Gardens (which is one of those places that have appeared on the "we'll go and have a look" list forever).  The Fire Station Museum has some amazing pieces in it and is completely run by volunteers so only opens on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays and isn't particularly cheap to get in when you consider how long you are in there but said 10 year old wanted to revisit because he couldn't remember the first time we went a few years ago.  We had a thoroughly good time, but it makes me sad to think that this is what museums used to be like, glass cases filled with memorabilia and no interactivity with items, this is when you start to realise that the national lottery has made such an amazing difference to the museums that are around us, not only making them more accessible and brighter, but also providing interaction as well, if they could get some lottery funding in there I'm sure that what is an amazing collection of historical pieces would be off the scale!  Nevertheless we did thoroughly enjoy it as can be seen from the photo and are ultimately grateful for the volunteers who give their time up to run it - so he's a big cheer for volunteers!

then we wandered up to the Botanical Gardens to have a look, it was far too warm for really doing anything other than a picnic but as we hadn't taken one we just wandered around the gardens as said 10 year old got grumpier - bless him!  This is the main 'building' which has now been restored to its former glory, my hubby remembers it from when he was younger and said it used to be in a completely ruined state with no glass in it etc, so it's gorgeous to see it back to its full Victorian splendour

 the inside was amazing with plants from around the world
 but my favourite part of this has to be the roof, thousands and thousands of panes of glass put back into place - absolutely gorgeous!
Other things that have made me seriously happy - little sis back blogging even though it's not the happiest of reads - she is at least honest, if you feel like giving your fellow human a bit of support then please visit her blog and support her, she's going through a really rough time at the minute! Here is her link - Melanie

Next up has to be lil bro and his gorgeously talented girlfriend Fi, now both of these are bloggers but have a poor internet connection at the moment (or should I say none existent) so they haven't been on for a while, Fi lived in Ireland until earlier in the year when she headed over here to start a new life.  Both of them attended the Sonisphere festival recently which is a seriously heavy metal festival and whilst there they dressed as Zombies - yes I know I know but it's what they like - my brother has always been into special effects on a grand scale - anyway they got their photo taken in all their zombiness and they can now be found on Page 26 of the FHM magazine for September which is on the supermarket shelves now, so even if you don't fancy buying it go check them out!  And answers to your questions in advance - no they aren't his real teeth - they are Zombie teeth and yes he did make them himself and no he doesn't work in dentistry!  the photo is awesome because it's the biggest on there - go check it out and report back when you've seen it didn't they look truly amazing!

Next on the list of great things is Alisa Burke - her blog is truly inspirational and I did a class of hers some time ago called Graffitti Chic which I adored and resulted in a significant change in my journaling style, anyway home with said 10 year old yesterday and we decided to do some cushion covers with fabric pens and paints which are coming along fantastic and they were inspired by her course and her truly individual style.  She has a new book due out and I'm so excited to get my hands on it because it comes with a DVD - bring it on and it's about sewing - woo hoo!  I'll post some cushion cover shots once they are completed!

So there you have it - my Rocking Post for this week, if you fancy joining in link with Mr Linky below and let us come and visit and find out what you are up to.  If you don't want to do a blog post or you haven't got a blog then just leave a comment and let us know what's been good in your week and don't use the excuse that nothing has, even in the darkest and hardest of our days we do get silver linings that make everything a little easier - don't believe me have a think and then dig deep!

Can't leave you without some crafting goodness so another picture of me and him enjoying his birthday on Valentine's day earlier in the year, next to the fountain in the Peace gardens as you can tell it was a little blustery!

The clip on the photo was a gift from Susie earlier in the year, I've had such fun with the blog candy I won, both the clips and leather corners are almost gone and I used the butterflies on a card that needed that little bit of something special but I'm still struggling to use the hands - but it'll come hun I promise!

Up close on the page the clip in question which I obviously straightened after I took the picture above LOL
and finally a journal page - I love advert pages - honestly I do
So there you have it - another Rocking post but I do have a final note, earlier in the week the beautifully talented Michelle put a post up on her blog pleading for help, this is the link Midnight Crafter all she's asking for is five minutes of your time to write an e-mail - have a read and if you think you can help then a five minute e-mail could make all the difference and when all is said and done I think each and every one of us enjoys the chance to make a difference, if you have a blog put a link their so your followers can do their bit and if you're on facebook - well enough said!  So people that's it for this week hope this next week is truly amazing and rocking!  Can't wait to here about Jo's adventures on her cruise and Carmen's adventures on moving - anyone else missing these girls?


  1. Here's my link (just in case!):
    Wow, two mentions in one post..I'm honoured...and pleased that the blog candy is being used - good luck with the hands. lol
    Am amazing day out on Sunday - I love the restoration of the Botanical Gardens - those Victorian buildings are so worth preserving.
    Siad ten year old sounds delightful (not sure he''l appreciate that description mind, him being a boy..). I'm still chuckling over the very small office.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. Gorgeous layout, and as always your blogging makes me smile! Have a fabby weekend xxx

  3. Sounds like some great time being spent with said 10yr old.

    Love your LO and that journal page is fab.

    Have a great weekend Virginia.

    Toni xx

  4. Love your list Virginia - kids are amazing and make me smile each day for something - Loving your LO and journal page too. Why oh why does Mr blogger not tell me when susie has posted??? I click follow and it never does it! Im off to read up :0) Happy weekend xx J x

  5. Bless your 10year old, dont you just love what kids come out with at times.

    Cant wait to see the cushion covers you've made.

  6. Wow, my head is spinning from all that rocking goodness :D Glad you enjoyed your day in Sheffield, did you know the Fire Museum is one of the most haunted buildings here? :D XXX

  7. haha fabulous comment about the small office, he is going to keep you young!