Friday, 12 August 2011


Good morning and what does this fine day greet you with - well for me it's a grey and dreary Friday morning and it's 6.40am and I'm at the computer so both of those statements are all kinds of wrong but hey lets deal with it, accept it and move on

It is most definitely time for
Well this week has gone a little slower which is nice and I seem to have kept up to date on blog postings recently which is always a good thing and to be honest it really has kept me sane over the last week, so my very first grateful this week is you lot - you keep me sane, I love reading about your lives whether it's jaunts on holidays, new scrapping layouts, beautiful cards, challenge blogs that you're involved in, hubby spending far to long at work or days out enjoying artwork I love it all - so the biggest cyber hug to you all ((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))) just for being you!

Next up is going to be hubby who despite my protestations claimed he could 'repipe' the utility room to 'fit' despite my reservations (and believe you and me it's usually the other way around, you know when your adamant that the piece of furniture isn't too big only to get it home to be proved wrong!) he spent most of the weekend drilling and re piping and mending, which has unfortunately meant the utility has been out of action all week (no dishwasher or washer) but means that once its done its done - so a big whoop for hubby all I need now is for him to finish it off which I know means relaying the floor etc but he's good I'm sure he can do it and before I hear you cry "what did you do" I papered and painted it which is no mean feat given the tiny proportions of the room and my rather over sized derrier working around the remaining two pieces of household kit still in there.  And as for helping with the flooring - well I'll be at work, have decided the only way to retain my sanity chip is to go into work tomorrow - yes I am that mad but I have to keep that sanity chip firmly in place, which means work - but we're not going to mention that today now are we!

My mum for having said 10 year old for a couple of days at the beginning of the week and taking him into town for a wander around the shops and to purchase some items, including those awful rubbery aliens - for those of you who are completely bewildered by these items, they are small plastic eggs that come apart that are see-through, inside is a jelly type slime (I kid you not) and two tiny rubbery items in this case one that is a silvery pearly white colour and the other a dark obsidian black colour that look like tiny alien foetuses and these are bought to 'play with'.  Because I find them soooooooo repulsive I've always banned the purchase of them, however my Mum isn't quite as strict and these were her special "treat" for him because I had offered to buy him £10 worth of stuff (guilty mother syndrome) whilst they were out shopping, so he bought two 'used' games for his old xbox and a book (to appease his long suffering mother who pleads to him to read all the time) and the aliens took him over the ten pound so my mum bought them!  Up to now the clear gloop they come in has ended up spread all over my coffee table twice and as soon as those rubbery little aliens have any signs of excessive dust or dirt accumulation I'll be none too pleased believe you and me, however Jo informs me quite candidly that they don't get any better as she's got a 6 week wait for a foaming lobster!  The mind boggles Jo and you tell me your son is 16 almost 17 - what you're telling me is that there is no hope I'm just going to have to accept this!

Talking of said 10 year old which we were, a big shout out for him because unfortunately our lovely Wednesday plan of opticians, hour in work and home to create all kinds of magical things from Alice creations to cushions didn't quite go according to plan - why you may ask - work - the one hour jaunt in was 4 hours and bring some home and I took said 10 year old with me and he was an absolute star!  so a big whoop for said 10 year old - thank you hun you are amazing!

Then there is my sister for coming along with us yesterday afternoon I decided I needed to take said 10 year old out and have some fun and I invited her along so she came, always good company, we put the world to rights, I'm still immensely worried about her because she has always been some fragile but she knows we are here for her whenever she needs us and we know that no matter how much we want to fix everything for her it really is down to her and she will do it in her own good time.

Talking of afternoons out - we headed to Karmaclay at the Elsecar Heritage Centre, set up fairly recently it's a paint a pot shop, strangely enough there used to be a paint a pot shop in the exact shop some time ago so it's awesome to see it used again for the same reason.  We had a blissful couple of hours letting said 10 year old paint a 'cauldron pot' with its removable lid and drinking absolutely divine coffees - honestly best couple of hours I've spent in quite some time so if you are anywhere near Elsecar and fancy doing something with the kids and have a few spare pennies then I thoroughly recommend it!  Studio fees are £2.50 and cover the usage of paints and the firing of the item and costs for items range from tiny little plaque like hearts starting at about £3.50 going up to much larger items, the cauldron said 10 year old was painting is £14 just to give you an idea.  Apparently they also hold childrens parties and last week had a whole host of female adults down one evening last week at 6pm painting vases through the evening and drinking wine - they didn't leave til midnight and it sounds like they had a fabulous time!  So here is to new business may they succeed and flourish and continue to rock peoples weeks!

Then a wander around the corner found us at the Hive Art Gallery, a small privately owned gallery showing the pen and ink works of several local artists, this was sheer heaven to me, beautiful artwork in a simple setting allowing you to explore artwork, another great time was had.  In particular the work of Jade Morris (if you click on her name you go to her blog and get to see the artwork we admired yesterday), took our breath away, the attention to detail was absolutely phenomenal, very hard subjects dealt with to be honest her artwork felt like art journaling without the literal words using a different medium, she put down her emotions and feelings into these pen and ink pictures and although sometimes the subject matter was hard, or the artwork felt aggressive and cruel it was also incredibly honest which gave it an innocent quality. 

The other work we absolutely adored was the work of John Ledger who it turned out was the guy wandering around greeting us into the exhibition - we had no idea only realised when I was wandering the internet last night! Click his name to get to his work, this work was incredibly thought provoking as the views of the individual indicate that the ways of capitalism aren't working (his interpretation not necessarily mine, I don't think I'm well read enough to give my view point on this, however the artwork did make me think and I always think that that is enough, to create a thought that then filters down and affects the way you are and your being and that of other people) he had four pieces of artwork visible, the first completely blue, the second red, the third predominantly black and the last one a mix including green, what made them completely awesome was that they were created with bic biro pens - I kid you not!  The work was intricate and detailed and must have taken hours and hours and hours!  Some of the work was marking the year 2045 - 100 years after the second world war and the fall of facism and questioning how far (if at all) we had come.  His take on this wasn't a positive one but it was one that helped me question lots of things and for this aspect alone I am grateful to explore the thoughts in my head!  If you fancy heading over to their blogs bear in mind that there subject matter or their take on it isn't the usual 'happy gratefuls' we deal with on a Friday but I did love the fact that they challenge who we think we are and why!

Then a wander around the corner into the craft shop on site, honestly I didn't 'need' anything, I'd seen Sir Tim's video on distress stains and thought - should I? but thought they might end up like my alcohol inks gathering dust!  So I refrained but oooh I must buy something, surely, after endless wandering I got stuck next to the sale table (again) and found 'goody bags' these are when Lynn (bless her) is bored with all the sale stuff and needs to get shut, so she chucks a load of things in a bag and puts them out at £4.99 a piece so I bought one for me and one for little sis - it was like Christmas when I got home oohing and ahhhing over it's contents, even though they are in see through bags you can't really tell what you've got til you get home - lets put it this way might be jaunting back for a second look today if I get my way!

Finally grateful for the cinemas keeping Harry Potter on for a bit longer, it meant we got chance to drag my lil bro and his girlfriend along last night, Fi only watched all the other Harry Potters in the last couple of weeks can you believe and they thought they might have to wait for the DVD so were well up for coming out when we offered and a thoroughly good film was had by all and DH has now finally seen the film all the way through! 

So there you go I've run out - you still here?  Wow that's awesome, might change my title - currently saying Rocking Your World - might indicate a cuppa might be in order if you're in for the long haul - getting to the end of the post. 

So a bit of crafting for you really am going to have to start 'creating' again because haven't done enough recently and I'm running out of things to share!  This particular layout taken earlier in the year after a trip to the theatre shows me, hubby, sister, niece and son sat on amazing carved bench in the entrance to the Crucible theatre and the reason we had our 'feet up' was because the bench was so long in the leg, to actually use the back rest, the rest of your legs were laid out - hence the picture!

Up close me trying to change the 'almost done' aspect of the page, with punched hearts, hand stitching and extra lettering!
and art journaling gives you this little delight done at Center Parcs questioning the meaning of wine (not life just wine)
So if you are joining in here is Mr Linky, please leave a comment as well as I'm a cheapskate and haven't upgraded Mr Linky so he disappears after a week, even if you don't join in leave a comment - I know there are some people lurking out there - nod now if you're on your lunch hour and can't actually comment because you're not allowed but enjoy the read anyway - yes I thought so - hope your world is rocking also!


  1. Love those journal pages Virginia.

    I used to have great fun with my niece on days out during the holidays - now she is all grown-up and married and living in Germany...still, she is visiting at the end of the month so we might get a girly day out (she's a crafter too)

    Toni xx

  2. Ha! Went to look at the artists and forgot to leave a comment here, doh! Sounds like you had a fabulous week. I now have the urge to rip out a wall or two and totally strip and redecorate,( as in strip the house and redecorate the house :D) And I totally get you about the rubbery aliens thing. Chunky Monkey buys them.....throws them so they stick to the ceiling.... then they randomly fall on me during the day....ick! I roll them around on the carpet so they get to fluffy to wash.....then he gets bored and bins them. ;DXXX

  3. Here, coffee in hand and read right through your post (not sidetracked to the artists - saving them for over the w/end).
    Wonderful as always - even if you do have to work tomorrow.
    Here's my link:

    Hugs xx
    p.s. what is the meaning of wine? Did you reach a conclusion? lol

  4. Great Rocking post, Virginia! Top husband (as always), top Mum, top son, top sister - it's no coincidence you are surrounded by such fab people, you are fab too. The paint a pot place sounds fun - can you imagine us Rocking chicks with paint, a pot and a bottle (or 2) of wine?! We'd be dangerous, and finishing at midnight is for sissies!! The gallery sounds great - I had a look at the work of both the artists - Jade's is particularly interesting, although John Ledger's blog mainly seems to showcase other artists. I'd be interested to see more of his work, so I'll be hunting him down!

    Luke's lobster isn't foaming (if you'll excuse the expression!). It's made of foam and is growing, slowly. I'll get round to taking a photo of it soon........

    My Rocking post is here;

    Have a great weekend,