Friday, 26 August 2011


Well I'm preparing this one in advance as tomorrow is going to be mighty busy people - as we're off exploring again, this time in Warwickshire in a tiny converted barn - I'll let you know what it's like next week but for now it's

So this one has been a mighty strange one (nothing new I hear you cry) as has happened earlier in the year preparing for a weeks break pushes me to the very limits of what I can do at work so my gratefuls are...

My long suffering hubby and son - who still support me as much as they are able, there have been a couple of summer holiday 'shifts' this week - you know the ones where you are leaving the house as hubby returns - they are not fun but they have been essential - so thank you guys for being you and understanding when many others simply wouldn't! 

Next has got to be my assistant at work who also happens to be my brother John - he has been an absolute rock this week, hasn't battered an eyelid when I've needed him to stay late - I've not even asked he's just done it without comment, I fried us both mentally on Monday and Tuesday and he still came back for more which meant another late day Wednesday but as I left work on Wednesday evening it was with a lighter feeling in my heart that I'd done the best I could do and that I could quite literally put it down for a week - so thank you John for being a star...

Which leads me on to Fi who is John's girlfriend whose put up with his most erratic work pattern this week - thank you Fi for just understanding that what needs doing just needs doing - I'm sure next week will be easier because I'm not there lol

My Mum for having said 10 year old on Monday and Tuesday this week (not to mention numerous other days during the school holidays) it's made life much easier!

My sister for simply being her, making me smile and starting to put things back together in her own way - keep on going and enjoy the good days with all your heart and ride out the rougher days that just 'are'.

Can't leave out my niece who has played with said 10 year old whilst he's been at my Mums and made his days go faster - thank you  sweetie!

You see people people and a few more people make the world a happier and more beautiful place to be and for each and every one of them I am grateful

Also managed to see friends in Stafford at the weekend - so another Rocking moment to add to the bag this week.

Thank you also to people who commented on my Monday post - I'll keep you updated on what's what but for the time being I'm not thinking about it - 4 weeks would be a long time if I did I'm just getting on with enjoying what is.

Glimpses of Carmen coming back into the world of blog and then disappearing again - apparently she's gone seeking monsters in Scotland - can't wait to hear about the road trip - I keep thinking with the amount of blogging friends Carmen has we should put a Carmen in Blogland story together along the lines of Alice in Wonderland where we make up exactly what we think she's been doing in the few weeks she was missing from the internet, but then couldn't decide who would play what part LOL - now let your brain fire on that one - you'll be busy all day letting your imagination run riot now - thinking about who would play the parts for the Cheshire Cat and the Caterpillar, never mind Tweedledum and Tweedledee - see your brains disappearing into imagination land again... maybe the story could start with Carmen plugging in the internet and getting sucked into the computer screen, she could end up in the land of pinterest ... or maybe she just falls into one of the many many boxes she's taken on her move to land in Blogland?

Anyway I think that's my list for this week, it's full of people and there have been other things, like hubby putting blinds up through the house and making headway on the utility room and me having the time to mow the lawn even though the ground is parched and could do with some water, or said ten year old doing the edging on the garden, or the trip to the tip which tidied up the front of the house, or finding giant plant pots and replanting some box hedges or little man planting bulbs in the garden - all blissful moments in my week!

So what were yours?  Was it people or places or a combination, was it a simple coffee or a moment to yourself?  A long soak in the bath?  A shopping trip or an expedition out with friends, was it a baking moment or a phone call?  A magazine you've enjoyed or something else - no matter how small or insignificant along the way you'll no doubt find that moment or moments that made you smile and that's a Rocking moment - if you join in come back and link and leave a comment - don't have a blog? Leave a comment and tell me what's Rocking your world this week!

My laughter moment this week has to be said 10 year old racing upstairs in excitement

"Mum Mum I can't believe it ....... my conkers have hatched"

Laughed til I cried - that's what happens when you bring the green prickly cased conkers home and leave them in your garden - apparently they hatch!

So a bit of crafting using the same blue paper background as the last post - I loved the paper so much I bought multiple sheets and challenged myself to use it as the main paper on three different layouts and try to make them all look completely different and I'm really pleased with the overall effect - what do you think - we look like we're about to set off on a train journey - except we were in the train museum simply trying out the comfort of the non moving bullet train - the photo had to be scrapbooked!

Up close the title was hand stamped and then coloured in and gloss accented for the word going using the odd foam sticky pad to add dimension and the latter part of the title was stamped onto a hand cut label with eyelet and ribbon, I like this effect it's such fun! 
Right that's it peeps - off to pack a bag I shall see you when we return now no misbehaving whilst I'm away - what do you mean that's all the fun...


  1. Awesome gratefuls this week - so nice to be surrounded by lovely people. :)
    Great LO (fun title!).
    Have a wonderful break and come back all rested and refreshed.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. simply love the idea of conkers "hatching" :)

  2. Great LO Virginia - it is so lovely and bright & cheerful. Fab colours.

    Toni xx

  3. Great post, and hoping you are having a lovely adventure in Warwickshire.....still haven't recovered from the laughter after the conkers are hatching comment....that is SO GOOD. Beautiful LO :)

  4. Have a great weekend and we want to know all about it when you get back. Dont forget to take lots of piccies to scrap. Hugs Lynne xx

  5. Hope you have a fantastic time away with your lovely family - a well deserved break. Here's hoping the weather has a last blast on it's summer banjo!

    I'm lovin' said 10 year old's hatching conkers!

    my rocking post is here

  6. Oh now look! I'm just catching up before bed and I see this! You make me feel so valued Virginia :) I am a little teary now, but happy, laughing teary! You really should write that book, I'd love to read it :D