Sunday, 21 August 2011


Sometimes you go to amazing lengths to bring about some dedicated crafting time, just to see it disappear for whatever reason I do hope this doesn't turn out to be the case later but at the moment I'm not going to hold my breath!

This layout documents said 10 year olds recent take on a crisp butty - literally 2 slices of bread and a packet of crisps put together, it made me giggle so I documented it with a photo (of course) this is one of those typical layouts that I get so far and go - it's not done - and then I need my signature element adding - the handstitching that I've become quite well known for! 

Close ups of the red and white handstitching and the faux metal made with silver mirror card and black acrylic paint.

Hope you like and hope you are having a beautiful Sunday ours is proving busy - despite it being a day off!


  1. Happy happy LO, what a fun memory! Cool stitching (of course) and I like your faux metal, that's a great effect.

    I'm kinda enjoying Sunday, though not seeing much of hubster while he's working 12+ hour days, and just spent nearly 2 hours on a round trip collecting son from a party in a field in the middle of nowhere. I need a coffee!


  2. Love it Virginia! Great photo and colours and elements. I love a good crisp butty!
    Hugs xx

  3. How on earth did you do all that ripping so neatly and so symetrically? Love the stitching and the 'metal'. Very striking LO. Must say, am opartial to a crisp sarnie myself - explains a lot really!

    Am off again tonight - 12 hour drive to Loch Ness! ROAD TRIP! Still haven't properly caught up with you all but I definitely will when I get back. Mwaaah x x x

  4. Crisp butties are fab....bit like chip sandwiches!!

    Fab page - love the faux metal that's a great technique...only had a little go at it, must try some more. Also beautiful stitching.

    Sunday has been good - bbq...tho DH is back to painting and undercoating!! :D

  5. Ooooo, haven't had a crisp butty for ages.

    Love that faux metal effect Virginia - very effective.

    Got all my washing dry so a pretty good day.

    Toni xx