Monday, 22 August 2011


Wow my life feels very up and down at the moment, one minute I'm chugging along and the next I'm on a roller coaster - I suppose that's life for you.  At the moment I'm on some heavy duty antibiotics because of my wonderful skin that causes me constant issues, but recently I've developed a lump in my back - which may be a cyst or a lypodema (which when I looked it up on the internet frightened the daylights out of me), add to that the Doctor giving me a story along the lines of "if you don't come back you might end up like another patient who isn't here any more", throw in the mix of me being a bit of a hypochondriac - (don't leave me with a medical journal etc) and your left with a quivering wreck but I'm trying to gain some perspective - I'm keeping an eye on it, my hubby is keeping an eye on it, I have to return to the Doctors in 4 weeks and you see that I'm doing all I can - but it doesn't stop me worrying!

Anyway it's good to get that off my chest because sometimes when things worry you you are better off just mentioning it to friends and family so they know where you are at then you can get on with normal life - so there you have it - a little bit of my current stress out in the open!

Now you've obviously not come for me to whinge at you so best share some crafting before I hit the other room with a list of about 5 weekly 'words' from Darcy's 52 words that I'm currently behind on.  Now you can't really see how beautiful the background blue paper is so take it from me it's not quite as pale as it appears here, and the photo of my sister and my niece trying out kimonos earlier in the year.  In hindsight we wished we'd argued that they both wanted to try long ones on but we didn't get the option, I still love the overall look because my sister is an absolute addict to all things Japanese, so this was an extra special treat for her and my niece!

Up close shot of the embellishments, using my normal mix of darker blues and red!  I used a combination of paper flowers, brads and gems together with a hand cut butterfly which I dry embossed.

Quicky post for me, just wanted to say hi on a Monday evening.



  1. Well I'm with you on the hypochondriac stuff - I should be banned from medical sites on the internet because I'm shocking with self diagnosis! Seriously, I'm not surprised you're worried and the next 4 weeks will probably drag while everyone keeps an eye on the offending lump.

    Lovin' the colours of the LO - perfect to go with the happy photo.


  2. Oh, Virginia - sorry to hear about the "lypodema" (I'll look it up). Keeping fingers crossed, sending big hugs and sparkles. I won't say don't worry because I know that's impossible in these situations but do try to stay positive. :)
    Love the LO..a great combination of colours and a fabulous photo. Really, really like all your flowers, brads etc.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. thanks for your lovely comment on my last post - I'm feeling better today.Just waiting to hear when funeral is. :(

  3. The LO is lovely Virginia.

    Hope you don't worry too much and that things will turn out fine - thinking of you and wishing you well.

    Toni xx

  4. Hi Sweetheart lovely LO agree colours really work and not the worse photo of me ever lol! I'm sure the lump is going to turn out to be nothing just your ever problematic skin but if you need to chat or just want to get things off your chest I am as always available! lots of love Melanie x