Monday, 15 August 2011


Yes if I recall correctly the 15th is Carmen day - yep she should be back on line, getting the little hamster in the hamster wheel inside the PC whirring away as it hooks back up to the great big thing we call the internet...

Fingers crossed she arrives safely, I mean Carmen you've missed so much there's been cruises and birthdays, phases of Noel Coward, Kaftans, sport, books being read, loved ones home creating chaos and that's all in others households, here well I've gone into mental meltdown, still trying to sort the utility room out, eating like it's a new found fad and it's Monday morning which means work - I mean honestly what is happening to this crazy world!  Rocking Your World has been ongoing and we've had some great posts, so tell us is the new house still a vision of cardboard boxes, or are you serenely sat in your new stu-stu-studio, looking out over Carmenville thinking how completely up to date and sorted you are?   Sipping a cuppa and wondering how to plan your day creatively because you've nothing else to do??  What do you mean no LOL?

Anyway fingers crossed you are back today and we can find out about your fabulous time away from us?

Right best post something crafty too - hold up let me see what's in my bag of delights this morning, a bright and sunny morning in August there must be a Christmas layout somewhere

yes found it, I had to scrapbook this page, the sheer and utter delight on said 10 year old's face is an absolute dream to me.  The paper is a really old one but it seemed to go with the paper Father Christmas saw fit to wrap presents in.  I did the journaling in one of the blogs on the page.  Navy blue and red is one of my favourite colour blends - it is I tell you!

Then another art journal page that I've done recently I enjoyed 'filling in' this missing components on this one.  

its not finished as it has no 'words' but I might leave as is sometimes the pages speak for themselves.

I stumbled across Shimelle's cybercrop over the weekend which had a timescale of - wait for it - one week - now that's my kind of cybercrop I can't abandon ship completely to just scrapbook out but I can manage some scrapbooking of an evening so I'm looking forward to doing more of these layouts this week - head over to Shimelle's blog to see what she came up with.

I am considerably behind on Darcy's 52 words I got stuck on the word 'community' - well actually I got stuck on an image to use - I did I really did, but given the riots over the last few weeks and the discussions that have been had around the situation I'm thinking of discussing that to get me moving forward, I was hoping that a certain Sunday newspaper would have images in their magazines but I forgot that the magazines are often several weeks in front on the printing side of things, so I'm going to have to settle for a few newspaper images.

I've also started thinking about the 'C' word now I don't know what word you were thinking about but I meant the one that happens on the 25th December - honestly - NOW STOP THROWING CUSHIONS AT THE COMPUTER SCREEN, I know it's early to be thinking about it but I like making homemade gifts, it's something I've always enjoyed doing so now I'm trying to find things I can make?  What kind of things have you made for this event?  Do you prefer to make or buy, do you get satisfaction out of buying or out of making?  I'm assuming that everyone celebrates it but I'm aware that some won't so for you do you celebrate something else and do you have similar gift giving?  I for one don't like the 'commercial' aspect of it, it drives me insane which is why I like making and giving because then it is a gift from the heart.

Right need to get dressed 7.36am - 24 minutes til we set off and I need another cuppa to put my slap on (my version of make up is more akin to clown than beautician hence the statement slap), and some clothes  (I'm sat in PJ's at the moment - honestly where is your mind) ! 

If you happen by here to listen to my ramblings leave me a comment, it's lovely to see who has been visiting.


  1. ROFL! I was just about to do a Carmen post when I spotted this. :)You've summed up what she's missed so well Virginia. Loving the artwork and totally agree, the look on said 10 year old's face so needed scrapping.
    Hope work isn't too fraught today.
    Hugs xx

  2. I've missed Carmen too! I'm hoping she'll be back with us today.

    Your art journal pages are superb. And I'll give you the bl**dy 'c' word.......!


  3. That is a great smile....but I want to know what the present is :D Love the journal page...and will have to go and have a look at Shimelles blog, just need to get the holiday snaps printed. Christmas...still too early - I do make bits, but it depends how much time I have! Have a great day :)

  4. The photo of 'said 10 yr old' is priceless - great pic for a LO. Love those Christmas papers.

    Toni xx

  5. LOL! You are a bunch of nutters but this has really made me smile today - I had visions of coming back and everyone having forgotten me, my visitors down to zero - it's been a lovely welcome back! I was acrtually reconnected on the 15th but my pc is now so far away from my phone socket that we have been on the hunt for a wireless adaptor for me and everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE was sold out of them - by the time we realised we would have been quicker getting it online it was to late if that makes sense! *sigh*

    I absolutely love that journal page, so gorgeous! I really need to settle down and catch up with everyone don't I? You have me intrigued!