Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Well I made it to Wednesday morning, it was touch and go yesterday and Monday if I'm honest, with two ridiculously long shifts done at work so I wake up this morning feeling quite refreshed and with a slower start (no breakfast club).  So I've wandered around blogland and thought I'd put a quick post together, I also remembered (rather late) that one of the things in the seven things you didn't know about me award (see earlier post) should have mentioned that I didn't tell any white lies - for those that read my blog - you'll know what I mean - Center Parcs was that fun and insert the word security van where the word taxi was to make it even more entertaining!

Anyway enough of the cryptic (although it has to be said most of you know me and my life well enough now to believe all of it!) - what that says about me and my life I've no idea LOL.

Anyway there hasn't been much crafting done since I returned I am thinking that I'm in need of some retail therapy, pages are crying out for some new embellishments, problem is I'm so damn tight when it comes to buying anything because I like to feel that I will 'get my monies worth' - think it might be a Yorkshire thing?  Anyway I'm battling with a layout at the moment, it has paper and photo and journaling and sewing but it's still lacking and I can't tell from what.  I so miss my scrapbook class that I used to do, they sadly came to an end last year and I haven't had that creative outlet since, it was also quiet time for me and meeting new people, I thinks I may have to find another one to travel to because I really do miss the camaraderie - Sandra I MISS YOU!!!!! - Yes my scrapbook teacher was the amazingly talented Sandy Poppins - now of Art From the Heart Fame! 

Anyway I think I'm whinging again - sorry - so what have I got to share with you this morning, let me see.  This is the word "preparation" in Darcy's 52 word challenge, I was really pleased with this one using more than one image, the first of a long wooden pier, the second of a female looking over her shoulder.  I love the colours on this one and I've used the gorgeous cobweb masks that Carmen sent me I love them hun!  

Darcy asked recently if we liked the pages we were creating and I said on the whole I was (20 out of the 24 at the point of checking) I love and am really pleased with, however the one below is one of the 4 that I'm just not that keen on!  It's one of those when occasionally you should step away from your desk, the hot air balloon stamp was within reach and so I went a bit mad with it (again) and well the page just doesn't float my boat as much as it should!  The prompt was Mountain and I did my journaling around the hot air balloons which was quite novel! 
I've really enjoyed this challenge, it's one of those that because Darcy isn't asking a question she's just providing a word you can take the word at it's literal level or look at life obscurely and see how the word fits with your current life.  I've opted for the latter method on most of my pages and it's been a really heartfelt method of journaling, strangely it's a way I'm documenting 2011 without the anxiety of 'keeping up' with a challenge, as it's just one prompt a week I can pour my heart and soul into it!  The book I'm working on is A4 hardback and has 51 double pages in it, thus meaning each page I show you is A3 in size!  I intend on using the outside cover for prompt 52 to finish the book off!  Darcy has mentioned in a recent comment on my blog that she is working out the next 52 week challenge and I for one can't wait!  Think I'll be heading to get another one of these journal books again because they fit the bill perfectly! 

Anyway there you go a mid week post for all my blogging friends I hope you're week is proving fruitful and positive, I'm lining myself up for a day off on Friday but sshhhh don't tell anyone!


  1. Wonderful Pages Ginny I absolutely LOVE both of them and the thought of doing a page around a word is a great idea.
    Hope all's well with you
    x Michelle

  2. Love the art work Virginia - "preparation" is truly wonderful. :) Not that I can see anything wrong with the other one either.
    Pleased you've managed to stop and draw breath.
    Hugs xx

  3. Gosh! My pages are only 7x5ish(funny shape), I can definitely feel the need to make a bigger version...mmmm....maybe I could "make" a blank journal ready for next time???
    Gorgeous pages as ever :D XXX

  4. Thank you for the award my friend :D Just having a quick flick around my fave blogs... I'm lovin' your Darcy page....wish I'd jumped in at the beginning of the year, its been great to see some of the pages you've done (on a LARGE scale! hehehe) x x x

  5. Your pages are fab Virginia. I think both are super but the 'preparation' one probably just has the edge for me - love the colours.

    Toni xx

  6. Wow, I had no idea that your pages were so big! I usually work much smaller so would struggle to fill all that space, but I can also see how it must be quite liberating to have that area to use.

    'Preparation' is stunning, even if she is rather scary! I love those cobwebs too, they look perfect tucked away in the corners. 'Mountain' has quite a fantasy feel to it which I really like. Great images.

    (psst! Enjoy Friday.....)

  7. The cobwebs look fab! I have a question - how do you clean and store your masks? I now have the clock one and I can't get it properly clean, I've lost a bit already and I'm just sort of sticking them (though they are fast losing their stick) back onto their backing plastic.

    Love your pages. No creativity here either - am madly packing and decluttering and getting nowhere fast. Had to repack all Phoebes stuff today - took a sneaky peek at what she'd packed to take... odd flip flops, no matching ones. A plastic set of drawers with empty cassette cases and sweet wrappers inside! What? is she insane? So while she's away I've repacked and ended up with 4 black sacks of rubbish! Am knackered!

    Also - it's not a yorkshire thing - am tight as a rooks arse as Craig would say *g* Might be where I grew up in Scotland but think it's more Mums frugalness rubbing off on me! I think crafters are a gullible lot sometimes and a quick shop around normal tool shops and places like that throws up much cheaper alternatives.

  8. Hi Virginia,I feel the same as you I really miss Sandra's classes, shame they just stopped, think I can also speak for Lesley too on that one. I saw Sandra on Friday I was at a class at AFTH & she popped in to see Dy, just had a quick cuddle n a hello- not the same thou!
    Your journal pages look great, and love how the images and backgrounds fuse together.
    On the embelishment front, I've took to buying downloads of images and quotes and started saving tags from clothes to cover & dangle from pages (top tip from the lovely Kate Crane) - have u been to one of her classes for AJ ? She's really good. Take care x