Thursday, 21 July 2011


Morning all she says yawning and stretching her arms!  Late night last night making last minute teacher gifts, I know I know should be more organised, had every intention to be more organised it just didn't happen.  Then teacher goes off long term sick, then numerous supply teachers before said 10 year old ends up with one over the last few weeks who has been pretty awesome (said 10 year olds words not mine) and then teaching assistant says she'll see long term sick teacher and before you know it I'm sat at my desk, scratching my head thinking what on earth am I going to make - I promise to share this one over the weekend - anyway three writing sets made complete with notelets and writing paper in one evening - not bad going even by my standard and the instructions were fabulous (out of a magazine) and made complete sense. 

Whilst pursuing the above activity we had "Unknown" on DVD on the TV hubby obsessed with buying DVD's at the moment - think he's trying to fill the next one we've bought to prove a point if I'm honest!  Anyway had that on in the background, what a mighty strange film, I think it was quite good just a bit weird and they indicated it was like "taken" and well it wasn't - not at all! 

Anyway waffling for this morning done with (I think), very excited that the RIP CJ is being resurrected again with a new host, just got to think of a new theme now!  Got tomorrow off again (but shhhhh don't tell anyone), assistant still off so I'm tearing my hair out but determined not to be in work tomorrow - trying to get this balance back!

Bit of crafting for you, this is a Christmas layout from two years ago and I used my brothers jumper colour of red to really set this one off and I love it!  It also has some gorgeous little red leather corners that I was given as a present *blush* that work so well on this layout!  The papers I bought in a sale a while ago - hurray!

Quick art journal page from when I was away at Center Parcs, managed to find some awesome adverts in the Sunday papers which resulted in this little one which I love and on the opposite page in the magazine was a 'blue version' of the advert so I'll share that later.  Don't you just love adverts in magazines when they are this inventive!
OK putting off the inevitable - work time! 


  1. Ooh, you've used my little red corners - they look fabulous! Great LO and I love the journal page too - I must be reading the wrong magazines as I never spot ads that really "jump out" at me.
    The teacher gifts sound "awesome" (to copy said ten year old!lol)
    I'll be posting "Sleeping Beauty" today (barring torrential rain - I do hope the weather forecast is wrong).
    Hugs xx

  2. We went to the cinema to see 'Unknown' and really enjoyed it - but then we are huge fans of Liam Neeson. In our eyes he can do no wrong! I couldn't quite get my head around all the plot lines (but that isn't unusual for me) but I understood most of it and that's good enough for me!

    Another great advert you found to use in your journal - I haven't seen that one in the papers/mags. You've done a great job because I can't tell where the advert stops and your doodling begins. Great image.

    Love the title "are we having fun yet" perfect for the happy photo!


  3. OMG Love the way you've doodled from the advert!!! and as for teacher 11 year old just decided last night(bedtime) that he needs gifts for 2 teachers and "can I colour my own cards?" I helped him make 1 last night, but I think I'll be doing the 2nd, and they are getting choccies :D XXX

  4. Great work Virginia - that ad is amazing.

    Toni xx

  5. You are almost tempting me to start buying newspapers! Gorgeous journal page.

    I just saw the advert tonight where they said Unknown was like Taken - I said to Devvie I bet it's simply that Liam Neeson is in it!

    I used to swoon like a chocolate snowman in the sun over him... kind of not so much lately. Love him in High Spirits at the randy ghost *chuckle*