Thursday, 28 July 2011


Good morning everyone and how are you on this fine thursday morning?  Me I'm up to my eyes in washing at the minute and trying to keep said 10 year old busy as well as a multitude of other things but off to see Harry Potter again in a short while which should be fun, although I need to remember tissues again! 

Well the six week holidays always prove a challenge in all honesty, how to keep said 10 year old away from the goggle box 24/7 is always a challenge so I've made a huge list of things we could do which should keep him away some of the time from the square box in the corner.  Yesterday saw us venturing into town, the local council earlier last year decided to employ someone to create pieces of artwork over closed down shops to try and create a prettier backdrop rather than boarded shop after boarded shop, one of these shops is now in the process of being 'let' so we decided to go and capture arty piccies before the pieces disappear forever, once uploaded I'll share them with you!

We also managed a venture to the local library for said 10 year old to join in with the summer reading challenge, now all I have to do is get him to read them!  So we're on with the plan, as well as this with all these lengthy days ahead I decided that a general attack on cleaning could be had with not much impact on the day as a whole.  Now last year when I set too cleaning every kitchen cupboard it resulted in my in agony for weeks with a poorly back, this time the approach is different I'm attacking approximately 3-4 cupboards per day, empty, sort, clean, anti-bac, dry back in, up to now I've a whole section of the kitchen done and my back is still working! 

Finally (before I share a little crafting of course) I saw a recent program on TV and it was talking about Dali's illustration from Alice in Wonderland - confused?  Yes I was to be honest, I didn't know that Dali had ever done illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, I managed to find them on line - for the purposes of research of course and I've decided I'd like to do my own illustrations, now let it not be forgotten that I can't draw so up to now I've got page after page after page of backgrounds, said 10 year old has managed far more than me but is struggling with the key character - Alice - however, he does a pretty mean white rabbit in a waistcoat, so I'm wondering whether to make this a joint effort between the two of us?  I'll let you know what unfolds.

Anyway going to have to dash so I'll leave you with this photo, now do I like the photo - no - why not all I'll say are chins - multiple ones that I hate with an absolute passion, however, this photo reminds me of the "Knight fight" me and my sister had in a gift shop recently.  the puppets of the Knights were amazing (and expensive) but we could help but have a quick joust in the shop!  Happy happy times and the photo still makes me smile - right have to dash Mr Potter awaits - now were are those tissues!


  1. Fab photo :D I bought a shed and a gaming table to get my boys away from the puters, you know the type that changes from pool to table tennis to air hockey. Proved v useful, especially in bad weather :D XXX

  2. Was Harry as good second time Virginia?
    Love the LO and can totally understand why you had to have a joust in the shop! lol Great LO.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. did the books arrive safely?

  3. What a great LO and a super memory to capture.

    Hope you found the tissues...LOL

    Toni xx

  4. ha ha didn't realise that you had done a LO with this truly awful picture but can't blame you as I laughed so hard while jousting I ended up crying. T'was fun! x