Saturday, 9 July 2011


Hello fellow Rockers and Rockettes, yes I did mean to happen along last night and update you as to the week that was - but in all honesty I was completely and utterly shattered - I'm not just talking tired here I'm talking power napping at 9pm and waking at 12.30am and then hitting bed and waking at 8am - I kid you not, to discover that today I'm feeling mainly - well unwell - being predominantly dizzy and I've been like it all day - not good, anyhow after an afternoon in the garden, moving washing around the universe (you know the one - out of the machine onto the line, from the line into the tumbler from the tumbler to a basket, from the basket to a sort, from a sort to an ironing pile or away in the case of undies - like I said moving washing around the universe).  Anyway bored senseless of doing this so thought I'd try a Rocking post for size instead.

So what was it like - well I could tell you that it was busy and hectic, that I managed bike riding all week, that my niece thinks a golf driving range is a great place to try her hockey skills, that my son enjoyed all the water based activities, that I fell off the teetotal wagon and had a hangover, that my sister arrived back in a taxi, that we lost my Mum and that 'on a corner' is not a great description when you are trying to find a certain person in the park!  I could tell you that the drip drip ripple room in the Aqua Sana was my favourite, that my hubby despite nearing the half century mark was happiest at the top of the 9 metre (28 feet in old measurements) gladiator challenge, I could mention that paddle boarding can give you a fat lip (literally) but that you get an ice pop as 'treatment' I could mention that said 10 year old is now lining himself up for his own submersible and that hubby now wants to throw himself off the aerial adventure.  I could tell you that I've got no sense of co-ordination but that when it comes to Zumba having an ass the size of Jupiter is sometimes a benefit as it makes up for the lack of co-ordination!  I could tell you that I said we wouldn't do another 'week' again but that I changed my mind after a 3 hour spa!  I could tell you that hubby's back wasn't up to foil fencing so dear sister stepped in despite not having seen any of the moves and that said 10 year old did try a couple of "Wii" moves on her - maybe allowing him to sword fight on that game before trying fencing for real wasn't the best of ideas!  I could tell you that the Aqua Sana put security tags in their towels and that trying to do a spa experience without glasses on is no experience so you just have to take them off when you end up in the hottest spas.  I could tell you that sharing waffles are gorgeous and that watching people capsize boats shouldn't be funny but it was, that stoats don't do drugs but are naturally crazy!  That clipping a gully on the way back after a glass of wine can equal a sprained ankle.  I could tell that in a choice between shreddies and crunchie nut cornflakes squirrels are completely into crunchy nuts, I could tell you that it is possible as an adult to 'flink off' with a box of shreddies I could tell you that we can't as a family apparently play tennis for toffee, mind you six people on one court, having never tried the game before and using all four balls that were in the pack at once probably was never going to be a great idea, having said that my Mum doesn't half manage to serve well when it comes to tennis!  I could tell you that rabbits are into eating wholemeal burnt toast, that moorhens can actually get their beaks stuck in a crisp bread and that a certain squirrel had a thing about crisp bread and wasn't willing to share.  I could tell you playing squash with a hangover isn't fun and that softball is even more dangerous in that scenario - you had to duck for cover.  I could tell you alpha rythym music is actually very calming.  I could tell you that hubby has a thing about starbucks latte with an extra shot and a spice aisle full of nutmeg and cinnamon.  I could tell you that the sky is pink and the moon is made out of cheese and that if you really want to know what the week was like that from the above you have to pick out the actuals amongst the slightly over the top stories!  I could also tell that I let hubby read this before posting to ask if I could get away with it and he had to walk away and not look at me when he said yes LMAO! - Ooh well posted it now!

Did it cost a fortune - nope it cost a fortune and a half but it was great fun,  

So we had chalk drawn pictures in the villa
And we had paddle boarding
Look how happy DH looks in this photo!
And DS who managed to stay on his board for the majority of the time!
Then there was the way not to wear your floatation jacket courtesy of Scott the instructor, demonstrating this on dear niece!
Then dear sister managing something that she said she wouldn't!
And dear hubby balancing at the top of the gladiator challenge - like its something you do every day! Yes this is a zoomed shot and yes he was 9 metres up in the air!
Then our visitors - how cute!!!!!!!!!!!  Said 10 year old and niece named the signets Sunny and Peace
And this little fella how cute is he!
But my utter favourite has to be this little guy - yes that is a stoat you can see!
We have got a video of him - but in all honesty it just won't load up so you'll just have to take my word for it! 
 Wii pose at the ready - sorry I mean foil fencing at the ready! 
Then said 10 year old with the new item for his eternal wish list!
and finally these two guys who are always part of my Rocking Your World Posts - you're both awesome as always! 
So there you go Rockettes you get a glimpse of the week that was and yes before you ask I did also manage some art journaling which was lovely promise I'll share some pages when I get chance to photograph them. 

So the question is in the long lists of "I could tell you's..." which ones led you down a deliberately wrong path?  Answers on a postcard or even faster post a comment - I'd love to see which ones you think were little white lies LOL.

I also got a blog award whilst i was away but I'm already compiling a long list of things that you don't know about me...


  1. I really don't care what is true and what is a bit stretched...LOL...this was a fab post and I really enjoyed reading it. Sounds like you all had a good time and surely that is the main thing.

    Toni xx

  2. I don't care which are 'little white lies' because this post was so humourous! Glad you had fun, even if you are a walking zombie with all the tiredness! :D

  3. Knowing you like I do, it all sounds feasible to me! If even only half of it is true, it sounds like you had a fantastic time!

    Hope you feel better soon (I'm not surprised you feel woozy after last week!).


  4. i literally have no idea but it sounds like an amazing time and you made me snigger at the screen again. Partly because I just had to run the first part of my Rocking Post past MYM Craig too LOL! After a sigh and some mumbling I think I got away without giving to much away.

    Love your photos - you sound like you had the most amazing time. Hope the dizziness leaves you alone soon x x

  5. Well I do know it would be untrue for me to say I enjoyed sharing my waffles(I'm assuming your talking about food), I'm not good a sharing food, if I was I wouldn't have the perfect ass for zumba :D Glad you had an invigorating week, and can't wait to see your journalling :D XXX