Friday, 15 July 2011


Good morning Rockettes - anybody feel like someone keeps stealing these weeks away?  I know I do because in all honesty they are racing by, we are over half way through the year, I still have umpteen things on my list of things to do (that I've not done yet!) and we're almost at the school holidays - scary stuff.

Anyway what has this week brought, well it's been a quiet one on the 'Rocking' part if I'm honest, it's been a couple of 12 hour work days which have been long long and very long so this list might be short and sweet if I'm honest!

OK, hot cup of coffee sat on new garden chairs in the garden this week - bliss

Seeing an owl sat on top of an aerial at the back of the house watching the bats - that was pretty awesome too!

Getting back on the healthy eating front and actually embracing it for a change!

Talking healthy eating with hubby and trying to do a holistic approach has been really helpful. 

Cooking homemade meals at tea time and thoroughly enjoying them!

Having quiet moments in a morning when I sit and have my breakfast and ponder the day!

Being thanked by my boss for doing an urgent piece of work!

Going to Lidl and doing a food shop, coming away with a basket full of raw ingredients and a bill that I could cope with!

Crafting night on Wednesday when I did more than move paper around my desk and managed a layout and a card - woo hoo!

Being here to live and breathe and enjoy the world around me, seeing the blue skies, hearing the sound of hubby and said 10 year old chattering away (really warms my heart), having long chats with hubby and discussing life the universe and everything.  Spending time with those I love - crucial and always amazing knowing how blessed I am!

Ah - see the list wasn't so thin on the ground if I'm honest it was just my every day life but having the opportunity to be me, to enjoy life to listen and breathe and grow as a person - nothing finer!

So what's rocked your world this week, has it been quiet and reflective like mine or full tilt manic and fun!  Or have you been enjoying a holiday - if you fancy joining in let us know so we can come and read all about your life and what you've been doing!

On the crafting front I have this which is actually a double page layout documenting a trip to the Puzzling Place when we stayed at the Yurt in the Lake District last year!  The photos show the 'illusion' we saw on screen (us all stood on a tiny chair) and how it actually worked, the pages are stamped and stitched and I really enjoyed doing this layout!

I also have some mail art pictures of mail art I sent out a while ago, some of it appeared on recipients blogs an age ago, but I'm wanting to tidy up my blog file so I'll share what I've got so I can move it - the mail art started predominantly by seeing some gorgeous examples on Jo's blog and then discovering some unused 8 x 8 envelopes!

And finally a little bit of art journaling - oh I am spoiling you - both out of my small A5 journal, the first from when we went to York around Easter
 and the second from a visit to Castle Howard during the same week, this page has a picture of the Mausoleum from the house!
So there you have it - another Rocking post with a little artwork added to it for fun!  If you're joining in leave a comment and I'm going to try and do Mr Linky - will check back to see if it's working as scheduling this post because - shhhh - I've got a day off on Friday!


  1. Enjoy your day off and have a fab weekend.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving those lovely comments - it really made my day.

    Toni xx

  2. Sounds like you had a surprisingly relaxing week :D Love your journal pages as ever, and your layouts are beautiful :D XXX

  3. Loving your list Virginia - so pleased you had a quiet(ish) week.
    That double LO is stunning and fun and your journal pages just get better and better.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. make the most of your day off. :)

  4. Lovely list hun, I bet the owl watching the bats would have made a lovely photo .... until you think the owls probably thinking "yum yum, fast food"!

  5. How wonderful to see an owl! I could hear one last night, but I haven't seen one. Lucky you. We get quite a few bats, and it's wonderful to be outside while they fly about, so fast! Great list, Virginia, you really do enjoy the important things in life.

    Love all that Mail Art (I haven't forgotten my promise to you, by the way, and one day you WILL receive something from me. Promise!). The train pages are magical, absolutely wonderful. You are a v clever girl.

    Have a great weekend,

    ps my list is with Mr Linky and also here

  6. Sounds lovely :D Love your mail art.

  7. Wow! you have been busy creating some fab art work. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog sorry I haven't been over for a while.
    Love Lynne xx

  8. Blimey I can't bellieve it was time for Rocking Friday again already - feels like I need to stop and poke my head above the water. Feel like one of those wind up toys and all my gears are screaming and smoking... actually - methinks I need to dig out a certain Alice song :P

    Your list sounds sublime - I can't wait for days sitting in the garden with a sketch pad and a coffee, listening to birdies... *sigh*

    Have to agree with Jo your pages are all gorgeous but especially that train one - has a touch of Harry Potter about it :D

  9. seeing some beautiful art journal pages today whilst blog hopping and so heart-warming to read your list of gratitude's (if that's even a word?!) I often feel I want to go off and recapture some of my own ideas when inspired like this . . . :)