Friday, 1 July 2011


Morning Rockettes - yes I have been missing in action - excuse - work - nuf said!

But it's Friday and it's time to see what we have to be grateful for this week

Number one - on my list this week - hubby and said 10 year old - yes I know you've heard me before putting them on this list of gratefuls, but when you abandon them for almost 12 hours to do essential work that just can't be put off and ask them not only to pack bags and buy shopping for a weeks break - only to discover when you get home that he's also managed the washing, the drying and the ironing as well as shopping for his Mum, fending off a fraudster on his mum's doorstep (don't ask grrrr) battle in Asda when all the tills go down, discover there is no 'meal' for Thursday night, head to the chippie who has no donner meat for a kebab and does yes another mercy mission to Asda for said pizza - you know that this makes you hugely grateful!  Hun you're a star - thank you!

Little bro (who probably won't read this post due to lack of internet) for being an absolute star this week knowing things have peaked at max again and helping wherever he has been able to (we work together) and really going above and beyond - particularly today (Thursday) when I've been shouting, copy this, check that, calculate this, remember this, phone these - well you get the picture!

A gorgeous evening after a rather sunny day reading books in the back garden followed by a fire followed the following night by a barbecue - awesome stuff, really enjoyed it!

Well peeps I'm afraid after digging deep that that really is it - yes i know it's short but I am truly grateful for them which is what counts, I'm also truly grateful for being here, being alive, being able to see the beautiful blue skies, here my child chattering away, chatting to my hubby, enjoying my home, despite having an incredibly difficult workload at the moment I do love my job immensely and know when I go the extra mile that people appreciate the world, I thank God for allowing me to enjoy this beautiful, busy crazy week of my life I hope the sun has been shining for you too and that your life is full of abundant gratefuls to enjoy and reflect on, if it hasn't been quite as sunny as you were hoping then remember to dig deep and find those parts of it that have been good!!!!

May you're week to come be filled with positives leaving you with a little crafting (because you'd miss it wouldn't you LOL) just to prove you can use pink on a masculine page if you get the right photo!

up close detail you can see what appears to be my infamous stitching (giggling Carmen at the fact you spotted a sewing free layout). 

and finally an art journal page from Darcy's 52 words - being INDULGE!
Well my beautiful Rockers and Rockettes that's your lot!  If you're joining in (and it's awesome when you do) don't forget Mr Linky and leave a message I promise to try and pick them up before I turn my phone off for a week of rest and relaxation!

Biggest hugs to you all for helping me Rock my world - if I didn't feel that I should do this post tonight I don't think I'd have realised that despite a tremendously busy week I've also had so much to be grateful for!


  1. I love reading your posts Virginia - they certainly encourage me to be thankful for the good things in my life.

    That journal page is lovely.

    Toni xx

  2. Great to see you back Virginia (yes, I've missed your posts this week) - in a way I'm pleased it was work keeping you busy and not awfulness..if you know what I mean.
    Lovely list and great artwork (as always!).
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I really thought I'd be first this week (it's 02:40) but you and Janet have beaten me to it!!

  3. Here's the link to my post:

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous week without even noticing haha! No linky yet so here's my week :D XXX

  5. Lovely LO and list as always Virginia x hope the week of rest and relaxation charges the batteries and gives much needed rest x Huge hugs Janet

  6. *hugs* and I'm so happy you have all that support. May it continue forever! :)


  7. Virginia

    A fabulous list as always and a timely reminder that it really is the small things that count.

    Have a fab week away.


  8. Small list but perfectly formed, Virginia. I hope work calms down a little bit giving you a better work/life balance. You have a top husband there, girl!

    Great LO and journal pages.


  9. Hi hun, glad you've got a fab family backing you up - my OH went to the chippy for me today coz I did an oops with Tea as well, lol

  10. Love the support you have all around you. I'm going to sound really cheesy here - but had a conversation with (my) Craig this week. Both of us been going through a pretty stressful time this week and noticing how it affects people in a relationship. Made us realise that not everyone... in fact not very many people, have such a strong relationship as us. Been through a LOT of crap to get to this point mind you but it's now strange when you see how some couples treat each other. I often think reading your posts that you and your hubby are one of the few that prolly know what I mean - such a strong relationship where you just KNOW each other. So in tune. It's lovely when you praise him and your boy each week - you keep doing it :)

    And of course I noticed the other LO - you are the sewing queen :P Love your pages here too. You find the best images for your journals.

  11. Great LO - is it legoland? the pink works well and the stitching is gorgeous. Love the stairs in your art page - reminds me of the movie labyrinth and the echer stairs that you never find the top of!

  12. Oops, I thought I'd commented and left my link but I don't seem to have done!

    It's here

    Great list from you again, Virginia. Another example of Top Husband! I hope your week calms down a bit and you can enjoy a better work/family balance.

    Have a lovely week,