Friday, 22 July 2011


Ooh I'm starting this one early I tell you!  I thought I'd try and do the post as the week progresses rather than battering the old grey matter into submission the night before.

Rocking my world most definitely was last Friday, retail therapy - nothing finer!  I popped and got a new journal book from Hobbycraft and a large tub of paint with a couple of magazines to boot!  Then I headed down to the Craft Box to see them in their new home which is gorgeous, huge and full to the brim with goodies, I had a thoroughly good time walking around the shop filling my basket with all sorts of things including sale items!  So not only did I come home laden down I came home with bargains too - now you can't ask for more than that can you!

Once home I got changed and tried Zumba on the Wii for the first time - an experience in itself - but fun and enjoyable so I'm going to attempt to do a few more sessions this week to see if I can move this weight issue of mine along!

Then Friday afternoon found me - now get this
  • Sat in the garden
  • Milky coffee at the ready
  • Enjoying a warm breeze and blue skies
  • Two craft magazines to read 
Now let's be honest us girls really aren't difficult to please are we when it comes to this sort of thing!

Hubby due home shortly so coffee at the ready - just considering when to try and get to see Harry Potter film - lots of them already sold out for this evening (this was last Friday) - I'll let you know when we managed it!

Ooh look at me with my good intentions earlier in the week - can't you tell it didn't last LOL!

So how did my Rocking week continue you may ask?

Well we managed to see Harry Potter 3D on Saturday morning when it was raining (not that we knew we were far too busy catching up with the last installment), I cried quite a lot, went armed with appropriate quantities of tissues!  So that's the end of them, might just have to go and see it again because well it was fabulous wasn't it!

Anyway hubby then spent Saturday afternoon finishing the loft boarding and dragging items back and forth and up the ladder with a little help from yours truly and said 10 year old!  So we can now walk into the guest room even though it's not fully clear it is feeling a little more manageable - so this week (as always) my hubby Rocked my World for getting on with the loft!

Sunday we had a family get together at my Mum's for my niece who reached the grand old age of 12, we had a good few hours eating, chatting, laughing and supping tea - nowt finer (broad Yorkshire accent to be used at this point).  So family Rocking My World.

Work busy busy busy, but a couple of eventful evenings making teacher gifts, "Making Gifts" magazine managed to hit the Rocking list this week because it's simple straightforward instructions on a 'writing set' took this demented female from stressed to 'sorted' in about 3 hours, yes that's right I managed 3 teacher gifts in 3 hours and add to that that I'm pretty happy with the results which are now all cellophaned up and ready to head to their rightful home!

New garden furniture also has to be high up the list, why, because there is nothing finer than sitting out when I first get home with a coffee to wind down from the days stresses!

Home cooking, after having a blip at the weekend (blame the part baked rolls and the party) I had yet another heart to heart with dear hubby, who bless him listens to my whinging pretty much continually, anyway he agreed that the 'formula' we'd used last week when it came to eating seemed to work (albeit that we abandoned the plan at the weekend) so we're now back in line with what we were doing last week and I'm trying not to stress about it - so with this comes the need to cook from scratch which always has us dabbling with new recipes which we have really enjoyed so home cooking sits up there too!

Now I think that will be this weeks list, people, bargains, home cooking, listening ears - you get it all here you know!   What's been Rocking Your Week - was it a person that made it more manageable or something else, if you spill the beans and join in then don't forget to link so we can come and see what's Rocked your week this week!

Finally the resurrection of the RIP Circle Journal I've been involved in, it's coming back bigger and better than before - so thank you Flo for getting this one moving again!  Now only question is what to do?

Now can't leave you without crafting can I so here is my Illuminate page from Darcy's 52 words, I was overall pleased with this once I'd finally settled on an image (still fighting with Alliance)

then the blue page to complete the green one from post earlier in the week!
and finally a 12 x 12 layout from our Menorca holiday a couple of years ago - just occasionally you get that perfect shot and this is one of those, I love this photo of little man, so very relaxed and chilled out!
Close up showing the title, using a 'free gift' stamp which I then mounted and added buttons to finish it off! 
Here's Mr Linky (if you get this far give yourself a pat on the back because this has felt like something of an epic list).


  1. A truly lovely list Virginia and great artwork to boot.
    You sound much less stressed - chilling in the garden will do that to you. lol
    I'm just off to do mine now and funnily..some of your gratefuls will be appearing on my list too.
    Hugs xx

  2. Here's my link:

  3. What a lovely list from your week. Top hubster, AGAIN!, great family, bargains, good cooking, garden stuff, and how lovely are you to make the teacher gifts?! Really lovely and personal.

    Glad you enjoyed your day off (hope you enjoy today too).

    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend,

    ps secret siesta background was small scrap of wallpaper sample!
    pps I've linked up with Mr Linky but here's the link as well

  4. Great LO Virginia and those journal pages are super.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Toni xx

  5. Wow!! You have been busy this week, but so worht all the work !! The journalling on your Darcy page looks like one of those old scripts carved in stone...superb :D XXX

  6. Wow your hubby is a gem! Mine had a week off a couple of weeks ago supposedly to decorate and he did NOTHING! arrgghhh i am banging my head at the home improvements but love it that you are getting on so well with yours - what a star! Loving the journal pages - I have been slack lately but I also feel my head is empty of angst just now and dont feel the need - so i suppose thats a good thing yes? Thanks for stopping by yesterday - I was in a rush so didnt link till today but ya found me anyway :0) have a super weekend xx Janet

  7. Hello Virginia thought I would pop by and say your pages look brilliant would not expect any less from you ,and I really like the layout with little man on xxxxx

  8. Finally back to comment. Honestly. Am so knackered but I bet you know that feeling from reading your previous posts!

    Healthy eating - I hear ya! I've stayed the same for so long now. I don't deserve to lose as watching what goes in my gob has completely been dreailied at the moment as we try and empty the fridge/freezer and cupboards and just... pack. Nothing but pack. Definitely getting back on it though as soon as we are settled. Wii zumba - I love it but am sure I look nothing like the girl on the screen - I bounce all over the place but am knackered and sweaty at the end so must be doing something right eh?

    Cannot wait to sit in my new garden with a cuppa and my new book *g*

    I'm now 3 films behind on HP so must catch up. I am addicted to that story I sent you the link to - Snape is my favourite character (prolly because I think he was the BEST cast of the films and I now picture Alan Rickman when I read the books which I don't do with the other characters actors! Sexeh beast that he is! *Ahem!*) Am up to chapter 24 I think - truly amazing read considering it's fan fic - it's almost like JK herself wrote it.


    Have a lovely week Virginia.